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Are the Reptilians/Illuminati Preventing Full Alien Disclosure?

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 04:16 AM
I had an idea pop into my head two days ago and I thought it was an important realization, so I thought I might post it to see what others think!

If you believe that Aliens are visiting our planet, why is it that there has not been a full planetary disclosure on their part (ie Independence Day).

More than anything, I feel a Global Disclosure on their end, would help bring the nauseating Tyranny of the Illuminati to an end. Unless, its the Illuminati themselves having some sort of control over who visits Earth and how they do so.

Certainly, they have the capacity to get here, and there are hundreds of different species and species from different star systems visiting us-- as we encounter all the time. But- who is in charge to say that they cant appear? Who- on this planet Earth- has the right to say that we humans cant have full disclosure to the truth that we are not alone in the universe?

I mean, lets say there is a humaniod species out there who truly have compassion for how our world is being destroyed. Why arnt they allowed to intervene? Certainly, if our planet had the capacity and know how to reach other planets, and witnessed what our planet is going through (keeping from its inhabitants that we are not alone in the universe) that we would step up and rise against the tyranny and show them that they are not alone!

But nothing is happening. Nothing has happened for as long as we have been somewhat globally connected since the atleast the Victorian era.. Which means that there has got to be a reason why.

Why so many humans are still in the dark about life outside of our own planet, why so many humans still choose to cling to their religious belief systems because it provides a safety net for them. I cant see how this benefits humanity?

At a time when so many humans want full disclosure- what is preventing the rest of the universe from doing so???

My thought, is that perhaps there is a controlling alien species within our human population- that has a hold over every other type of alien species that has the capacity to visit our planet. What if the reptillians are it? What if- they have threatened other alien species with the threat of their own species or cultures being obliterated if any of them interfere with the Reptilians/Illuminati's agreement here on Earth?

If you think about it- they have everything to gain by keeping the majority of the earth in the dark, and under their control. I have no idea how they are doing it!
What are some of your thoughts?

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by xynephadyn

beats me

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 05:24 AM
Well, firstly, it could be because there are no aliens and we are the only life in the universe. In that scenario there would be nothing to disclose.
However, as an abductee, I would think it very difficult for the governments to acknowledge that I and many others were telling the truth all along. Especially when you think about everything we have had to go through all these years. I would reckon most, if not all of us, would be after some heavy compensation. An apology would not be enough, so there could be some kind of government/alien agreement/deal there.
This would be just one reason out of many I would say, but I am too tired to think of more.

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 06:15 AM
this thread is abit iffy.
if these zetans are evil
if the reptilians predate man,
if the illuminati is running the
underground alien voodoo cult.
if people are disappearing a lot,
if quite sane people are telling
,incredible truths,
if with locals and others paid off,
and they are still terrified,
if the human/helper participants
digestive tracts may need cattle
parts ....radiation/cancer

if any of that is happening..........
we 've all got a lot to worry about.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by xynephadyn

If the theory is true about reptilians running the world behind the scenes, then yes, they would probably want their presence unknown to the general populace.

And if the nordic and other friendly ETs wanted to show themselves on a global scale, they will do at some point. There may be a universal law which prevents other races intervening with the development and evolution of primitive races like us unless absolutely necessary, but this is only speculation on my part.

The coverup has gone on long enough and there is no doubt in my mind that all will be revealed sometime in this century, hopefully.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by xynephadyn
If you believe that Aliens are visiting our planet, why is it that there has not been a full planetary disclosure on their part (ie Independence Day).

I am positive that extraterrestrial people are visiting the earth. I think the reasons they have not disclosed their presence is because of many interwoven reasons that are hidden in plain sight. The thought of such a thing is so crazy and out of this world (probably literally) that we dare not look or fear for our sanity, job, relationships and because just maybe we might get an unfriendly knock at the door in the small hours.

Religion, our aggressive nature and a respect of brave deeds and a nod in the direction or misplaced ideals like honour and glory does not help our case in hoping to break the yolk. When we panic through fear and uncertainty, stress from all quarters we tend to go with the lowest common denominator and become aggressive and even violent so we can respond later at our leisure when there is no danger of retribution because we either intimidated or killed to buy space and time.

