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The Gods of Genesis: mulitple gods in the Bible

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 04:58 PM

and to bring the point back home to what we are trying to say is that there are PLURAL gods int he bible...who are the other gods?

I am curious as to why so many of you enjoy living in delusional states of fantasy.

The other gods as I have explained that are in the Tanakh, written by MY anscestors, are the kings of other nations. This is well known historically that the pharoahs (as well as other nation's kings) considered themselves to be the gods who were mediums between a/the higher god(s) .. which the higher gods were simply what we now know to be planets, the moon, the sun, etc. Most of us have evolved past the primitive view that you are still stuck in..

Get a grip and quit distorting what is written. That this, what I said here, is the view of the writers of the Tanakh is evident in Psalm 9:20. It CLEARLY SAYS so.

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 05:09 PM

Originally posted by ButterCookie
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

Ok...but the main point is that we both acknowledge that we have cosmic ancestry and that the gods of the bible are referring to these alien beings...

I a round about way, yes. If you use the term cosmic, in a theatrical manner then I will humor you. My personal feeling is that even this term is used out of context.

If we were to sail off into the great expanse called the universe and discovered a primitive tribe of life forms such as depicted in star trek, we would now take on the role of the "Annunaki". We show off our advanced technology to the ignorant indigenous and they call us what ever term you like, god? great fathers from the sky? spirits of great power and fire? ect ect. Does this make us gods? or would the leader of this mission be called God?

Oh, but wait a minute. Because of their lack of technological knowledge, they have no way of "Knowing" where we really come from, and are limited to what we tell them, as their god (S). So, because we know with the right information in their possession they could one day create the necessary technology to find where we live, and challenge the lie we told them, and our position of godhood. We would just have to defend ourselves and destroy their "tower of babel".

Are we "Aliens"? Well maybe to that race, but on a "Universal" level, nothing is alien.

In my opinion, the "Cosmos" is not the point of origin of these "Aliens" you speak of, for if it was, there would be no reason to keep them from finding you, in our very own back yard, our solar system.

I would say, we have "ancestry" of an unknown origin, but not unknowable.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by justamomma

I am curious as to why so many of you enjoy living in delusional states of fantasy.
Because your Family took artistic license with historical facts and created a "fantasy" with it?

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 06:38 PM
Quoting your words...

and the more popular passege where God (Enki)is speaking to the other Gods: Genensis 1:26 " Let US make mankind in OUR image, according to OUR likeness"

Two entities were were created each consisting of a pair.

1. The Primate... A' Dam & Eve... Male and Female...

2. The Soul........ Man & Wo_man... are the Inner & Outer Soul. Male Inner, and the Female Outer. They are one in marriage...

In the case of A'Dam and Eve they Cleave to each other and are only One flesh, as in the Child or their offspring... So the Marriage is the Child or Offspring...

The Life of A'Dam is the Breath of Air...

But The Life of the Soul is The Life of God or The Light of Man, being the Soul... And Not as in the Flesh or breath, as in the case of A'Dam...

Now with regard to God as being referred to as Us i.e. Let Us etc etc......(as in Plural)....

These are the Two "Components"....

1. The Word I N Z Which can be explained...

2. The Life or Light of Man...

You are Correct...
God created Man in their (God) Image...
But Not A' Dam....

A'Dam was a Primate Not the Soul....

Quote from "The Acts of John 87-105" John's preaching of the Gospel...

40. What I am you Shall See When you come yourself.

41. If you knew How to Suffer you would be able not to Suffer.

42. Learn how to Suffer And you Shall be able not to Suffer.

43. What you do not know I Myself will teach you.

44. I am your God, not the God of the traitor

45. I will that there be prepared Holy SOULS for Me.

46. Understand The Word of Wisdom!

47. As for Me, if you would understand What I was::

48. By The Word I mocked at all things And was not mocked at all,

49. I Exulted: But do you Understand The Whole,

Note; I will that there be prepared Holy SOULS for Me.

Nothing at all to do with A' Dam & Eve....

But instead to do with the Souls... MAN...

The Tower of Babel had Nothing to do with the sky but to do with the upper world of the City.

That is The City Map of The Soul...

The bible is a few Hebrew and Greek writings and is Not complete.

