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Can America Be Salvaged?

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:44 AM
No. We have become divided on too many levels, and we have sold our country out.

Too many large issues like fundamental bankruptcy and war are trivialized, minimized, or covered up while our attention is focused on trivial issues like health care and ACORN. The haves trundle along fat, dumb, and happy and feign concern while the have-nots are too busy struggling to survive to notice anything else. And none really have a voice.

In fact we've compartmentalized and labeled ourselves into so many special interest groups along so many lines that there is no majority voice, and the government certainly does not represent the people. There is no power left other than financial, and that power does not dwell in our hands.

Whether through our own smugness and ignorance or by someone's design, this country as it once was and as some fool themselves into believing still is is done. The one hope might be that to fire the entire government and start anew, with term limits and more (or no) parties. Like that's going to happen.

Maybe refocusing our investment and our energies on our own country again would help...bringing our jobs home and caring about the people who do these jobs, building and buying American, investing in our kids before we invest in other countries' kids, fixing our infrastructure, and caring for our own first would help. Maybe establishing a prime directive of sorts (no meddling in the business of other countries when your own home country is in shambles and certainly no shining example in so many ways) would help. But again I think we're too divided and have no real leadership for that.

Barring that, we will continue the downward spiral until catastrophe or violence or fragmenting and secession or all of the above occur. There won't even be that revolution than many almost seem to yearn for because we can't even get it together to define who the good guys and the bad guys are...if there even are any. I feel for us and for our children and's not going to be an easy path.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 06:13 PM

Originally posted by sanchoearlyjones
reply to post by Ex_MislTech

I just made You one of my friends. You are one of the straightest shooters on here; bringing truth to the table for all to see.

I made you a friend awhile back, and from all your posts I am glad
I did and feel the same about your posts as you say of mine.

I hate to say it but I am leaning toward America has been fatally
harmed and ppl with great power and wealth plan to finish her off.

They have been planning this for a long time, and have considered most
if not all the possible contingencies.

I am sure they hire ppl to check and double check their plans.

Some within are double agents though, and leak their plans,
I fear for them though in the days before the "final solution"
one might call it.

At least one operation paperclip reject called it that.

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