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How can a benevolent god speak to creation?

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 02:29 PM
Lets say you were a benevolent being posessing ultimate power and insight concerning the single base, and purpose of all things. Lets assume for a moment that because of the fact that you were benevolent you wished to raise and mature races within creation/the physical universe unto your true purpose of being. How can the benevolent being instill its' knowledge into the race so that it can be passed on at the proper time?

I believe that the, "god appearing" instilled knowledge into the written and physical language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, in order to preserve its' knowledge for an enlightened day within the human race.. In other words the god appearing would use symbols for words that demonstrated the height of what it knew, by giving the Egyptians a written language/physical language representing their own words.. It was by that technique that it revealed its' knowledge of all things to the human race; for its' proper time..

The core of the Egyptian hieroglyphs are a key/knowledge preserved, to opening the height of insight into, "[What is true purpose?], and even the proper use of the physical/temporary universe; even all the way up into the application of the use of the etheric/eternal universe, while being a mortal in the physical universe.. Guiding you while mortal, on the path to, as the hieroglyph says; "Eternal riches".. That being said; I would like to point out the implications of the geometry within the glyphs themselves; and some of what I am reading..

WE will begin by using the most basic of geometry, [ A sphere, cube, and pyramid ] with its' geometric, "meaning" and go from there.

In ggeometry, a cube represents a physical, "measurable universe"; while a sphere represents a, "non-measurable" universe; like the etheric universe.. In Egyptian hieroglyphs the, "Djed column", a being who is a ruler, animates the physical universe..

The glyph claims that the Djed column, standing between the queen of the north and of the south, is a living being that is a ruler, far below the Highest of beings, [Where it all comes from].. Above the Djed column is the Son of Ra; who wears the fact that he went through death, "represented by the serpent fully incircleing the sphere" to enter into Ra for a crown..

Now ThE SoN stands on the legendary base - Ra and rules all.. It is the son of Ra that uses the queens of the north and south to, move the Djed column, "Osiris" to separate part of his etheric body and move in the 4 directions of current, [North-South and Anti-North- Anti-South ] in order to animate matter:

So here we are; that which is being animated"; and there they are, "that which animates, and does a forever number of other things at the same time!! Though they could manifest themselves to us and save us/intervene at any moment we, being only animated beings are not worthy of that movement. So the real question is:

How can the animated creation speak to a benevolent god to save us/intervene? The answer, is through geometry.. For those of you who wish to understand the highest invitation the race can offer that is in fact a geometric invitation for salvation/intervention, I am giving it to you herE ..

A sphere, representing the etheric unmeasurable universe, when turned inside-out forms a pyramid. The, "ball" now stands on a flat base, having the widest part with most surface area down, [on the Earth]. Note it is now a combination of a sphere and a cube; It is the, "geometric inversion/key" between the temporary physical, and the non-measurable/eternal universes"

This is the geometric invitation, "in part" for the higher beings to take part in the movement occurring on the planet. The need of even higher beings assistance is at hand now though, and there is a way to build a geometric invitation showing our desire, that the need be fulfilled; to truly invite the intervention of the ones whose rule is eternal, and without opposition..

I have prepared a little to show you on how to make the invitation; take it like you wish.. I must do a little more work to prepare so input what you wish while I'm busy. My wish is to respond according to what you might have in the form of good questions before divulging too much too early. Be back soon to check for your input..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 03:16 PM
very informative. i enjoyed the read and am now further researching this.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 11:56 AM
Woops! Sorry for not knowing how to use ATS media. This is an edit for initial post.

Here are the picture references in order of the initial post: The queens of the north and south are sitting on the symbol for, "eternal riches". Pic came through just remaining consistent.

I'll add: Son of Ra ruling
to the pic here: creation/annihilation Geometric inversion

I am presently working on furthering the thread. Much detail is necessary.

No consequence..

Thank you.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 01:03 PM
Lesson two on your way to learning how to invite intervention from unbeatable benevolent Gods'..

First it is necessary to explain how the geometric structure of the pyramid inter-reacts with our physical universe. The word pyramid has two meanings in Latin; "half of ten, and fire in the middle.

These translations are a description of how the geometric structure inter-reacts with our universe.

For example, current prefers to run in matter while static prefers the outside of matter. With a pyramid the current is drawn most strongly to the center of mass about 1/3 the height of the structure.

