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PID - Motivations for the Murder of Paul McCartney

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:08 PM

Originally posted by berenike
I had an idea about Paul's essay, but I'm not sure if it goes too far.

Is it possible that right from childhood Paul was some sort of 'plant' ?

That right from the beginning he was an Illuminati prodigy, nurtured to become a member of The Beatles?

Hi Berenike,

I guess we'll maybe never really know. The Illuminati customarily expose their own offspring to hazardous experimentation and shock treatments (both metaphorically and in later times literally). Offshoot organizations such as Tavistock and their American counterparts have extended this "courtesy" to children outside of their social cast, using them for a variety of purposes and programing their minds to achieve certain ends.

Was Paul a victim at a young age? This could be, but doesn't necessarily mean that the story of an essay written in honor of the Queen would be a likely one. He could have been mind controlled as a youngster, but not been in any way involved at that time with essay contests. Nonetheless, there are plausible advantages which would weigh in the favor of Tavistock choosing to manipulate puppets at earlier times than adulthood. It would reduce risks, enhance influence and deepen the control mechanisms utilized by handlers.

Once psychological duress and mental manipulation have been operated one's subconscious mind since childhood, handlers would have access to implanted trigger scenarios and constructs of suggestions which make it less necessary to make direct open demands. Such techniques reduce risks of exposure, because one only reminds the "patient" of what there were previously told to think, feel or do - making for a Stealth intervention which protects the identity and role of handlers and better conceals what operations are underway.

Knowing of the extreme hardship to which youngsters are subjected during such intense treatments, we can only hope that it was not the case for the young James Paul McCartney.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by switching yard
Getsmart asked me to say who the "others" are that know the inside story of the switch from Paul to Faul, but I really don't know without doing a lot more research. I do think that there would be mates in the rock music business like for example Mick and Keith who would at least know big pieces of the puzzle. Phil Spector may know something. So, I don't know really. A lot of insiders are now dead. I imagine that Ringo has convinced TPTB that he would not tell a soul what went on. If you read the Ringo interviews, you'll notice he keeps them very light and without much substance.

Hi Switching Yard,

Thanks for your reply which makes sense even if the lasting presence of these personalities in the public light make it less than likely that anything will ever transpire of what they know. Ringo is a good case in point, he was in the midst of it all and even seemed to me the more supportive of the original cast towards Faul. Was he more deeply connected to MI6 or just more sensitive and sympathetic to the ugly role into which Faul was cast? Regardless, he has presumably kept his nose clean thus far and will rightly continue.

Originally posted by switching yard
Sorry to see the other thread go down the tubes but it was predictable. At least one of the mods seems to fervently dislike the PID point of view. Since they started knocking out all my posts with "off topic" when in fact my posts were on topic, I'll not post on that thread anymore. Censorship is what it is. Too bad it's on ATS. The other thread was viciously attacked by the Dobermans and Pit Bulls assigned to break up such threads. Obviously, they are very skilled at bringing down threads. We are aware of their techniques, which are pretty obvious.

I admire you guys for having the courage to post in the thread in Above Top Secret Skunk Works which practically drove me off this message board when I saw the concerted disinfo gang attacks of establishment Counter intelligence Dobermans leading to biased ATS moderating.

I'm out of that thread having neither the time or energy to argue moot points or the patience to educate the few stragglers who make it that far through the barrage of insults, derision and generally obnoxious vulgarity from the PIA camp. This is why I specifically stated at the beginning of this thread for them to KEEP OUT or face the consequences. Since quite a few of them are on my IGNORE list, let me know if they show up here trying to disrupt our investigative efforts.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:28 PM
That is an interesting observation about Paul's dad. I certainly think the use of doubles is much more widespread than is generally known. I have to wonder why they would replace an elderly man, though, rather than let him die of "natural causes." I suppose too many strange deaths might seem suspicious, though...

Anyway, here is part 4 of the Freezone interview on PID:

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:50 PM

Originally posted by berenike
You've just made me wonder if the arrest of Roman Polanski is an exercise in seeing how far the public will support the idea that since a crime happened so long ago it somehow doesn't matter any more.

Berenike, while this isn't exactly the topic of this thread it does somehow tie into these events. Earlier discussion has illustrated that Roman Polanski was deeply involved in the occult aspects of Hollywood, some of his films stand on their own to support this. Repenting black magic coven leader John Todd testified that Sharon Tate was head of a coven and had announced her intention to defect. Charles Manson was purportedly a hired assassin sent on a punitive mission giving a signal to all who might follow suit.

Understanding the close ties between satanist child abduction and certain sections of the U.S. secret service agencies, connections can be construed between Polanski's personal transgressions and ritual practices of occult groups. These are of public notoriety overseas where elite figureheads such as members of royal families, such as the King of Belgium, were implicated in child rape and murder rings. Has Polanski continued his affiliation with dubious ritual abuse groups such as these, is he an accomplice of intelligence agency human trafficking activities?

