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Your NUMBER ONE Enemy, you'll never guess who.

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 08:43 PM
Folks, if these threats seem so real, and I believe some are, move to the country now. NOW!
I did ten years ago. Live the country life. Learn the culture. Learn all the skills your grand parents had,... canning, gardening, farming, bartering, raise livestock, being thrifty, saving seeds, putting a little extra aside, waste nothing, etc.
Country folks by their very nature network,visit, share, care for each other. It is a means of survival to defeat not the NWO but blizzards, fires, sickness, drought, tornadoes. I've been getting ready for winter since last spring. Have some hogs for breeding and getting some more this weekend for killing in January. Every morning I can get up about a half dozen to a dozen eggs. When my well pump went out, I'd go across the road to the lake and get about 6-5 gal buckets of water for the livestock each morning and afternoon. When the power goes out from an icestorm, we are warm and can cook from the woodstove. I'm trading two loads of wood for those three hogs, too.
Guns, we have guns... on most any evening, we could go outback and drop a doe. We fish in the same lake across the road. Make wine and jelly from our grape vines. Soon, we'll have a hand turned grist mill and grind our own corn for meal.
POINT IS...move to the country. Some of the nicest people you'll ever know. Good God fearin', patriotic, loving, sharing, hard-ass Americans. Yes, it is secluded and the world does stop at 8pm. Outside of nuclear fallout or the insertion by chopper of the 101st, we should be in pretty good shape. Good Luck!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 10:47 PM

Originally posted by king9072
Your number one enemy, will soon be your neighbors.

You got that right, my neighbors still live in "La La Land" and haven't got a clue. I've advised a few, some can see it might be coming but have they prepared? NADA!

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:10 PM
Crash of the dollar:
The crash of the dollar is inevitable. Never has a fiat currency ever surpassed a 100 year life time. We're currently on our 96th year of this fiat currency.

As soon as I read this, on this forum, I started to think why and when. Well with the events of this past since 2001 the part of why was answered but then I counted down the years remaining to when it will hit the 100 year mark and isn't it a coincidence that the 99 year mark turns out to be in the year 2012? Then I asked myself the question what can cause a crash of the dollar on that particular year and said a global catastrophe. It is said that the planet's crust is going to become weak due to x reasons which will cause earthquakes causing volcanoes such as the yellowstone caldera to erupt. Of course with earthquakes comes tsunamis or so called mega-tsunamis. A great example of the aftermath of events is 9/11 and hurricane Katrina so you can only imagine what the result will be if 2012 happens. An instant crash of the dollar. Those few who survive will realize that money will have no value. If people remain cruel, selfish then Yes, your number one enemy will be your neighbors. There is also an alternative result which will people that people will work closely with one another to survive. If we remember the few days of 9/11, almost all americans were united as one.
If the dollar crashes before 2012, well we will have to be careful and watch our backs. It is a fact that there are more and more robberies and violent crimes with the economy being the way it is now.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by Awakened2012

I agree with the dollar crashing. But as far as "if we stay cruel and selfish". There is no if in my mind. Look what happened with Katrina. I think it would be possible to come together as a people after some time, but in the beginning its going to be complete choas. When things go wrong 90% of people think of them selves, while the other 10% ar going to stuggle to help others and bring us back together.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 07:57 PM
Interesting read and I have to agree, no matter where one lives and if they believe "apocalyptic" times are coming soon or not, there's no harm to be prepared, for natural disasters if nothing else.

One aspect of preparation many people over look I've noticed is toothcare, (provided one expecting a several months- years long "crash" of society anyway) What's a minor tooth ache or loose filling now, could become agonizing pain down the road at time when a quick trip to the dentist in unavailable.

For those unable to make sure everything's well cared for, (or want to prepare for the worst) picking up a copy of "where there is no dentist" as well as "where there is no doctor" (both available legally as free pdfs on the net and in dead tree versions) could prove a priceless investment.

As for myself, I figure a societal crash of uncertain severity is very likely coming (within the next 10 years or less) so it's better to be aware and prepared "just in case;" and maybe feel silly 10-20 years down the road, then not prepare as thoroughly as possible and only be alive long enough to wish I did.

On the subject of educating others, for most people as long as they have their microwave, fridge, credit card, and tv set, they could care less what might happen "tomorrow" because they're fat, happy, and entertained today. What they consider "stocking up" is buying a few extra tv dinners and another 12 pack of beer/soda.

Trying to show these types the error of their ways is all but impossible until they are willing to step out of the comfort zone on their own, and they'd much rather call you "crazy" or a "survivalist nut" and ignore you then accept the possibility of a lifestyle of reality tv and twinkies might not be there in 5-10 years.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by king9072

As proved by your paranoid post, you are your biggest enemy, not your neighbors.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 07:30 PM
Just to interject here...