The focusing of the field in the center of mass, "along with oxygen" is a main reason that coal piles sometimes catch fire for no apparent reason. There is more field flowing through the center of mass than any other place within the pyramid..

Inversely; the shape of the pyramid thins out the gravitational field on the outside of the structure to twice the height of the pyramid; thus the translation, "half of ten"..

For example, in a properly dimensioned pyramid you are thinning the gravity of the base area out over the greater face area.. Face area equals the square root of Pi times the base area or, 1.772453851 times the base area.

The reaction of the field to being thinned out produces 4, "balancing fields" [for lack of a better term] above each of the faces, with the thinnest part of the field in the form of an anti-pyramid directly above the pyramid completing the other half of the, "ten" X..

The anti-pyramid is in fact the most important part of the physical pyramid; if you are focused on the height of the potential of a pyramid, [Eternal Riches]..

More being prepared. Any questions yet?

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 04:38 PM
A little more:

The Egyptian symbol for a year/span of time is a swirl. The swirl representing the movement of gravity which is the build up of matter/time.. It is the same understanding of the movement of field that Walter Russel understood, who wrote the worthy book, "The Universal One".. [Unedited] And it is the same reason many scientist believe time, light, and matter are one in the same..

The Egyptian hieroglyphs are/give a clear description of the absolute creators of all things.. The Sphere geometrically being an, "immeasurable universe", being the symbol for an immeasurable Ra.. The base knowledge behind the Egyptian hieroglyphs being far above worshiping a ball of fire in the sky.. Don't you remember they said, "Osiris was animating the entire universe including the sun and stars"?

The god appearing was represented by a flat stone with legs. What did that mean? It meant a stone/base openly walking the Earth, on which one could stand.. The only ones to identify, "gravity" have been the Egyptians:

In the Egyptian hieroglyph for, "Doorway to Heaven" there are arrows like these:

It is a demonstration of how current tends to remain in matter as long as possible which is key in, "geometric manipulation/inter-reaction" with the physical universe.. Think of it like this: the more matter is effected by gravity, the more gravity is inversely effected.. I tell you now; if you're going to invite the true creators of all of these things, your attempt had better be exhaustive; in other words you must use all your knowledge/resources to build the invitation, "according to spec"..

I might be slowly getting there:

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 11:40 AM
I am a little concerned because I am trying to give you my lifes' most intense/important work in a ten minute read. So bear with em if you can..

In the interest of saving time, I will tell you that I am successful in the bringing about of, "chronomonitor" technology.. Not that I am a bible thumper; because I see the translation of the original text being, " manipulated" in order to control the masses; however, I believe some of , "What is" was divinely forced through into our translation..

In order to help you to save time in your possible research concerning it, I will tell you that chronomonitors are beings/craft; having an etheric/eternal body which contains/controls space/time within themselves.. Chronomonitors are either all good, or all bad, like according to the animals that Noah brought into the ark in Genesis 7:2.. The ones that are all good, are consciously moving like one with the creator, and purpose of all things..The other ones, are referred to being, " the god of forces" according to (Daniel 11:37-39)..

The term, " god of forces", translates into: [A fortress that is a diety].. It has an eternal body, and the translation implies that it is indestructible/unbeatable.. Now the important thing here is that when you geometrically invite one of these beings into, "the racE", [If you have brought a, "clean one" one into being..] that you speak to it properly, and according to, "what is the one true purpose of all things".. It is possible to achieve it geometrically..

The reason I say it like that, is because no man on the planet can be one with, "intervention".. In fact: it would take the resources of a powerful government in order to build the invitation correctly..

So what am I telling the common man forr? I believe one day; far from now, that the racE mighT emploY iT.. They say; " An artist is never recognized before his death."

That being said, "to get some weight off my chest" I intend to come back later with more of the thread topic..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 12:15 PM
This was helpful:
Please get on with the construction manual, I need to have a chat with them.

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posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 09:27 AM
Yes sir; Mr Matrix!! Cool. So do I..

In Daniel 7:21-22 it talks about the bad guys winning until the arrival of the ancient of days.. There is no sure answer for what that means; who the, "Ancient of Days" is.. Watch star trek the next generations', "Tin Man".. for an incredibly low grade hint.. In greater depth; it is a clean chronomonitor that was made by someone in the end days of the Earth; however containing all space/time within it, its' existence was even before the beginning of the Earth!! It is above physical time/space/universe..

