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Ill. scientist dies, possible plague bacteria link

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 10:55 PM
Sat Sep 19, 11:14 pm ET
CHICAGO – The University of Chicago Medical Center says the infection that killed a scientist may be connected to bacteria he researched that causes the plague.

The university said Saturday that its researcher studied the genetics of harmful bacteria including Yersinia pestis, which causes the illness. He died Sept. 13. His name and age haven't been released.

The medical center says the bacteria he worked with was a weakened strain that isn't known to cause illness in healthy adults. The strain was approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for laboratory studies.

An autopsy found no obvious cause of death but did find the presence of the bacteria. More tests are planned. No other illnesses have been reported.

Now here is a link to what wiki says aabout Yersinia pestis

I've seen other stories on the web that say he died from the plague bacteria.

Apparently he was a healthy adult or he would of been a fool to even be around this bacteria. Yet the cdc said is wasn't known to cause illness in healthy adults.

Pathogenics and immunity
In the urban and sylvatic cycles of Y. pestis most of the spreading occurs between rodents and fleas. In the sylvatic cycle the rodent is wild, unlike in the urban cycle, where the rodent is domestic. Additionally Y. pestis can spread from the urban environment and back again. Every infected animal can transmit the infection to humans through contact with skin tissue. Humans can also spread the bacteria to other humans through sneezing, coughing or direct contact with infected tissue.

If this man did die from the plague bacteria how long was he walking around in public contaminating other people?

If you read the wiki article some of this type bacteria gives symptoms much like the swine flu does. Fever, cough sneezes. So you go to the doctor thinking you have the swine flu they treat you for the swine flu. The swine flu treatment will do no good on this bacteria.

I've been told that anyone coming to the doctors with flu symptoms are being treated for the swine flu without testing.

Without that testing how would they know if you had the swine flu or you might of been exposed to the bacteria?

A formalin-inactivated vaccine once was available for adults at high risk of contracting the plague until removal from the market by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It was of limited effectiveness and may cause severe inflammation. Experiments with genetic engineering of a vaccine based on F1 and V antigens are underway and show promise; however, bacteria lacking antigen F1 are still virulent, and the V antigens are sufficiently variable, that vaccines composed of these antigens may not be fully protective[32]. United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) have found that an experimental F1/V antigen based vaccine protect cynomolgus macaques, but fails to protect African green monkeys[33]. A report found that Europeans were less likely to catch the plague, because they are the descendants of the survivors of the plagues that affected Europe in the medieval times

The traditional first line treatment for Y. pestis has been streptomycin,[38][39] chloramphenicol, tetracycline,[40] and fluoroquinolones. There is also good evidence to support the use of doxycycline or gentamicin.[41] Resistant strains have been isolated; treatment should be guided by antibiotic sensitivities where available. Antibiotic treatment alone is insufficient for some patients, who may also require circulatory, ventilator, or renal support.

In an emergency department setting, Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine outlines the following treatment course[42]. Antibiotics within the first 24 hours is very beneficial, with intravenous being preferred in pulmonary or advanced cases. Streptomycin or gentamicin are the first-line drugs, with chloramphenicol for critically ill patients, or rarely for suspected neuro-involveme

I have to wonder how a harmless bacteria could kill a healthy person. Unless that persxon didn't have the harmless strain of the bacteria.

This comes from wiki also. I'll assume it's speaking of the same man as the article from the ap.

On September 13, 2009, Malcolm J. Casadaban, a University of Chicago molecular genetics professor, who was doing research involving Yersinia pestis died and his death later was determined related to this bacteria, possibly contracted in his own lab.[2].

Recently Y. pestis has gained attention as a possible biological warfare agent and the CDC has classified it as category A pathogen requiring preparation for a possible terrorist attack.

What if the swine flu is not the real killer but a smoke screen? The government could defend their actions by saying we were fighting a pandemic of flu we had no way of knowing this would come along also.

If I have this in the wrong catagory sorry and thank you for putting it where it belongs.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:07 PM
It seems to me that this is a huge biowarfare test.

Last week there was a tidbit, a snippet, that indicated Chicago was missing in the Swine Flu path. This info explains why.

By not pressing Swine Flu, but with this outbreak coinciding with and being misidentified, and then treatments not provides a backdrop for testing a different route of infection, and a psyops for creating a terrified populance. It creates a scenario for saying a "a more virulent strain (of Swine Flu) is occurring". And certainly a higher death rate, all to be blamed on the wrong target.


posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by eBolivar

The timing for this is amazing also. School just going back into session. Cold weather around the bend. If the swine flu treatment doesn't work then we say must be the seasonal flu starting up. Still the treatment wouldn't work.

China had a round of plague a few months ago and they sealed off a town. I believe it was last fall the uksun reported a terrorist found along side the road that had died of plague. The investigated further and found a mass grave with more dead terrorist that had died from the plague.

The American troops that ran across the man and found the camp didn't find anyone alive at the camp. They assumed they were experimenting with germ warfare and messed up. They said the terrorist that burried the dead were probably afraid and trying to seek medical attention.

This isn't the orginal story I read on the terrorist but here is a link to one.

Here's a link about china.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 08:39 AM
Great article but it was already published on ATS yesterday evening.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by Roadblockx

I checked last night before I posted the thread. I must of over looked it some how or didn't search the right words.

What is important is not who puts the story out but that it gets put out.

Isn't it amazing how Chicago is so much in the news in the past year.

Our President is from there.

Political corruption.

Scientist dies from harmless plague bacteria.

Makes you wonder what will happen next there.

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