What is referred to as the old testament is Not as old as most people are lead to believe it is.

These writings were written and compiled in Ezra's day Refer to the Books of Ezra...

How the bones of the Priests and the scribes were burnt on the altars and Ezra threw the keys up into the Sun for safe keeping until the last days of this program....

When they the Babylonians and the Jews attempted to rebuild the temple, was when these writings were written...

The ancient Language was Zionic which was a geometric Language different than what we know of today.

This language was removed at the time of Ezra and replaced by the written language (Hebrew) known of today...

The Original writings were written in Zionic, but the bones of the Priests and Scribes were burnt on the altars in the Old temple before it was raised to the ground as to say, by the angels that is according to the Books of Ezra...

So the Language (Zionic) was lost... and replaced by the Babylonians while the Jews were in exile...

To understand what the writings are about first you need to know the Soul and understand its workings.

But in saying this. the bible is a parable about the structure and history of the metamorphoses of the Soul and has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Universe Environment.

The Romans humanised the writings in order to deceive the world...

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 08:08 PM
Ah yes, the other great creation of your artistic family, the Cabala rings in...

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

Be careful ... your jealousy is starting to show.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 07:24 AM
reply to post by ButterCookie

Hello? *taps the keyboard* Hello?? Is this thing on??

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 06:51 AM
There is Only True God that is Jesus the Son of God that he came to earth for Our Redemption salvation. Because of One man sin (Adam) we are cursed, but with the one man cursed we are Taken out of the Curse, Because of what god did on the Cross with out doing any sin, jesus died on the Calvary to redeem us from the sin and Takes to to where he is, and he is call you every one to come to him that he may cleanse you with the precious blood that he shed on the cross for our sin and transgression and inquities. so Guys "Know the Truth and the Truth with Set you Free" and there is no other name under this heaven that you may be saved other than the name of Jesus.

Thanks and enjoy what the godness God has Kept for you and Me

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 08:42 AM
reply to post by ButterCookie

No split personality...multiple gods

Agreed. I think anyone who actually READs the Bible will come to this conclusion in time. I remember when I first read about the Annunaki I right away went back to my Bible to compare...and what do you know?

Originally posted by kingoftheworld
Just so i am getting the right idea you think that they aren't really gods but aliens? The thought has come across my mind brfore.

Like I said, mine too.

Originally posted by ButterCookie
reply to post by kingoftheworld

people (religious) peopel hate to fathom this because they for the majority don't want to believe that life exists outside of Earth and then they only imagine the "Hollywood, Steven Speilberg' type of Alien...

but the ones in Genesis look like us....we were made in their image

Yes, I know this to be the case too. The problem is religions and religious people have beliefs which are set in stone, and can never be changed, no matter what. What would the average Christian say and do if an ET craft set down in their front yard, and a human looking being came out and spoke to them? I can imagine this, "Satan's Demon, be gone with you in Jesus name!" Followed by gunfire, no doubt.

Originally posted by MREALE

Mankind will never be able too ascend/evolve or progress until the truth of our origins is known. Either by the Elder Gods coming back to claim what was there’s, (Annunaki, Egyptian, Sumerian) or Biblical Deities (Angels, Demons) claim our souls.
Most of the ancient knowledge is known, but none really believe it.
But most will believe in tales, (The Bible, Koran, Ancient Texts) which are breed into us physiologically.
My 2cents worth..

This I have to agree with also, much of the ancient knowledge is known, partly, trouble is, some will never accept anything not written by their God. And yes, some people really think that God wrote a book.

Personally, I hope David Wilcox is right, and TPTB do admit ET to us. It would solve a lot of problems if we could have free energy and all that entails, and a way to clean up what mankind has done to this world.

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 08:51 AM
There are a lot of gods out there according to the scriptures that's why God orders us (or should it be the Hebrews only) to worship only Him since He's the one who created us.

Think of Him as you as a parent. Do you really want your kids treating a stranger as their parent? Personally, I'll get pissed-off if that happens since my kids came from my balls.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 12:25 AM
Thanks Autowrench!!!

It's so obvious when you take a step back and then look at it:

Yes it is Lord Enlil ( aka the Lord God) that's always bringing chaos and evil to the mix...He's arrogant, ruthless and as he admits "a JEALOUS god" which would be too petty of a characteristic for an omnipotent being...