I live very close to a sprawling bedroom community of Atlanta...It's really is a very nice community. Lots of 300 and 400 thousand dollar houses, nice people, good kids, just hard-working folks.

Just a day or so ago, we had about a week of REALLY hard rains that deluged the entire metro area. You may have heard, the weather system was actually a fluke. The meteorologists called it a "100-year occurrence."

Those once beautiful homes and neighborhoods in Douglas and West Cobb Counties are pretty much underwater now. There are portions of the area that are literally under 20 feet of water.

Few people that I've run across that have been stuck in this mess saw this coming. It's safe to say, I think, that none of these very nice, intelligent family people ever figured their lives would be affected like this. They "did everything right"...worked hard, saved, all of that stuff.

But the vast majority of them had what psychologists call "the illusion of unique invulnerability." They were caught off-guard by a low-probability, high-impact event (the vaunted "black swan") that washed their lives away.

They are begging over there for chain saws, submersible pumps, trailers, trucks, emergency expense cash, nonperishable food, generators, clothes, medicine, lumber, shovels, etc. Major commodities now are of all things water, toileting equipment and related hygiene products. Many of them are living now in gymnasiums manned and equipped by GEMA/FEMA with their children and elderly parents.

It will take years for them to fully rebuild.

A lot of these folks would have likely balked at the prospect of spending the cost of a nice vacation on stuff that may have made the crisis a little bit more bearable, and have made their lives after this kind of mess more salvagable. Having a bug-out location and route scouted out would have helps tons, as would a stash of easily transportable food, cash, a good chainsaw, maybe a come-along, extra medications, a few heavy duty tools and, simply, a stash of basic life necessities.

I don't know of any of those folks that had flood insurance, even though they lived in a potential critical flood plain.

Listen, I think the message to take away from this thread is time, money and preparation spent on the so-called "black swan" event is truly an investment in the future. It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. I don't think such an event will necessarily be a movie of the week, mad-max, red dawn scenario.

I have learned a great deal from these folks' trouble.

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by MMPI2
They were caught off-guard by a low-probability, high-impact event (the vaunted "black swan") that washed their lives away.

I wonder how many of them watched the events of Katrina unfold thinking to themselves, "Good thing that'll never happen to us."

It's a shame it takes a disaster to destroy some peoples lives before they wake up and realize preparation is a good idea for everyone, rich and poor alike.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 10:27 PM
Great Thread.

Social chaos is soon to follow, especially since such touchy topics such as a one world Dollar and such are in talks. Its hard to imagine the riots on such a massive scale. Its scary to think about the raw honest truth, lets all hope that Humanity does not come to this.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 12:09 AM
On television there is an infrequent program about how lottery winners lives have been changed by their good fortunes. All to commonly, they are inundated by both family and sometimes neighbors for handouts. Many of the biggest winners go broke, actually ending up in debt later. This point is this...

If people are unafraid to ask you for money if they think you have a bunch to spare...imagine the situation when it comes to food stores, toiletries, guns, ammo, clothing, gasoline, oil, fire wood, and a good running car when the chips are down, and rationing begins?

It isn't going to matter if you live in the suburbs, or out in the sticks, no one will be immune to throngs looking for whatever they can TAKE! Forget asking...

I have posted before, that if SHTF, you had better come off like you are suffering too, because if you come off as not particularly worried and seem to be sitting pretty...Guess what? In the middle of the night, you'll hear breaking glass, your power will be out, and the phone dead. Flashes of Gun Fire will erupt into the house, as banging against the door begins. Suddenly you'll hear the door crash, and flashlights will search around looking for you.

Your about to become a causality...because you had the forethought and good sense to prepare for hard times.

You must not draw attention to yourself during severe times.

B.O.B's will only help you survive for a few days or weeks. Having a hidden or remote secondary hideout site will only stay that way, if no one else knows about it. If it is a summer cabin where you've had family get together, its already compromised. Sooner or later, these little places will become huge targets for roving thugs and thieves. Big Boats or yachts aren't going to fair much better.

Some think running off into the high mountains will be a good place to hide.
Wait until the rains and winter sets in, and you run out of everything. Living in tent or out of camper, isn't going to last long.

Nope, the best thing is to hunker down quietly, keeping a low profile, and not making any grandiose moves or gestures. It wouldn't be in your best interest, to invite the hungry neighbors over for a big spaghetti diner and coffee, when they have nothing! Stay to your self, but, remain cordial.

If your haven't yet, then practice, and learn how to be a stone cold lair. It will save your life. Honesty will not.

If someone asks you if you have any food to spare, it would be better to tell them you are staving yourself! Cynical to be sure...but that is the name of the game. SURVIVAL.