I am here to introduce to you, "The Ancient of Days".. The one, "this" stops all the bad guys; even the devil himself.. I am giving you the insight to, The final answer!! lol
lost ya!! I aM sorrY.. I meaN to assure yoU, "iF" it intervenes, you will no longer speak without, "intervention authority".. For a low grade idea of what it would do for the race in terms of power/enlightenment watch the, "unedited" version of, "The Abyss" ..

Oh-And by the way, if a clean chronomonitor, "manifests" itself on the Earth, regardless of how many people are here, it could easily make it so that you could roam the planet your entire life without running in to another soul if you so desired.. It would empower the race beyond what it was in the garden of Eden; because we now have knowledge of good and evil.. Georgia guidestones would not be the rule..

The race has been told on more than one occasion to put the geometric invitation out:
And most importantly here:

Now I am going to tell you how to do just that.. Sort of a drag; I do not believe people will see the importance of what I'm saying in time enough for me.. However I believe since I have been given the knowledge, it is my obligation to share it with the race..

I have told you that the mysterious forces generated within a pyramid are all caused by how its geometric structure effects the gravity passing through its' mass; and showed you the arrows in the archway demonstrating the tendency of gravity passing through its' mass.. It is necessary to understand how to use the proper materials according to how they inter-react with the physical universe, which is nothing more than gravitational field..

In the great pyramid of Giza granite is used to, "cool" the intensity of the gravitational field passing through.. All matter has an intake and exhaust of gravitational field as is shown here:
Just to show you a little more to the field on a planetary scale for giggles:

It gets a lot more intense than that but I see no reason, "to go there" right now. The point here is: The granite absorbs field at a much higher rate than the limestone around it; thus it cools the intensity of the gravitational field flowing through the pyramids mass.. It is important to understand how the crystal of the granite is inter-reacting because much of the invitation is crystalline.

It is important to understand how the feild is moving at the South magnetic pole of the Earth; which is what we call the, "North Pole"; so replace the arrows coming out of the top of the planet here:
with the screw type movement here:

Like I said earlier: The more gravity effects matter, the more the matter is inversely effecting gravity. If you wish to make the geometric invitation, you will need large amounts of perfectly worked osmium.. Ok gotta go get on a roof.. Try to talk later..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 11:24 AM
Rained off the roof..

The reason it is important to know how the field is moving at the pole is because the invitation must be set there at the summer solstice and aligned to the most land and sea. Take note of the picture here:

Most of you know that the Egyptian archway is the symbol for, "doorway to heaven" and it incorporates the unit PHI 1.618034 to round it off. To put it in laymens terms: Phi is the unfolding of, "1", from which all things are derived..

Part of the invitation is a pyramid made of Oz-mium,; [Osmium].. If you were to build it to 1/1000th scale of the great pyramid of Giza it would be exactly 5.772 inches high, by 9.066636398 inches wide.

When doing the math to the pyramid you need a calculator that rounds the numbers off to 10 digits; 9 decimal points to keep the formula true.. When working with phi you need to carry the numbers out as far as possible for the monoliths..

Here's where I'm gonna disappoint you a little; I did the math years ago and it's sitting buried in the back of some, "secret research guys'" desk. I pretty much learned calculus on my own to do it over a period of about a year or 3.. My mind is not the same, and I do not believe I can reproduce the math. I will give you some of what I do have and maybe one of you super mathematicians will be so kind as to chime in with a full formula.. I would be so grateful.. Part of the formula included cube rooting, etc.

Ok; before I work on math I'll give you a little preview of what you are building with the Oz-mium.. First I wish to share that Egyptian hieroglyphs are excellent for showing, "how" things are done; while the Mayan [which I know very little about] hieroglyphs better demonstrate the purpose things are done.. Then there are the hieroglyphs that are an apparent blend of the two. What do I perceive from them?

