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Why and how does the NWO control us? --Thought Provoking

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:58 PM
This is a question some if not yet many have asked. But if you steer clear of the paranormal and tabuu/touchy subject starters and topics, I think there are many things you can find. Shall we begin..

Some of this is meant to be for personal entertainment, if not thought provoking and none literal or fact based understanding of things yet not understood. With that said, I can applaud you for understanding what is said. Tip, breath out from your mouth.

Many people do things without warning or knowing why, and I mean right to the direct macanic that is idealizing in your mind before you even consciously make the decision. This is a fact that we use and utalize energy in our human bodies that can and does manifest itself. Unfortunatly not very many people, practically none(1-4%)that know this.(not counting spiritually giften space children) Yes im using the term space children as a direct term, again something not clearly understood, yet everything relates and connects. The world is like a snake of pure energy that twists and turns connecting everything to eachother like pipes carrying water. I understand and know that this can sound like riddles and not coherently understandable in many ways. But if you understand energy this should all make sense. People who are not aware they are made of energy and move with energy just do not understand the principle laws of science. Thats like saying you can't feel the sun hit your skin when your outside on a sunny day. The energy that move our concuisness and our thoughts works at a very different range or frequency of light or energy past the visible naked eye spectrum, if we were to compare it would be somewhere along the lines of gamma ra, although your chart is incomplete, and frankly laughable to many space scientist's.(ETs)

You might wonder where it all connects and how it all this goes together, but it does. How we would ever be able to connect to this higher energy is beyond me without any help from god and to him we are all allready perfect. He just shines extremely powerful energy all the time of love, joy, and happiness, all ecompasing, all evasive, non perishable energy. The list goes on. The more you let out your true inner sadness the more gods joy/love/and energy will enter into your life, and we all have a trigger key for this energy to come. Its something that makes you feel like your in a different world, at peace, do these things. They will guide you and tune your inner feelings for you to let out and take another step where god will be holding your feet so you never crash and everything you need comes your way so you can continue to live your life on purpose(literally) and not be effected by the NWO control and allow yourself to emotional heal. Heal and heal some more then gain energy that will effect you and what you can do, and who you will become, because it is only your choice, if you are not sure about what you feel you can become dizzy and energy will not enter into your body. The reason that is because gods energy is like a bunch of healing warm fingers like a protective authority almost docter/scientist feel, and these healing fingers wont enter unless you let go of everything and totally relax your feelings only to rely on energy can you reach or enter that state and receive the energy.

Its a fact there is a prominence in energy within this worlds science culture, if we begin to analyze the facts about energy you will start to see a pattern, you will find coherence, and cohesion. Whats my point, if you look at the pattern you will begin to find a stationary existance of like to like particles that will attract together. What this means is energy in a sense is alive. If you can follow me so far, the so called god particle is just a refrence to powerful energy, an extremely powerful energy field, that you can detect and feel if your sensative enough, almost like feeling the sun, which is a more literaly direct term in this sense.

With that said what are my main points?.

- Gods energy is very protective, everlasting, and relaxing
- Gods energy changes everything around you to more suite the environment and people.

Gods energy is one of the most easily missunderstood things, and it is easy to loose it and stop keep holding onto it for long. This is not beacuse it is weak, because its not, but the level of negitive energy on the planet exceeds by a great ammount the level of positive spiritual energy from god and other sources. That is why god is increasing the level of spiritual energy so the negative will lower at a desired level, past balanced, and more into a higher level of light. Because that is what we are destined for. So this can cycle can end because it has lasted for far too long. (way longer than most think)

Its kind of a shame that people dont understand what they are doing behind the brain. That is the way things were set up a long time ago to keep humans submissive in the spirtiual sense. Ive been asked to answer any questions, some may arise, or otherwise anyone with faith, and a good heart. Otherwise do not respond.

The NWO control us because they understand the simple principles of energy and its use, they take others energy and what is given to them by people with no understanding of such things peroid. They consider it ultimate knowledge but there are many others who understand the same things. There is life past death, ufos, god, chakras, we are energy and this is reality, we are making it without the knowledge of what we are doing, BUT gods energy is all envasive and all ecompassing which means this energy will trigger the response in your sub. brain when your near it and its changing environment. NWO energy is meant to be subliminal and touching your primal feelings only from being unaware. They just have no power with people who are aware because their control is based on stealing energy and inplanting thoughts and behavours that only react with and prey on lower minded primal thinking people. Although it has the same direct world changing perspcription because this concoction is made from only all the people in the world. God energy is more powerful but its really the people's choice here iregardless if they know or not what they are doing deep down. Becuase thats what it means to know who you are, to know yourself deep down and trust what you find and try to make sense of it without trying.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:17 PM
I believe the NWO only has power that we grant them, knowingly or unknowingly. They've been established for far longer than most probably think.
They've used societies tendencies to engrain a type of submissiveness where we the people aren't keen on understanding. They take advantage of us because so many of us do not question what is stated as "truth" or "official". In every facet of life there is some "leading figure" that gets his word taken as factual just because of his/her "place" in society. Physics, mathematics, religion, philosophy,'s all being controlled and manipulated.

My suggestion is to tune into simple existence. Take each day in with a breath of understanding and knowledge and a true desire to be enlightened and you will see past the veil. They've covered our eyes, ears, and hearts for too long. It is long overdue that we as a people walk through that veil and into real life. It's time to stop the mechanicalisation of humans and begin real learning and understanding.


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