If you have the water, and are cooking up a nice hot meal, keep the smells emanating from your home to very minimum. It wouldn't be a very good idea to be grilling a sirloin on the outdoor grill, when the kids next door are screaming with hunger! It may taste kind of bland, but boiled meats not only taste OK, the stock can make wonderful soups and stews using dehydrated veggies. I have experimented, and the results have been amazing. Goes a long way too. No refrigeration, then make smaller batches.

If you have a dog, and can keep it fed...keep it out of sight. Dogs are edible!
So are kitty cats. Been feeding the wild birds? Stop immediately. Save the sun flower seeds. You may have to eat them your self.

If you have Smokes, Alcohol don't be seen partaking of them. These two items will get you killed fast.

Remember your trash? Do not throw it out to the curbside. Hunters will pick through it for anything they can use or eat. It will be a dead giveaway to have umpteen empty cans and jars in the trash from the things you have eaten.

Instead, burn all paper in the fireplace, or in a 50 gal barrel. Burn the cans and jars. Bust up the jars, and tramp down the cans, and dump it in a container, like a box or yard debris bag later. If you can, then discard it off the road someplace. To hell with the environment. Cover you ass.

If your starving, you will not have garbage. Also, people who haven't prepared, cannot bathe regularly. Not only do they not have food, they cannot wash their clothes, or shower and shave. A pristine clean person will attract attention. Learn to be comfortable with getting a little grubby and smelly. Not disgustingly foul and nasty..because that will lead to health issues later. Just dress down, wash every couple of days, and brush your teeth once a day. Don't press clothing.

Remember, you are trying to fit into a crashed economy, and one that is stressed and out of supplies.

Keep your shades drawn down half way during the day. Keep curtains closed. It makes it difficult for spies with binoculars to peer into your home, to see what is going inside. If you can, live in your basement at nighttime. Cover over the windows. If you have a house alive with lamps and lights, it'll draw attention in the dark.

Remember the old war days of "lights out". Black Outs help you disappear in the distance and from the road.

If it is possible, and you have more than enough family members to help, take round the clock shifts of standing guard in the night. Rotate it. Males and females all have pull their weight. Little kids are exempt.

If you have young kids, or teenagers, sit them down, and make it deadly clear, that they are to keep their mouths shut, and not to reveal anything about the preparations you have been taking, or any contingent plans you have. Girlfriends and Boyfriends will be cut out of the loop, and no further contact will be allowed. Make that very clear. You will fighting for your lives.
No room for extra baggage. Fondling and swapping spit can wait. If your child turns on you, and runs off in protest, tell them they are on their own.
You haven't got the time or the energy to deal with a snit fits.

Usually, if they think they cannot come back, they won't leave.

Most folks haven't had to face a paradigm shutdown. Make no mistake, the USA is not exempt. Also understand, that the normally sweet acting and close neighbor next door that seems so harmless, will kill you for food if they are starving, and your have a fully stocked pantry.

People with hungry, dying children, will get junk yard mad dog mean, and will think nothing of rendering you a moot point, in order to feed their family.

The only answer is, keep you doors closed, and your rifle magazines fully loaded.

Think about it people. Decide here and now, and then act! Indecision and procrastination will shorten your life. Times up.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 12:48 PM
I agree with the OP to a certain extent. If the aforementioned scenario takes place, one's potential enemy will be the surrounding, unprepared population; however this is true only *after a certain time frame and on the *short-term. Let me explain:

After a Certain Time Frame: Food supply in household stockpile 'gradually' diminishes. How much supply is in reserve depends on geographics, i.e., suburban areas will have greater stockpile than urban (with gray areas in between). And how much time it will take to enable one's 'neighbor' to become an enemy depends on the quantiy of the overall geographical stockpile.

*Note: The OP's scenario is to be taken with a grain of salt as it is to entertain the notion of an 'overnight' crash in the dollar which is not completely certain. A gradual dollar collapse would bring about an even larger time frame (immense) until a chaotic scenario plays out.

On the Short-term: Humans are social creatures. We rely, depend on, and highly value relationship and interaction. So in the short-term, yes, I agree with the OP that for the sake of survival/self preservation, many will be consumed by selfishness. This is only natural; however it is short-term and short-lived because the 'conclusive' effect is determined by our social quality. Being social creatures, (we rely, depend on, and highly value relationship and interaction) will ultimately result in (re)organization. So there will be a storm, but a sunny day will follow.

Things will be bad, but I don't think they'll be as bad as the OP makes it out to be. We are not mindless zombies. If social law is nonexistent we still have natural law, brutal I know, but law nonetheless. And then again there are too many factors to be able to calculate how bad things would actually be if such a scenario plays out.