Enki ( aka God) was more kinder, caring, and sympathetic to the humans..
He was alos the lead scientist who carried out the cloning of mankind from Annunaki DNA with homo erectus DNA...

Take a look at the Ten Commandments for example ( to see a 'split personality)

-thou shalt not kill
-thou shalt not covet another's wife
-thou shalt not steal

these sound like commandments of a more rationed minded, fair god.

-thou shalt not worship idols( money, jewels, etc)
-thou shalt not speak the Lord's ( aka Lord Enlil) name in vein
-thou shalt not worship any other gods before me (?????)

sounds like an arrogant, upity, ruthless, and sinister god

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 08:57 AM
Hey Buttercup
I'm new to the site - so taking it all in. I have been on this religious/spiritual path so many times - as the more my family and friends try to get me to go to church and believe everything the bible says - the more it pushes me away from them as I refuse to get into debates on what I deem a good book of stories. Reading on your topic of Genesis and more than one God - (Elohim=Gods as they say) - makes me wonder why other people are so blinded that they refuse to even acknowledge that there might be errors, contradictions etc in the bible - and would rather say that you can't read the bible literally, you have to read it with spiritual understanding. And - if there's more than one God - that would probably mean quite alot of power. So why would these Gods not want everyone to know who they were - and why would they want to make people believe that there is only one God - and why would they want to hide all this from us if they are so much more powerful. Why go through the whole motion of control - when they should be powerful enough to do it all without having to feign controlling us ?
Does this make sense - I can see my question in my mind - but sadly not sure if I am translating it correctly on here lol !!
Thanks again - am loving all the insights. Have alot more questions - but will wait until I reach the 20 posts as a newbie to post a full on topic lol!

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 09:38 AM
Here's my two cents -

Ea/Enki - Lord of Creation (genetic scientist, Sirian)
Enlil - Lord of Command (administrator, Sirian)
Ninhursag (a title, not a name) - Orion genetic scientist assigned to rule beside Ea/Enki

Religions (all of them) are created to control, and as long as we don't figure out the real truths, it doesn't matter WHAT religion it is - catholics or Hari Krishna, doesn't matter, NONE of them have the whole truth (or even a major portion of the truth). And as long as we don't have the whole truth, we will remain ignorant which is the desired result from about 2000 BC. (Ra/Marduk's reign)

The pharoahs of egypt I believe were descendents of these beings. The leaders of the world are likely all descendents of these beings because they're all related somehow and protecting their precious "bloodlines". And none of them like us humans.

Ea/Ninhursag created beasts of burden that were eventually tweaked enough to have awareness, and then were tweaked again with DNA from another race known as Akhu that gave us passion and spontaneity, something (as I understand it) the other races don't have and want (one of the reasons for so many abductions, trying to splice out that passion gene).

Interesting how most religions never remotely entertain the possibility of extraterrestrials... why? To keep us in the dark like mushrooms.... We're not supposed to know our origins, our possibilities. We were born as slaves and the powers that be have no intention of letting it all end otherwise. The depopulation program is to eliminate us, a race resented by other 'gods' (aka aliens with technology) because we represent something reprehensible - free spirits - thanks to Ea and Ninhursag - who went against "their" systems and allowed us life for the sake of life.

I've tried to read Sitchin but cannot, I can only skim his works - my learning of this comes primarily through The Terra Papers, Robert Morning Sky's work and his workshops.

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posted on Oct, 26 2009 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by kshaund


You are so right on target!!!

These are my thoughts on the purpose of religions also....keep us from knowing the real truth; that we all are of alien ancestry

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 11:22 PM
it is 1 god of genesis. god is both male and female in one, as we once were. The work Elohim is a plural noun for 'Deity". We were 1 with god in the beginning. "in the beginning was the word (literally logos, diff. meaning)...this "word" was us with god, at first everything was created in mind up until the part where the breath is breathed into "ADAM"....the darkness is the subconscious and the light is the conscious......the "apple" signifies our selfishness...which we became so concerned of "self" we lost our conscious contact with god leading to a much more private being....1 physical body, 1 gender

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:52 PM
Check out....

