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Are the Reptilians/Illuminati Preventing Full Alien Disclosure?

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by AnthraAndromda

Originally posted by AnthraAndromda
As many have speculated, there are interstellar governments, and, some of them do have rules that govern contact with developing planets. In the case of Earth, it is these laws, and not the Zeta's that are preventing open contact....... But, with the pressure from the "common man" these efforts will not succeed, pressure needs to be applied to the U.S. to continue and allow for full disclosure. So, its virtually ALL ON YOU. Please, do your part.

Firstly, thanks a lot for your information. A question: It seems the Reptilians and their greedy clique have been constantly trying to circumvent and outsmart some of those rules governing contact with developing planets. For example:

- By not using chains and shackles to enslave the population, but by using economic pressure and (as planned) RFID chips or like. Which is actually quite the same, just implemented differently.

- By claiming "it was the humans themselves who voted for their governments" but at the same time excruciatingly abusing the MSM to constantly lie to the population and prevent real elections.

- By "exceptionally" directly killing great and benevolent human leaders like JFK, MLK, recently Bhutto, Hariri, Gemayel etc, as well as innumerous whistleblowers, and so on.

Now fact is, all this really DOES break the mould. There is no actual "free choice" of humans anymore but only total suppression, just by more "subtle" means, but nonetheless it's really going to far. A massive intervention is already taking place, by the Reptilians. I think one should really try to understand this. For instance it won't be possible to apply enough pressure to the U.S. for disclosure (as you propose) as long as the Reptilian clique can keep on possessing and abusing all mainstream media in the extent we see today. There must be some help from outward to reverse this doom loop. And above all the insight that the Reptilians already HAVE been massively violating the rules of non-intervention.

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by DeepSea

A question: It seems the Reptilians and their greedy clique have been constantly trying to circumvent and outsmart some of those rules governing contact with developing planets.

And therein lies the problem. You see, the Zeta's don't subscribe to those regulations.

As Hermes once said; " as above, so below; as below, so above". The governmental structures in space are not all that different from what exists here on Earth. Just as different countries agree and sign treaties, so do the different factions in space. If a faction, such as the Zetas do not sign on to a "non-interferrence" treaty, then it does not apply to them. Sigh...such is the universe we live in.

Anyway, they appearently have not signed on to that, so they don't respect it. The Pleiadian Federation and some others have, and that is why they don't interfere. Although, it does look more and more as though they should. It is true that Earth is being controlled by hostile forces from off-world, and the people are not only unable to do anything about it, but they are being lied to by governments that are supposed to be protecting them from just this kind of threat.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 10:33 AM
Yes the nuki leaders have been meeting with the Federation and Andros Delegations that Anthra Andromeda talks of for years. His mother's name is D'Arna-shat, and the relevancy of this is that one of my advisors that I have had contact with has a very similar name, and I thought he was Andros. Anthra speaks of stations, I have memories of two, one is Federation, or seems to be a joint intergalactic body, and I remember standing on a multi level balacony, many stories tall with an open viewing screen, it seemed like it was wide open, in shock basically. I was told I would shown something, and spent so much time in shock that my advisor said he almost regretted showing me. Then the female advisor I also know the name of, spoke up and said, it was time that I was more aware. The other was like a huge astroid and was andromedan. My friend talks of that one frequently.

So, considering how very close Anthra's information is, we really need to endorse disclosure. My friend who spends time at that astroid, and I have some memories as well, we even shared notes the next day after I had been told I would be visiting with them that night in a postcard, and had ignored it, thinking it was my imagination, and felt something placed on my head that night, right over the toggle spots, the buldge between your forhead and ears, where I started vibrating super fast before sleep.

Next morning my friend wrote and told me I looked good in black, and I said, you were there, and we started talking back and forth, because some of what was said was remembered. We had both been with our advisors. This friend has written out of his memory blocks the things that will come with disclosure, everyone being healed, money being done away with and all things, technologies being freely and equally distributed to all, and the annanuki leaders step down unconditionally. Its very similar to what Anthra is saying.

This is cosmic advancement and what we need. Of course our freedom doesnt sit well with the nuki's running this planet. But all we have to do is say NO to them, phone our leaders, send letters and emails to the corporations and banks, let them know we are not endorsing anything they do. Some backbone. We need to show and demonstrate that we are FREE, and not their possessions.

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

SmokeJaguar67. Your ideas are very much in line with my own.