Visitors that are not a part of the system of human control and perhaps are working behind the scenes to help us break free from this slavery will know our nature and probably know it better than we do ourselves. I hazard a guess and say they have been watching us for a very long time. Another addition to this opinion is that perhaps they follow a set of rigid rules that forbids open contact until a set list of criteria have been met. I just hope a radical population reduction is not a part of that criteria.

Originally posted by xynephadyn
My thought, is that perhaps there is a controlling alien species within our human population- that has a hold over every other type of alien species that has the capacity to visit our planet. What if the reptillians are it? What if- they have threatened other alien species with the threat of their own species or cultures being obliterated if any of them interfere with the Reptilians/Illuminati's agreement here on Earth?

My opinion is very close to your own as you have no doubt guessed. I also believe that there is a powerful, highly dominant alien species that has infiltrated the highest echelons of our government. I doubt they have infiltrated all governments but I am positive they are controlling the major leaders on the Earth. I would go so far as to say that they are the driving force behind the shadow government. I know many will accuse me of being a wacko but I no longer care. I have been called worse for these beliefs so hang draw and quarter me as you wish.

Our extraterrestrial manipulators keep everything highly compartmentalised and they keep us chasing our tails by keeping us pretty much distracted by an eternal war where the new enemy is something much more fluid than any enemy has been before in human history. The war on terror against a shadowy terrorist organisation and its subcontractors like the al-Aqsa Martyrs, Ansar al-Sunna and any other sub-contracted terrorist group orbiting the main bogy man, Al Qaeda was a perfect cover for them in my mind as such a definition allows security service agents to change the goal posts as and when it suits them. Today’s terrorist is the suicide car bomber, tomorrow it could be the tax dodger or anti-globalist protester. Warfare, an obvious bane on mankind has many faces but tends to be driven by geo-political expansion, militaristic nationalism, and ideological concerns to conflicts over identity and resources, our seedy little curse going all the way back to the Hittites and beyond.

I am certain this aspect of us and our leaders needing little excuse to wage total war for the popular reason of the day had been seen in ancient history as a way to subvert the will of mankind to the will of a species much darker in nature than the darkest recesses of men’s minds.

I am not sure if the extraterrestrial manipulators are reptilian in nature, that much I keep an open mind but I see little reason why they could not be. Our extraterrestrial controllers power over us sure is cold blooded and black hearted without a care for any semblance of the right to exist as a free person. Going by that alone I suppose they could be reptilian but it does not really matter to me what their genus is, what matters to me is the sickening game they are playing with us, a strong suspicion that there is a very subtle manipulation by a non-terrestrial intelligence that in my opinion is very real and very detrimental to us as a species because they see us as something to own and something to be kept under strict lock and key.

Originally posted by xynephadyn
If you think about it- they have everything to gain by keeping the majority of the earth in the dark, and under their control. I have no idea how they are doing it!
What are some of your thoughts?

I think we are slaves to their whims and they keep us “domesticated” and thus enslaved through unobtrusive yet distinct means by using our ego’s against us. Their programming has taken a long time but they have always had time on their side as they have never really been challenged because those of us who have suspected the presence of a manipulating extraterrestrial power that works against us to keep us divided have always been shoved into a compartmentalised box labelled the “nut job“, “the unbalanced” and the “dangerously insane“.

Keep on railing against the system and they may medicate you or lock you up. In the past they might have branded you a witch and “cleansed” you at the stake. This system of keeping those who think something is wrong and that the reality around us is a paddock for keeping livestock was a system I believe that was created by them for us.

Generally we as a species thirst for manufactured goods, money and the fickle respect of our peers. Did we evolve this way of thinking or was it inserted into our psyche in order to keep us blasé to the knowledge that although we know our species is slaughtering each other in ever greater numbers in an escalating global war directly and via proxy that as long as we can maintain our own standard of living and a comfortable immediate environment to further our own genes we can objectify the bloody carnage?

Such systems of entertainment, greed and fear is how I think the extraterrestrial manipulators keep us enthralled and under their grip via physiological systems like perception without awareness, insidious subliminal programming via TV and radio and by medicating our water and food with a plethora of chemicals that we are told is good for us though even basic research seems to tell us different.