"The Apocalypse of A'Dam".

Nag Hammadi Codex V,5.

Im not a Gnostic, but in their library they have a translation of The Apocalypse of Adam Translated George W. MacRae.

Starts of... The revelation of Adam's origin as told to his son Seth.
(3rd Son of Adam.)

But this writing, must be read very carefully, to understand correctly, what is being told...

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 10:38 PM

Originally posted by ButterCookie
reply to post by MREALE

The thing about the Annunaki is that the Egyptians, Sumerians and Mayans all worte of this account..same heirglyphocs and same ancient scolls and tablets..

a lot of the bible was taken out to divert the obvious factor that they were dealing with extraterrestrial to keep us lost....

Being a Christain, and believing what the Genesis Account offers, I would like to offer the following for reflection on this topic.

1: There was nothing "Taken Out" of the Genesis Account "to keep us lost". There maybe some misunderstanding about some verses due to Biblical Ignorance by the Clergy who bend to the whims and wills of the Theologies, Dogmas and Doctrines of the perticular sect they suggest they are part of, but that has little to do with what the Original Text (Original Language) expressed. This leads to many problems such as Evolution vs Creationism, but this is minor and can be corrected by study.

2: The Creation Account itself, came thru Abraham, who came from UR. GOD of course told Moses about the matter during his exile prior to the Exodus, since the Genesis Account is one of the books Moses. The Commonality between the above noted cultures would be evident, since these people do share some common backgrounds.

3: The Sumerian and Egyptian accounts are truly written or recorded earilier than the Bible, but the Biblical Account predate Egypt and Sumer

With this noted, I offer the following to consider.

I do agree, there is the open and clear implications of mutliple entities which have part in the Genesis Account, as was noted earlier. I believe though that there is only 1 (one) GOD in the sense of a Supreme Being, and those Elohim (Angels) who are his children. Remember Biblically Satan is one of the Elohim (Angels) prior to his fall, as are the 1/3 of the hosts of heaven which choose to leave that place of habitation.

Now the problem is, when did the fall occur?

There is indications within JOB, and other places in the Bible, that suggest the Fall occured prior to the Creation Story, and that the Genesis Account is truthfully a RE-CREATION Account, since on the 6th day, mankind is clearly instructed to replenish the Earth. If the storyline was a creation account, they people from the 6th day should be instructed to plenish, not replenish. Genesis 1:27-28

Clearly Enoch indicates the fallen came to earth in the days of Jared. By the time Noah's account takes place, ONLY NOAH and his FAMILY still had a pure bloodline which had not "Mingled" with the fallen.
(Enoch 6:6)
(Genesis 6:8-9)

But Eve was beguiled while still being in the Garden, and her first son was a son that was given to her by??? "The LORD", so there is some vagueness in this respect as to when the fall occured.
(Genesis 4:1)

But the days of Jared, predate Egypt and Sumer, as do the events from the Garden, so who where the gods of Sumer? Some of the Fallen?

It is easy to understand that the fallen, would appear to be as gods, when infront of humanity. The abilites they had would be completely foreign to man, and their status would be elevated due to the miracles they would be able to perform. The problem is, they are still the fallen.

Sumer refer to them as aliens, which isn't farfetched. They are alein. Their place of habitation was the heavens. Not the earth. Anything that can indicate they are not from earth, are alein. Thats pretty simple, isn't it?

It is these gods, that become my problem with this matter.

Could they (the gods) be the fallen? They speak specifically to what the fallen did and this record is evident directly within the records you refered to. This was the reason for the Flood. The offspring of the fallen needed to be removed physically from this earth. They, JUST LIKE the Aliens today do, took the daughters of man and knew them biblically. They, JUST LIKE the Aliens today will do, present themselves as the gods.

Look, Humanity in general, has devolved and become less of what we could have been. We still only use 10% of our grey matter, so we must have had some very impressive minds at one time.

Here's a no Brainer Question for you or any for that matter.

DO YOU BELIEVE ALIENS would be just as able to do today, what they could have done some 7000 Years ago? Would they have lost the abilities they once had?

Pretty easy answer, isn't it? Of course they would be able to do what they did 7000 years ago. Why wouldn't they?