The reason I ask this question is because numerous foreign intelligence sources state that there is currently a serious conflict between factions in the U.S. Intelligence community. This would mean that symbolic targets may be used to send signals to a given group, keeping things at the subdued threat level to exemplify what might happen to others involved if they don't cooperate or change sides. This is only a stab in the dark (no allusion to Sharon Tate) and cannot at present be confirmed with other evidence. But when the European Commission President Barroso has been accused of personally selecting children for depraved purposes, we can wonder why this unusual timing now, several decades after the fact.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by switching yard
What I am beginning to conclude in my mind is that the original Beatles voluntarily cooperated with Tavistock and British Intelligence (perhaps money was a driving factor) and cooperated with the use of doubles perhaps a year before the switch. Maybe they were told that doubles or stand-ins would be necessary for security reasons...

...So, if Faul was an "understudy", there is the chilling possibility that Paul actually helped train him.

Switching Yard,

It is highly unlikely that they would have prepared a "double" just for Paul, especially as the excuse given would have been that doubles were to serve the purpose of replacing a group member in case of absence during a concert or tour. So they would have had to each have their own double. This makes one wonder how good the others' doubles were? They certainly weren't as much of a mismatch as Faul, or if they were, they weren't used.

This is, unless they were instead told they needed to have doubles who would undertake delicate intelligence missions, from time to time, under the cover of their identities. This is less likely given that they would undergo significant risks in so doing, without knowing what the "others" were up to. Plus...

The Mission of The Beatles was one of the Most Important Missions of All.

So The Beatles didn't need to be traditional spies, undertaking intelligence gathering, setting people up, transmitting messages, triggering events or eliminating opponents. They were of a far greater incidence as a musical group than any cluster of spies could ever be. Their task was probably to program the unconscious minds of world populations, and predispose them to further influence by the media and subversive cultural engineering.

Unfortunately, I think you are quite right that they may have each assisted in training their own doubles. At the very least, the surviving three helped train Faul to pass for Paul. What is incredible is their nerve giving countless clues which cast Faul in the most unfavorable light with hindsight, unless back in those days he was willing to cooperate and denounce the sad state of affairs which led to deceiving the world.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 01:16 AM
Talking about other possible doubles...



posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 01:20 AM

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 01:35 AM

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 10:35 AM
Thanks for the cool photo comps!

Just another quick point to make about the concept that the original Beatles may have helped train doubles for each of them. Think of how this works psychologically from the point of view of the top psychologists at Tavistock, assuming the Tavistock psychologists were the primary tool used by Illuminati to scheme, implement, and enforce the PID program, keeping in mind the military background of the Tavistock team.

The set up couldn't be more perfect for achieving the desired results... bear with me as I lay this out...

First, they recruited the original Beatles into British Intelligence by stroking their egos, like 'your country needs you for a very important secret mission because of your tremendous appeal among young people everywhere--- (here is where they describe a bogus social engineering experiment to raise the consciousness of the world's youth toward a utopia of peace and love using pop music --- the word or concept "utopia" is a key concept of the Illuminati --- for more on this, check into these...

Now then, the original Beatles have been courted by British Intelligence and sold the story that for the good of mankind, they will be pioneering a new form of pop music that with the power of subliminal messages can usher in a world utopia of peace and love. The Beatles already admire Bob Dylan for the power of his 'message songs' and they buy in to this 'love campaign' while vowing to keep the operation secret. Epstein goes along big time because now he is this high level VIP (Tavistock knows how to manipulate Brian's ego).

They receive their MBEs as a result of agreeing to the mission to be directed by Tavistock down through the already in place MI-5 agent George Martin. The government as well as The Beatles do not reveal to the public this real reason they receive MBEs. It's glossed over.

They are then told that secret doubles must be developed for each member of the band for reasons of security, to use as stand-ins for a variety of possible circumstances, and they even tell them that a double may be necessary in the unlikely event of a fatal accident. The Beatles are enamored with the 'secret agent' aspect of all this and agree to assist in selecting and developing, behind-the-scenes, the doubles. So now you have the real ones existing and cooperating side by side with the replacements, who are known as 'understudies' (as is common practice in 'the theatre' as Jane Asher well knows).

Now here is where it is the perfect set up... Paul is killed at a party almost identical to what is portrayed by Kubrick in EYES WIDE SHUT. However, the black ops team present a staged accident scenario to Epstein and the others. Black Ops tell the inner circle that not only has Paul been killed in an accident, but Paul's understudy will join the group immediately. This puts a very powerful, psychological fear into them because they know understudies are trained and ready to step into their identities just as easily. Whether they believe the accident cover story or not, they now know that they are heavily involved in a deadly game.

