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Concentration Camps in America...Final Preparations

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 07:29 PM
Let's not forget our history. The United States DID put people in camps just 50 years ago. American citizens of Japanese descent. I have met MANY people over the years who were there as children or teenagers and have vivid memories of being held captive in California by the Government.

Google "Manzanar" if you haven't heard of it. This is the history that is NOT taught in school curriculum.

There is plenty written about Manzanar, but here is a blog about it written about the author's aunt, who was held there.... Manzanar even includes this:

"In February 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. Roosevelt, exercising war powers to send Japanese-Americans to internment camps, authorized U.S. armed forces to declare areas of the U.S. as military areas “from which any or all persons may be excluded.” Eventually, the policy was applied to one-third of the land area of the country, (primarily in the West) and was used to imprison those with “Foreign Enemy Ancestry.” "

When the 110,000 American Citizens were released after the war was over, they were given only $25 each. They had lost their homes, their jobs, their land... everything they owned. Many of them had no place to go, so they were forcibly removed.

This is a prime example of WHY we cannot forget history. Plenty of people believe there would never be a time when the government held American Citizens in "Camps" -- the fact of the matter is that THEY ALREADY DID -- and it was not that long ago. There are plenty of people alive today who lived through it.

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by bettermakings

It would be funny if it was the whole other way around, as in:

It is just good cop, bad cop: Bush and Obama are both owned by the Banking/Corporate Cartels. Obama was picked, just as Clinton was so the "plans" could advance fast without complaints from the "Political Activists" The "Political Activists" are all controlled by the Banking/Corporate Cartels although they are unaware of it. You see them on this forum jumping to Obama's defence without really considering the actual issues and long term consequences.

Here are our REAL rulers:

....[A] group, called the Committee for Economic Development, was officially established in 1942 as a sister organization to the Council on Foreign Relations. CED has influenced US domestic policies in much the same way that the CFR has influenced the nation's foreign policies. Composed of chief executive officers and chairmen from the federal reserve, the banking industry, private equity firms, insurance companies, railroads, information technology firms, publishing companies, pharmaceutical companies, the oil and automotive industries, meat packing companies, retailers and assisted by university economists....

They have been running this country (into the ground) for decades.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 08:37 AM

Originally posted by star in a jar
reply to post by Shaq786
In the past 70-75 years alone, It happened to the 'undesirables' of Germany, Europeans in Asia, Japanese in Canada and America, Cambodians, Koreans, and black South Africans are what I can name off the top of my head right now.

I see that you have recently joined. Perhaps with enough time on this forum you will see that something very odd is going on.

No one is suggesting that we ignore history, to do so would be an injustice and would lead us into nothing but trouble.

But, again, the simple fact that something this despicable happened before is not reason enough to fear it happening to you, nor is it acceptable to simply "assume" that because it happened there it must happen again.

It is always raised in these threads, people start quoting history and saying "it could happen again". Yes, it could, without remembering and without fighting back against tyranny (which, BTW, Americans are NOT doing, see Patriot Act for example). That doesn't mean it WILL happen again.

And there is plenty odd going on. But this isn't an example of it.
What IS odd is people seeing emergency planning locations (something FEMA are required to supply) and translating that as a plan for mass imprisonment.
What IS odd is people seeing vehicle transportation carriages and translating that as "railway prisoner transport".
What IS odd is people seeing a recruitment drive by the National Guard and immediately stating that they will be your prison guards in concentration camps.

And what is even more odd is that people believe all of this without requiring any concrete evidence for any of it.
Odder still, is that when such things as the FEMA "coffins" and train "prisoner transport" carriages are CONSISTENTLY DEBUNKED people still think it's real.


1. that which tends to prove or disprove something; ground for belief; proof.
2. something that makes plain or clear; an indication or sign: His flushed look was visible evidence of his fever.
3. Law. data presented to a court or jury in proof of the facts in issue and which may include the testimony of witnesses, records, documents, or objects.

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