There is no question in my mind that there is a manipulative ET force engaged in a clandestine operation on Earth. Ultimately, I don't know what the final goal of this operation is, however, domination seems to be the most likely option. My intuition and research tell me that we have been manipulated at the genetic level and that social constructs such as capitalism and even our eduction systems (particularly in the Western World) have been designed to keep humanity's blinders on.

I believe that the manipulation is at a DNA level and it is designed in order to separate our cognitive processes, to keep us in a left brain v right brain paradigm. The left brain is (to simplify) the house of reason and ego and the right brain is the home of intuition and holistic thought (link). The social tools mentioned previously are intended to entrench the separateness of mind. This keeps the human race from developing connections between reason and intuition (you'll note how many who value reason above all will often deride intuition) that are dangerous to "their" plan.

I also believe that there are some "friendlies" out their that are gently giving us nudges, impressing our dreams with hints and sign-posts that point us in the general direction of the truth.

Likewise "they" are impressing on our dreams as well in a not-so-friendly-kinda-way.

a few links that I think are worthwhile reading on this and other subject

allies of humanity

The ball IS in our court, we have to make the connections, we have to engage ourselves in a holistic manner, we have to delve into information that our society tells us is "bunk" and let our intuition and reason guide us equally if we are going to get at the REAL truth.

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posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 03:14 AM

Why so many humans are still in the dark about life outside of our own planet, why so many humans still choose to cling to their religious belief systems because it provides a safety net for them. I cant see how this benefits humanity? At a time when so many humans want full disclosure- what is preventing the rest of the universe from doing so??? My thought, is that perhaps there is a controlling alien species within our human population- that has a hold over every other type of alien species that has the capacity to visit our planet. What if the reptillians are it?

What if- they have threatened other alien species with the threat of their own species or cultures being obliterated if any of them interfere with the Reptilians/Illuminati's agreement here on Earth?

No one will be obliterated. Won't happen, sorry. No reptilians, perhaps some Illuminatis.

The agenda is what you see day to day. Yawn! Home you are enjoying it as much as I am!

There are billions of other planets, galaxies, and perhaps even universes. Earth is more or less a prison planet for us to experience and appreciate to understand the downside of the human spirit. Many of us will move on, many will stay.

posted on Oct, 29 2009 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by SmokeJaguar67

Wow, you hit the nail on the head on that one. I am of the same opinion exactly. As far as I'm concerned, and in my humble opinion, the Illuminati are the Reptillians ie, Bush family, British Royals (rumoured to be all of the same rare blood type- ((thread on ATS)), shadow governments of the world, the NWO, FEMA, all the dark organisations whose purposes are to serve their own agendas which are to the detriment of humankind and the planet we inhabit.

If there was to be a Full Alien Disclosure, then people would become much more aware of the false reality that we are fed as 'truth' and 'reality' and would not therefore be as controllable as before. In a sense Full Alien Disclosure means the end of the "illuminati-control of a species" agenda on earth.

Regarding the chemical control substances in our food and water, (sorry not pulling attention off the topic of this thread) I live close by a town which has banned flouride being put into the water supply and after spending some time in the town I can now recognize the effect flouride does have on people as far as dumbing them down and basically turning people into controlled robots.

In this small town, which is 30 minutes drive from where I live, there is a general feeling of aggression, defensiveness, and a 'pack' mentality, even domestic cats walk around the streets in packs of 3 or 4 and will maul a kitten to death. I have never seen domestic cats walk around in packs, so this stood out in my mind very clearly when I saw it.

Everywhere around this small town is the feel of energy that something is going to explode violently at any given moment and that you're just not safe. I have lived in many towns in England, Australia, and New Zealand, and have never experienced this before. I think I only noticed it because I have always lived in towns where the water supply has been flouridated, so generally, the populace are pretty much calm, controllable and civilized. I live in New Zealand at present.

After spending a few days each week in this town I notice a difference in how my energy feels, as in agitated, irritable, defensive and aggressive. Then as soon as I return to my own hometown and start drinking my flouridated tap water again, my energy changes to being calm, subdued, and easily controllable again, as in "she'll be right," and "no worries mate".

Previously I owned a water distiller which ran 24 hours every day, I have seen what is left in the bottom of the distiller after it has finished its cycle; white powder and a brown muddy gunk substance, courtesy of our local tap water supply.

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