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Hanz Blix and co

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posted on Feb, 17 2003 @ 07:20 AM
Just out of interest what do you people think the anti war lot would say, if hans blix and co found weapons of mass destruction because they were given more time to look, but the weapons they found sadam wouldnt disarm them what would they say then?

i think they would probably say something like "well he hasnt attacked anybody again, yet"

now i am not highly pro war, but i get the idea that 75% of the protesters think that all killing is bad uncurcumstantial, like if you could prove 100% to them that a guy/girl was going to kill 15 people tommorow you can shoot him and save 15 lives they would not pull the trigger because it goes against their moral judgment that all killing is wrong...

i can live with supporting an attack on iraq with the possibilty that it will save more lives than it would take in the long run, what do you lot think?

do i have a fair and valid point?

(p.s This is a hypothetical point i have no idea about what the real reason for war is, this is just supposing everything we have been told by the media stands)

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