I believe someone and something is playing us for fools but their laughter has no humour because it is soulless and devoid of all humanity.

My opinion!

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:39 AM
Reptilians are not a modern idea, they have been mentioned in many ancient legends and religious lore , often in connection to the so called "creator gods". Them being able to change their appearance, ie shape-shift is also mentioned in some ancient legends - something they perhaps did most of the time to present a more acceptable appearance to those they sought to influence.

Most anceint stories talk of the "gods" handing kingship of earth over to a select bloodline. These earthly kings were in the beginning semi-divine, or pure half and half alienphuman hybrids if you like. The bloodline would have perpetuated down the millenia though the alien DNA would have bceome more watered down ? As kings and lords over Earth this bloodline would have possessed far more knowledge of any plans connected to humanity than the masses would. It is said the secrets have been passed down through the generations via secret societies, so you could infer from this that the ultimate secret society , ie the so called "Illuminati" know the score. They know all about how humans were created, by whom and any ET future plans for the human race.

Nearly every religion on the planet seems to have been inspired and/or influenced by gods from the skies with supernatural powers - if not a religious type it is easy to consider these so called gods and their leader "GOD" were simply some sort of ET race bent on controlling the human race. Religion has been the main tool - I don't think there is a single religion which is NOT awaiting the return of their respective God/Gods.

The main world religions are made up of about 3-4 billion followers. Those 3-4 billion are awaiting (a) some sort of false messiah follwed by (b) the return of the "good guys" who come to save the world from the forces of darkness, but before that happens some almighty attack on earth and "the "unfaithful " must take place. Surely a perfect method for control - first, present the bad guys so that you can sweep in and act as "saviours" to the human race. I suspect the ET race in question is playing BOTH roles here.

Given the degree of control the Illuminati seems to have over world events it is not beyond possibility that they have for a long long time been deliberately moving the chess pieces around the board to MAKE things happen according to biblical prophecy . It is also worth noting that the secret mystery religions they are known to ascribe to have at their core the principle of "god" being a dualistic force, ie both good and evil. This ties in with my belief that the ET "gods" are playing both "good cops" and "bad cops". This means that there will be NO saviours, that whoever arrives in the skies following the breakout of Gog-Magog (ie WW3) may well be PRESENTING themselves as "The true GOD and his righteous sidekicks" when in fact they are just plain evil.

The "rapture" that many expect to take place prior to the second coming- which involves an attack on earth by the way if you read the prophecies -could easily be orchestrated by ET's if the ones raptured away are all those abducetees who have had implants put in them. They can easily be "put back" on Earth at a later date for maximum WOW impact. The GREYS are commonly viewed to be DRONES for the REPTILIANS and the abduction pehnomena has been going on for decades, perhaps in part to get ready for the rapture as well as for other purposes.

Another idea that crosses my mind if you take this alternative look is the mark of the beast issue- what if it's a reverse pyschology exercise of sorts, where those who DO have the mark (chip implant ?) are actually the humans who SURVIVE Armageddon ? The chip could act as some sort of beacon and protective measure so that if and when they unleash some sort of genocidical weapon, everyone BUT those with the chip would survive ? After all, they would want to have the SHEEPLE left on earth, not the AWAKE and only SHEEPLE would ever take the chip to begin with.

Anyway, mark of the beast speculation aside I think that religion is their biggest control method , that the Illuminati are working hard at laying the groundwork to have the state of the world parallel what was prophecied the END OF DAYS would be like and that what is expected to take place by those 3-4 billion religious types WILL occur but those people will not realize they have all been duped.

You might want to google the following :
2009-2016 Illuminati timeline

Then factor in 2012 as the mid point of that timeline then google :

Grand Seal of America, 2012, code
Great Pyramid, 2012

2012 could well be when the ET PLANTED "false messiah" appears , mimicking the second coming in some way

google : Share International, Maitreya

2016 would then be when the "real" second coming occurs, hot on the heels of some terrible Middle East v The West war , only these ETs are the SAME bunch who planted the "false lot" of 2012. Control would be solidified as 3-4 billion religious folk will have just witnessed manifestation of their ultimate "prophecy". ETs will kill humans who have not been deemed "worthy" enough for entry into the "millenial kingdom" and the only ones likely to escape this fate will be those on the run - but how long can you run for............? Those who have gained entry into the new kingdom will not bat an eyelid over the murder of these humans as they will by then have had their programming completed, perhaps via something in their implant being switched on such that they are now totally mind-controlled ?