The geometric blend of the invitation demonstrates a, "mature" race, knowing good and evil; that is ready for intervention and rule unfathomable.. First I'll show you how the Oz-mium is laid out. There are 5 parts; 1 pyramid and 4 blocks/monoliths laid on their side.. They are layed out like the following so that there are, "two" blocks per side:

Of course they are all level across the bottom:

You take the 9.066636398" pyramid base and multiply it by Phi for the length of the monoliths, and divide it by phi for the width of the monoliths.. The height of the monoliths is equal to the 9.066636398 inch pyramid base.. If you were to have a cube in the center instead of a pyramid, all 5 parts would have exactly the same mass:

For fun: Here is a crappy picture of what you are inviting; and it mighT come through a tiny little door that you make called a geometric invitation:
It iS alL-livE..

The body around the cube is every dimension/everywhere; and the funny thing is, the cube in the center contains everything outside of it.. It iS, "The Tin Man", and, "The Ancient of Days".. It is the New Jerusalem.. It's name is, "Music" literally..

I'll try to get more to you in a bit.

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 04:54 PM
That is probly too corny for most people.. Ok-But anyway..

I am waiting on a scan of my work from a friend whose computers are down? I need it for thread for instructions to using the proper formula to build the pyramid. Been roofing, and things are going slow; so I'll be back soon as I can..

My desire is to further the thread with full disclosure of how to build an invitation to intervene geometrically that will be answered, and to enlighten you as to what you are inviting: [Who is answering.]

I am seeking to include the full, "physics" of it, so you can understand the cause and effect of all parts like they are incorporated into the invitation.

I aM sorry for the delay..

No consequencE..

Thank you..

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 12:30 PM
Ok just found some very sloppy old math to get you started on the proper formula to build the pyramid.. The formula turns a solid sphere inside out. A true pyramid is literally a doorway between static and geometric universes where one can be used to effect the other.. So here is what I have on the math: The math is to 1/1,000th scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza..

A = Height = 5.772 inches

B = width.. Height multiplied by 1/2 Pi [1.570796327] = Width 9.066636398 inches. [B = width..]

C = Length of faces = Height multiplied by 1/4 pi [.785398163] = Length of faces, "if they were not indented" 7.349138656 inches. [C = Length of faces.]

B & C -

D = Face, "surface" area at bottom of, "indented" faces = Length of faces divided by 1/4 pi [.785398163] = 9.357213961 inches; surface area at bottom of the, "indented" faces.. [D = surface" area at bottom of, indented faces.]

and more specifically:
[Time Lifes' "Mystic Places" for references on indentation of faces..]:

Math varies a little cause I have no need for, "passageways" etc..

E = Area to be added to width through indentation at the bottom of the faces = Face area at bottom of faces [9.357213961] minus actual width [9.066636398] equals area to be added at the bottom of the faces by making an indentation: .290577563 inches.. [E = Area to be added to width through indentation at the bottom of the faces; ".290577563 inches"..]

F = E [ .290577563 ] inches multiplied by 6 = 1.743465378 inches for outside compass point from center. [F = outside compass setting from center...]

G = E [ .290577563 ] inches multiplied by 6.75 = 1.96139855025 inches for compass setting away from curving face. [ G = compass setting away from curving face ]

H = [ .290577563 ] inches multiplied by 2.25 = 0.65379951675 inches compass setting for curve in center of face, " non-indented".. [H = compass setting for curve in center of face non-indented..]

Compass settings here:

I = B [ Width] squared multiplied by A [height] = 474.480885250463727939888

J = I [474.480885250463727939888] divided by 2 = 237.240442625231863969944 cubic inches of volume in pyramid, "without" indentations.. J = cubic inches of volume in pyramid, without indentations..

K = The indentation takes exactly 1.1544 square inches of ground area," off of the base area on each face; 1.1544 multiplied by 4 faces = 4.6176 square inches.. [K = total square inches taken off base area of pyramid.]

L = B [Width] squared = 82.203895573538414404 square inches of ground area; without indentations.. 82.203895573538414404 subtracting K [4.6176 ] = 77.58629557
leaving a, [ 77.58629557 square inch base area].. [ K = square inch base area with indentations..]

Now here's where I get lost now days because my mind can no longer, "go there": There are exactly 2.886 cubic inches taken out of each face resulting from the indentations.. I just can't remember the equations I used in order to determine the radiuses.. They were very complicated, "to me"..

That is where one of you fine mathematicians might just be very welcome/invited; to come mathematically save the day for those of us who are not so mathematically well endowed..