You see, Tavistock had them between a rock and a hard place. They had to go along even if they suspected it was murder and not an accident. Imagine knowing that if you get out of line there is a double, which you helped train, who could instantly take your place after being murdered. The psychological pressure of this is tremendously powerful. Further underscored by the additional hit on Epstein.

The next phase after Faul officially joins the group is the whole project of Sgt Pepper. Produced, basically in a lab, and surrounded by secrecy, the Sgt Pepper session tracks (which would include Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane) would be the first attempt to use pop songs in the umbrella utopia mission. I think that the strongest and most pure military grade psychedelic drugs including '___', coc aine, hashish and who knows what else were administered to the group to help with their grief and to also facilitate creating the utopia message songs.

How we come to the planting of clues is something I'm still pondering, but it is clear that the clues were part of the project, the utopia mission, and could also be a parallel social engineering experiment. Allowing funeral and PID clues may have also been sold as a form of grief therapy. In reality however, putting the death clues into the albums is classic Illuminati. Kind of like letting the world know they got away with murder.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 12:21 PM
Primary motivation for the murder of Paul... in a Satanic sacrificial ceremony, Paul was sacrificed as a gift to Lucifer and/or Satan with the belief that such a celebrity sacrifice would bring mystical or paranormal power to the Illuminati.

Secondary motivation... with Paul dead and doubles trained, the remaining Beatles are locked in and used, manipulated, in a massive mind control program to further the goals of the Illuminati.

Secret societies have been rumored to contain not only ancient occult practices which include evil deeds but they are also strongly rumored to be secret dens of sexual predation and debauchery (check into Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove and so forth).

I cannot more urgently recommend viewing EYES WIDE SHUT keeping PID in mind while viewing. I believe Stanley Kubrick had inside information about Illuminati occult practices, including predatory sex, group orgies, sacrifice ritual, and the mafia-like deadly enforcement of secrecy inherent in these secret cult societies. I believe Kubrick was the victim of a professional hit to shut him up after the release of EYES WIDE SHUT, which by the way was not a director's cut of the movie. Perhaps we'll never know what Kubrick's cut of the film would have been. He was snuffed before he had a chance to put it out like he wanted.

Watch EYES WIDE SHUT and imagine Paul as the Tom Cruise character. Instead of being a successful doctor in New York (as in the movie) the real deal would have been Paul, the successful pop star being sucked into one of the occult orgies and being summarily sacrificed. Who knows, maybe some relic of the event is kept inside the Skull & Bones bunker, crypt, tomb, whatever you want to call their secret meeting place at Yale or somewhere in an equivalent coven location in England. There may be evidence in the form of a relic hidden somewhere in one of the occult shrines.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 12:24 PM
Personally, I think the Beatles may have been approached b/c of their experience in Germany. I once interviewed for a job to keep tabs on foreign media (German being one of them). Maybe the Beatles were doing something like that - acting as the eyes & ears of MI6 while in Hamburg.

I still think the primary motivation for Paul's murder was that he wasn't controllable/wasn't a team player. That's not to say there wasn't some occult element to it. I definitely agree that his murder served as a warning to the others to not step out of line.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 04:04 PM
Part 5 - Freezone radio about PID 9/26/09

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 05:58 PM
Earlier I said Sgt Pepper was the first use of the social engineering program, but upon reflection, I think the program went back to at least Rubber Soul and perhaps earlier.

So I think the original Beatles were putting out 'love campaign' songs under the guidance of MI-5 prior to Paul's death and the first album in the program to be made after his death was Sgt Pepper.

I agree that Paul was not cooperating with the program. I think that's when they decided he would be the designated murder victim to set an example. But I think the actual murder was part of SRA followed by immediate replacement.

Rubber Soul has some interesting clues on it and in some songs has a sort of dark side.

A side note: they look heavily drugged in the photo with the devil and 666 hand signs along with the cardboard cutout of the Yellow Submarine. I think that photo was taken during some kind of '___' mind control trip, is what it looks like.

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 06:12 PM
Not sure how this fits in yet, but it seems significant, somehow...

... Much of [Khalil] Gibran's writings deal with Christianity, especially on the topic of spiritual love. His poetry is notable for its use of formal language, as well as insights on topics of life using spiritual terms. Gibran's best-known work is The Prophet, a book composed of twenty-six poetic essays. The book became especially popular during the 1960s with the American counterculture and New Age movements. Since it was first published in 1923, The Prophet has never been out of print. Having been translated into more than twenty languages, it was one of the bestselling books of the twentieth century in the United States.

One of his most notable lines of poetry in the English-speaking world is from "Sand and Foam" (1926), which reads : “Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you”. This line was used by John Lennon and placed, though in a slightly altered form, into the song Julia from The Beatles' 1968 album The Beatles (a.k.a. "The White Album")...