Just some ideas....but I do believe the reptilians exist , I didn't used to but then I began to do some impartial research and it changed my views completely. I think we have been pawns in some huge hidden agenda for millenia and the net is closing in now, the plan is very near completion.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:58 AM

knowledge of advanced cultures presents several possible problems. one such problem is demand for aid. other planets and cultures are not responsible for our well being, unless of course, they interfered at some point, to our detriment. i suspect there's a government of sorts in the universe and said government has rules that members must abide by, an example might be the prime directive of star trek, where interference with less advanced cultures is not allowed.

further echoes of this concept are also in ancient texts such as the book of 1 enoch, where it describes the trouble caused on earth, when a group of 200 "watchers" descended to the earth at mount hermon, and began to tinker with the DNA and social order of the planet. the resultant mess was so bad, it ended in the necessity of an environmental reboot (read, massive flooding of the waterways, along which most civilization had been built, to clean the soil). in effect, the 200 watchers were found out, which resulted in the universal government having to fix the mess the 200 watchers had made here.

next is the problem of the faith trial. you are both a physical and a spiritual being. you are also a free will agent. you must choose, and that choice naturally dictates your final destination and with what agency you will reside. as a result, providing unshakeable evidence of their existence removes the need to exercise your free will and your spiritual nature, without which your destination can not be determined. it is essential, therefore, that you seek the answer of your own volition and learn to exercise your spiritual body in the effort.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 12:22 PM
As many have speculated, there are interstellar governments, and, some of them do have rules that govern contact with developing planets.

In the case of Earth, it is these laws, and not the Zeta's that are preventing open contact. Though there is still a good measure of resistance to disclosure manifesting from the U.S., international Aerospace corporations, and, yes, your Illumanati. There is something that they perceive will be lost if disclosure happens. None of their perceptions are true, but they exist none the less.

The Zetas, Pleiadean Federation, "Conformer" commonwealth, and Galactic Andromedans have formed a coalition to advance disclosure on Earth. It is in the best interest of both Human and Alien for disclosure to happen as soon as possible. This coalition is working with the U.N., G8 and G20 to advance disclosure, and many countries on Earth are beginning to cooperate and release their classified information. But, with the pressure from the "common man" these efforts will not succeed, pressure needs to be applied to the U.S. to continue and allow for full disclosure.

So, its virtually ALL ON YOU. Please, do your part.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 12:31 PM
i sometimes think the earth is like a big spaceship and the lifeforms on it are all wearing spacesuits. the real us, in the meat spacesuit, is in reality, an awesome, eternal, extra-terrestrial form of life that doesn't know that it is for the most part because the spacesuit was designed to hide those details from us.

i know, crazy idea.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 03:45 PM
JFK's speech is one of the most open examples of "wake up, sheeple".

"It is a system that has been scripted." There is an agenda, which is why I shake my head in frustration at the degree that people buy into the "Right versus Left" extremists and division that goes on in our country. You can be Right, you can be Left, but ultimately there is "Government" that is above and beyond political division that the politicians cannot touch.

Another interesting video:
(turn off the volume if you don't like Rap music)

And then take what we sense to be true about secret governments and read this document called "ET Motivations":

There is a lot of information out there, some of it seems hard to believe or far-fetched. It's obvious something is going on, now more than ever a select few have control over the vast many. It would be nice to know the truth instead of just speculation, but I believe that there are agreements between TPTB and ETs.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by undo


that is deep

I thought i was the only one crazy enough to think of something like that..

another one i have is that we are all in a training simulator and are not allowed to realise we are training then after we live our artificial human lives we "die" only to be unplugged from the machines and sent to a star fleet to invade a planet just like "ours"...