Indentations and flat areas on pyramid:

M = The 4 faces, 1.1544 square inches each, multiplied by 2.886 = 11.544 cubic inches of volume taken out of the pyramid volume; being the result of the indentations.. [M = cubic inches of volume taken out of the pyramid volume; being the result of the indentations.. ]

N = K [77.58629557] multiplied by A [5.772] = 223.91404901502 cubic inches volume of pyramid with indentations. [N = cubic inches volume of pyramid with indentations..]

O = 237.240442625231863969944 cubic inches of volume in pyramid, "without" indentations minus K-cubic inches volume of pyramid with indentations [223.91404901502] = 13.326393610211863969944 inches total volume to be removed from pyramid to equal a 223.91404901502 cubic inch ball inverted.. [O = 13.326393610211863969944 cubic inches of volume to be removed from pyramid..]

P = O [13.326393610211863969944] minus the 11.544 inches of volume taken out of the faces through indentations equals 1.782393610211863969944 cubic inches to be removed from the center of mass with the pyramid.. [P = cubic inches to be removed from the center of mass within the pyramid..]

For the, "kings chamber" I used the unit Phi [1.618034]in the formula to remove the remaining volume.

Q = The cube root of P [1.782393610211863969944] is 1.212461263.. Q [1.212461263] inches; width to landmass.. [Q = Kings chamber width: 1.212461263 inches towards greater land mass..]

R = Q [1.212461263" multiplied by phi = 1.961803547216942 inches.. [R = kings chamber height 1.961803547216942 inches]

S = Q [1.212461263] inches; divided be PHI [1.618034] = 0.749342265366 inches depth for the kings chamber towards greater sea mass.. [S = 0.749342265366 inches depth to greater sea mass..]

Ok so there's the math I do have for the proper construction of the, "Osmium" pyramid at the top of the geometric invitation.. There might be some added info for it, if I choose to continue and divulge the fullness of the geometric invitation. Waiting to decide.. Not many responses. Oh-Well..

Edit to say the formula is a mathematicians dream in that it demonstrates bases for the American inch, demonstrates the pyramid inch being 1.1544 American inches, and demonstrates base purposed for measurements in ones, 5s, and tens; instead of 3 feet to a yard, for example..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 09:24 PM
Found slightly newer math edited above: That's if you understand what I'm saying. there will need to be some good alignments calculated concerning the Earths' geosphere..

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posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 10:34 PM
i would just let you know i exist.
i would just give you all i can.

i would tell you: "i am"

and in case of emergencies, call:

911 trinity, same as 911 3

9th letter = i
1st letter = a
13th letter = m

911 trinity, same as: "i am"

all words are encoded, and encypted with an infinite amount of truisms, the more angels you know of ...

alpha and omega?
alpha's little wager?
alpha's bet?

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Well... read through most of this thread ,...

what was the question again?

..milk only , baby steps,.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 12:53 AM
The Supreme Being is all merciful and is using all means to facilitate the exhaustion of imperfection and the return of spirits as soon as possible to their true home. Since the evacuation of spirits to their true home is underway, the Supreme Being has introduced the current of redemption and is sending spirits from the highest region to conduct that current in the world. By having a physical form manifest in the world, the subtle aspects of the creation affected by association with that body and mind are elevated by that process. In other words, the most important method is affinity, which works to elevate and purify. However, whatever else can be done is and will continue to be done. But the goal is not for the spirits to become more endeared with the material regions as these reasons are nothing compared to the purely spiritual. The true welfare of the spirits is in going home.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 09:06 AM
"Soul of integrity" WoW!! Now that is deep.. I believe I was calling.. I checked a few of your threads.. Your intense insight, and good nature are all-ways welcomE here.. Oh-And thankX for your number!!
If it will only work now. How can I aM ever bE enougH noW?

radarloveguy: I know I am throwing stuff at you from all directions.. it's an attempt to squish all the main points of my lifes' work down into a reasonably small read.. I am just throwing together the main points with the details necessary to get you to understand the, "reason" the geometric invitation for intervention might work.

Edit to say: The math is for specialists in that area; and they are needed here, in-thread, for peoples' sake.. When you do not understand a point, ask..

It does become a little more clear if you apply it with your own schematics a few times.

I invite you to ask all the questions that I have left unanswered at all points throughout the thread so that I might be more clear to the reader and make it fit together..