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 08:47 PM
That's a pretty cool connection there, faulcon, the Khalil Gibran's The Prophet and John's Julia.

I remember that book was very popular in the sixties. Everyone would get stoned and read it.

The following is an interesting video of a rehearsal for Hey Jude.

've always wondered about the lyrics of this song. Legend is that it was "Paul" being concerned for the welfare of Julian, so like it supposedly was "Hey Jules" and so forth. But that always sounded like a story that may or may not be true. This link has a list of what the word "Jude" could refer to...

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 01:04 AM
I agree that the "Hey Jude" story seems a little fishy. Some people have noticed that "Jude" means "Jew" in German, so maybe it's a reference to Brian Epstein? Could also be a reference to drugs. This kind of sounds like a shot of heroin:

"The minute you let her under your skin,
Then you begin to make it better."

The na na na at the end sounds like a mantra.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:55 AM

Originally posted by faulconandsnowjob
Talking about other possible doubles...

Since your post is OFF TOPIC, I will say that your ridiculous assertions that ALL the Beatles were replaced just demonstrates how gullible people will believe the most abject nonsense imaginable!

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:18 AM
After the LIFE cover story back in 1970 or whenever it was, I stopped thinking about the theories circulating in 1969 about the death and replacement of Paul. My parents subscribed to LIFE and being a fervent Beatles fan, I read the LIFE article with keen interest. I have to admit that after reading it, I thought the matter settled. I thought, well there it is, Paul is not dead, he's living on a farm in Scotland. So, all these years, I haven't given it a thought.

Then this year, I saw the thread on ATS and my initial reaction was something like 'Oh, not this again. How ridiculous!'

But, just out of curiosity I delved into the thread. To my surprise, the side of the argument that made the most reasonable, rational sense and had pictorial as well as other evidence was the PID side. The ferocious attack by posters like Dakudo and pmexplorer and several others of their ilk also surprised me because I thought 'why do these people care enough to even post? If they think it's so prepsterous, why do they even bother?'

One of the main reasons I began to come over to the PID side was that the systematic attack by the PIA posters seemed like a coordinated disinfo campaign designed to bring down the thread and my conclusion was and is that the disinfo campaign is perhaps the strongest proof that PID is real.

Now, Dakudo has started the attack on this thread, further convincing me that PID is correct and an assortment of intel agencies do not want people to know the truth.

It is so obvious, what they're trying to do, that one starts to question the integrity of ATS for letting it happen. Getsmart suspects ATS may be connected with CIA or NSA or one of the alphabet agencies. I would say that suspicion is well founded considering the tolerance ATS has for disinfo agents and their coordinated attacks design to shut down threads.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:19 AM
Discussion with somebody that uses nonsense-arguments.

Once a person uses a nonsense-argument, they are unlikely to be ever convinced that their position is wrong. In principle, you may try to point to the nonsenseness of their argument, and hope that they will do the right thing as in the previous section. In practice, however, it is more likely that they will either pick another nonsense-argument or change the subject, and the only effect you will have is irritating them. As mentioned above, most of people already worked out the latter point, and avoid pointing other people's nonsense-arguments.

How to show that somebody that uses nonsense-arguments is holding a wrong position.

As discussed above, it is not actually possible to show that somebody that uses nonsense-arguments is holding a wrong position, because they can always come with new nonsense-arguments. What is possible (in a discussion that is for the sake of other people) is to show that they use nonsense-arguments. Thus when arguing with somebody that uses nonsense-arguments, it is important not only to show that their current argument is wrong, but also to show that it is nonsense.

That is a problem because people regard it as impolite, and most of them don't understand the distinction between saying that somebody's position is wrong and between saying that their arguments are nonsense. As a result, most of people cannot be convinced that somebody that talks nonsense is holding a wrong position, unless they already figured it out themselves.

This, with the blatant nonsense effect, explains how so many nonsensical theories have such a strong following.

[edit on 7-10-2009 by Dakudo]

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 08:27 AM

Originally posted by switching yard

One of the main reasons I began to come over to the PID side was that the systematic attack by the PIA posters seemed like a coordinated disinfo campaign designed to bring down the thread and my conclusion was and is that the disinfo campaign is perhaps the strongest proof that PID is real.

So - "the strongest proof that PID is real" is that Beatles fans post messages disagreeing that Paul is dead?

Oh, boy! LOL!

Please see 'Nonsense Arguments', above.

the disinfo campaign is perhaps the strongest proof that PID is real.

You obviously have difficulty in knowing what "disinfo" is.

Here, I'll help you.

This is "disinfo" - from the guys YOU think are telling the truth:

REAL photo:







You align yourself with obvious fraudsters and accuse PIAERS of spreading "disinfo".

What a joke!

[edit on 7-10-2009 by Dakudo]

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