Do you believe the Fallen are any less able than they where 7000 Years ago? The answer is then of course not, since in essence we are speaking about the same enities.

Enoch gives great detail on what the Fallen Angels offered mankind. Weaponology, Metal Smithing, Astrology, Astronomy, Earth Studies, Herbology, Medicines, Curses and Incantations, along with other things.
(Enoch 8:1-2)

This was inlieu of being worshipped of course. Since these Aliens (which have left their place of habitation) became the gods, they also offered mankind a religion.

Biblically, we have been instructed on what we are to do in our daily lives. We do not eat unclean animals. The Holy Days. The Rites. What can be and how to perform the sacrafice.

You would need to be extreme arguementative if you did not agree MOST CULTURES have common High and or Holy Days.

Happy Winter Solstice. And Merry Christmas toooo.

These Holy Days have been followed long before Sumer and Egypt ever became what they became. Adam and Eve followed these instructions, even after being removed from the Garden. So did Cain and Abel for that matter, so wee see these practices predate everything else. (In this case, the Sacrafice) (Genesis 4:3-5)

And it is with this noted, that when reviewing cultures globally, a very signifigant number have the "Same" Holy Days and such. Of course, whichever god was incharge had the ultimate say. His own changes to the first religion may vary slightly but it will be following a common theme, since this is all the fallen know. They have their hirarchy and their past, and they are unlikely going to suddenly change for the better, so to speak.

They Polluted the Original Rites and made the sacrafice the newly caught/trapped neighbouring resident (or Human Sacrafice for example), instead of the first fruits of the labours.

I trust you are unstanding what I mean.

I do agree with the fact that the Sumerians record this story in this manner, and I have no problem with knowning those who came from Noah, or his children, settled in the region of Sumer, and eventually Abraham came along and moved out of UR.

So, although your arguement and presentation is reflectively correct, we must always ensure that the Timelines are considered inorder to understand what is being discussed.

The Sumerian Records speak of the Fallen and their inspiration is evident directly within those records.

As for the Ten Commandments, it again is simple to see why "Thou shall have no other gods but Me" would be a viable request. Baal Worship (Satanic Worship) was rampent in the Mideast. These enities that co-mingled with man are representative of what the general population would consider as a god. But in essence they are still the fallen.

Good Topic and I look forward to discussing this more with any and all.



posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 03:21 AM
Hi Shane,

Are you aware of what is written in....

"The Gospel of Thomas"
regarding A'Dam???


85. Jesus said,

“Adam came into being
from a great power
and a great wealth,
but he did not become worthy
of you.

For had he been worthy,
he would not have experienced

Also in other Ancient writings it is said that A'Dam
was Not the Father of Cain but Eve was Cain's Mother.

On the Other Hand A'Dam was Abel's Father...

I will try and find these writings again in my library,
so I can make Reference to them and where
you can find these writings....

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 06:22 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
Also in other Ancient writings it is said that A'Dam
was Not the Father of Cain but Eve was Cain's Mother.

On the Other Hand A'Dam was Abel's Father...

I will try and find these writings again in my library,
so I can make Reference to them and where
you can find these writings....

Well, one could just use a KING JAMES 1611 BIBLE, and it is plainly expressed who's offspring CAIN was.

Where to start??? I'm Joking. I am more than familiar on this topic.

I could repeat myself but I think I will just ask you to take a look at the following.

It was something I am still working on, but due to my current dial up service, researching is slow.

The title is Satan and his Descendants, and I do believe I have offered as much as I could in respects to part of the family. The first two or three Posts cover Cain. The balance goes on, and some may say on, and on.

The other side is discussed within ATS constantly, and they are generally found within the Secret Societies. I was last working on the cross over between the Generally known HUNS, and the Euro side which include the White Huns. These are the Elite within Europa and frankly they run this planet, but this was what I was yet to put together. Hopefully High Speed will arrive before this decade ends. Oh look, It's nearly over

And if any wish, I would be more than pleased to followup on questions at that post. Just remember, I am not bashing anyone or picking fights with peoples. I am just following a trail, and we ended up where we got to.



posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by Shane

Hi Shane, I am enjoying your material, regarding this topic. Good to see someone has done some research. It is very refreshing. Will get back some time with more of my thoughts on this in the future.

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