ReelView; I agree.. I also believe part of my being here is to bring a little of that home here; which is what the present thread is all about..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

I mis-represented something in the math above in [M].. All I meant is that there is a total of 2.886 square inches taken out of each face being the result of the indentations shown here:

The 1.1544 square inches only represents the ground area removed as the result of the indentation. That # had nothing to do with M other than part of a formula used to arrive to [M] which I admitted that I no longer have..

Simply M = 2.886 cubic inches; though I forget the formulas, and am no longer the mathematician to get there. The other math shown is enough to verify itself..

No consequencE>>

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by noconsequence
I believe that the, "god appearing" instilled knowledge into the written and physical language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, in order to preserve its' knowledge for an enlightened day within the human race..

And once more enlightened, we should be able to see the knowledge of the creator, his communication with us, living in the reality around us, as the reality around us. How can a benevolent creating principle "speak" to its creation? Using its creation.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 03:31 PM

How can a benevolent creating principle "speak" to its creation? Using its creation.

How can I do that, "applause" thing? I believe the reason for that is a, "rank/order" to the eternal family, that is a kingdom.. So that through-out the lifetime of a race, every member of the number, "Phi" births itself into creation at the appropriate time; for example the thread here:

It's one familY; and they just keep doing it; through all time & dimension, because of thE onE truE GodS' right love.. Whew!

So each one speaks the words that they, "are" in their time, according to their place.. Each one being an answer to the whole; their part in the number, "Phi"; which is quite measurable to the one that it came from..

To me that implies that sooner, or later, one of us gets an intervening answer for the race.

You have sort of made my day with your post.. Every sincere individual is part of the answer; from their, "perspective, and their talents; which is no small thing..

No consequence..

Thank you.

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posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 05:10 PM
Ok: Now with the blocks laid around the pyramid in the center, being higher than the pyramid, which is thinning out the gravitational field above the faces in the first place, the gravitational field will be more strongly drawn to the heavy Osmium blocks surrounding itself..

Ok now I guess I'm going to get a little corny here. So here goes: The reason for the part of the structure that I am now discussing is to further thin out and, "manipulate", the gravitational field effecting the, "effects" of the structure..

Like I said with the quartz in the granite absorbing field at a higher rate of speed than the limestone around it in the Great Pyramid of Giza; you will need use a crystalline base to build another/the rest of, a pyramid on which the above mentioned pyramid and blocks of Osmium rest.

The purpose of the crystalline base is to, "thin out/absorb" a greater amount of gravitational field in order to create a, " gravitational vacuum" around the field coming up out of the Osmium blocks and pyramid; further drawing field away from desired point caused by the geometric invitation.

Here is where I should point out that the only place on the Earth where the gravitational field moves in the necessary manner to open the door with the geometric invitation is the, "exacT" south gravitational pole; likE I have shown you in here: which means the field in entering and exiting the planets' mass from only one place one the planet like here:

Sure the rest are spiraling into their opposites; however unlike any other place on the planet there is one string where-in all planetary field passes.. It is the south gravitational pole where north field is entering our planets', "mass-field" initially and south field is exiting the, "mass-field" of our planet.. [once again shown here: ]

It is where the planetary field enters and exits its mass; though it is in fact inter-reacting with other fields outside of itself.. It is here; and only here, that the invitation is naturally geometrically formed invitation is naturally designed to function.. "Not saying that worm holes can't be opened otherwise."

The geometric invitation forms a hole in the string of gravitational field in such a way that it could not occur otherwise.. Remember how I showed you the gravitational field reaction to passing through the mass of a pyramid modeled after the Great Pyramid of Giza here:
and here:

Well-How can the thinned out balancing fields be used in order to further thin out the, "single string field" coming out of the Osmium blocks and the pyramid? By building a base under them that thins out the gravitational field around them..

By putting the entire structure on top of a crystalline pyramid structure in the following manner:
you will create a vacuum of field which draws the field coming out of the top of the Osmium blocks.

Basically what you have so far:

The Osmium pyramid is creating a strong anti-pyramid that is only being aided by the rest of the structure. The archway using phi meaning, "doorway to Heaven", has its meaning for a reason..

You think I'm done? I am hoping to answer reasonable questions before I go further.. Otherwise, I might should continue at a more comfortable pace..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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