Very good post and good job to the OP for posting it.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 01:19 PM
If you want to see a Disinfo agent get a mirror...

If someone actually stumbles on the truth, they will either be killed or laughed off the stage.

Even here, you are mostly conditioned to miss the truth.

FEMA camps for example: if you were told who they're really for, you'd be relieved for the most part(it mostly ain't you),astounded, and happy because you'd think they're no good sh*ts anyway.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 02:15 PM
If the "disinfo" remark is directed towards me, let me make myself clearer.

My post and explanation is strictly directed towards the OP's behavioral theory on civilian vs. civilian in a chaotic, hell-on-earth scenario.

I never said it is not going to happen; I never disputed FEMA camps or anything else for that matter, just human behavior.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by Glass_Eyed_Max

It's worth noting that I used only those two scenarios as examples, because they are at the moment, most likely.

But the truth of the matter is that there are ten's of scenarios that could ultimately lead to either no food on store shelves, or no oil.

The same could be said even if oil was to suddenly shoot through the roof in price. The ripple effect of super high fuel prices would be felt immediately and extremely wide spread.

As I said, if you bought it, a truck brought it. So if gas is a crazy price, even if the truckers are still on the road, you could find yourself having to pay multiple times the price of what you pay for something now. That too would lead to chaos.

At any moment you can turn on the TV and see the prime examples of who will be effected the most. People live paycheck to paycheck, not thinking about tomorrow letalone next week. It's these people who will be freaking out, and if you can remove yourself from the situation then that's a great thing.

I do not wanna be in the store fighting over the last loaf of bread or canned food. Ya right, and trust me, swarms of people will be there trying to ensure survival for their loved ones. Katrina showed how fast things can break down when there's no help on it's way.

Everyone should plan for the worst, and hope for the best and thats the bottom line. If at the end, nothing comes out of it, you've lost nothing. But if things do come about, and you're not prepared it could cost you your life. That's not fear mongering, that's reality.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by king9072

Everyones number one enemy are themselves.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 05:08 PM
Alot of people call this doom and gloom and its mostly liberal Obama lackeys. Because they have thier messiah in office now and they dont want to loser power (like they have any). No they want everything to go well and people just to suffer under this oppressive system and goverment so Obama can stay in power for 2 terms. Oh Joy!

But I will say this Obama is the black Bush. Hes doing everything Bush and his chronies did. Deny the economy is bad, that we are actually in a depression. Remember back when the Dems were out of power and all you heard was "the economy is bad, people are hurting, its rough out there" and "how the mean old republicans didnt care about poor people and how the middle class was struggling". Well now Obama doesnt care because since the freak show has been in office I havent heard one dmaned word about how bad the economy is. Hes just sweeping it under the carpet like Bush did. The economies fine, you all are just to lazy, fat and stupid to get a job. Americans who want to work have jobs. Sound very similiar dont they.

Also what happened to the anti war stuff? I havent seen a single anti war hippy on TV since. Its pretty scary. Obama and his slime balls have chucked them aside to. Yet people say its all doom and gloom. Hell no it isnt, its 100% true and will happen, very soon. Theres nothing Obama can do or will do to fix any of the problems that will cause the "doom and gloom" as some call it.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:51 PM
It will hit the fan and the USA will go to pieces.

Half of ATS will be locked down in their own homes with food and water

Half of ATS will be outside arguing if it was the fault of Bush or Obama

p.s. Wouldn't it be ironic if Alex Jones had no supplies?

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by king9072

"Here's how it is going to happen. Right now every member of society fits into 3 categories, as follows:

A. Prepared citizens.
B. Unprepared, ignorant, citizens.
C. Anyone working for government agencies in charge of imposing control and policies.

The problem is that unless you live in a rural area, both B and C, will be out to get you in the case of any breakdown in social order. "

Ah the very definition of Paranoia! Let's see if I've got this straight...

A: Citizens who submit to and/or share in your antisocial delusions.
B: Citizens who think you are bonkers.
C: Authority figures.

Why do you want the social order to break down? Could it be due to your feelings of social inadequacy or that your peers don't give you the respect you think you deserve?

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by djusdjus

Fear is what happens when you're not prepared. Laptops, fancy clothes, shoes, video games,cellphones, ipods, big flat screen tvs are all fine and dandy now, but how many people have at least one of these things and has not even enough food in their kitchen to last a week? fear is gonna be what people feel when they realize instead of spending their life savings on tech gadgets and luxury items they should have first invested in an insurance policy (aka stocked up on supplies). I have no fear because I am ready. I fear for people who dont take these things seriously and keep spending $ on materialism. I hope nothing ever happens I would love to say in 50 years how I was paranoid, but living in earthquake country, even if only socal is hit by something a la Katrina style natural disaster, I know I can manage

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