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:32 AM
Guys what a great thread going! Thanks for digging my post!

I personally, am an abductee and know that there are certain species controlling others. When I do meditation and go to the "otherside" of 4th and 5th Dimension, I get the impression, that something will happen soon.

One of my girlfriends and I have the same dreams over and over, with different ships- different shapes- finally exposed all over the earth. To me- thought I understand the chaos it will bring- it will be the most mind blowing event to the world. But we need it!

If there is an Interstellar Government preventing anyone from interfering with the Reptillians little DNA experiment (ie humans) then how sick is that? Especially because, while yes there are some good reptilians, the majority are bloody evil- and we have nothing to defend ourselves. I mean were like PETA

Someone (like the nordics, zetas etc) are trying to stand up for us- but the grind of the intergalactic machine thinks its best for all of humanity to be slaughtered lambs.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:46 AM
Aliens revealing themselfs to the rest of mankind.I do not think so.They have never done it in the past on other planets and they are not going to change that now.The aliens have to stay secret and hidden from mankind.Thats how they keep there power.Thats how they take over planets and importantly they do not want to advertise to the rest of the universe they are here on planet earth in large numbers.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by xynephadyn

Do not worry.The good aliens are on the way to earth to clean up theses evil reptillian aliens.There should be a big enough force in our skies in three years and the war will begin.Whos side will you be on.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by xynephadyn

Someone (like the nordics, zetas etc) are trying to stand up for us- but the grind of the intergalactic machine thinks its best for all of humanity to be slaughtered lambs.

With the exception of a few Nordics do not work with Zetas, they are in essense opposite polarity. And, the Zetas ARE the reptilians, Greys, etc. They have no good/positive plans for Humans or Earth.

Its not the grind of an intergalactic machine at work here, its only interstellar. Most from other galaxies don't care about Earth, and wouldn't even know about your issues unless invited to help resolve them. And, I seriously doubt that the interstellar types will just sit by and watch you lambs be lead to slaughter.

The whole process of stopping the BS thats been going on here is complex, and can be difficult unless an all out war is acceptable. Course, if that were to happen, there might be no Earth left.

There are currently ongoing initiatives designed to disclose to the people of Earth the nature and extent of extraterrestrial involvment. But, this is something that can not happen all by itself, there must be Human involvement as well...ET will need YOUR help. You need to become informed and inform others.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 01:42 PM
Yes, your epiphany was correct IMO.

I have attempted to discusss this in some of my threads yet found that really people are not yet ready to reside in that reality.

It is one thing to contemplate the existence of aliens, but another to feel the full responsibility of what that truly means.

It is most likely the reason behind why Presidents come in proclaiming change, yet after their first briefing, they always settle in for the ride and just do their time and foucus on keeping their family both private and global alive.

posted on Sep, 23 2009 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by antar

Thank you for seeing my side of things. It is difficult for some to contemplate the full extent of literally having a universe like in Star Wars where there are thousands of different species dominating the universe. To so many, earth is not important- they come and take what they need and then leave. However to some species, like the Reptillians, we posess the organic materials that their species need to survive.

It is mind boggling to me that they have "waited" as long as they have. I think it has something to do with their 4th dimensional beings and that time does not exist to them. They can go back and forth in our 3rd dimensional time, and for them- global domination can happen in a matter of their seconds to our thousands of years.

Hopefully we will see some sort of disclosure. I doubt it, but I yearn for it. The day when I can say to my ignorant family- LOOK I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG. Sigh that would be a grand day!

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by AnthraAndromda

hi there. interesting stuff..
im not doubting you, first off. but you speak as though you know these things as fact. im just curious, are you an et? or are you a human who is just very sure of the things you have learned over time? (where do you source these things from?)

posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 03:36 PM

Originally posted by raul bloodworth
reply to post by AnthraAndromda

hi there. interesting stuff..
im not doubting you, first off. but you speak as though you know these things as fact. im just curious, are you an et? or are you a human who is just very sure of the things you have learned over time? (where do you source these things from?)

Yes, I'm an ET.

My source is D'Arna-Shat, lead negotiator for the Galactic Andromedans (Andromds).

And, most of this was learned over time.

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