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PID - Motivations for the Murder of Paul McCartney

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 04:39 PM
Sorry if this has already been posted, but I just thought it was pretty funny.

At 2:48, SIR is asked “what is the most unusual legend or rumor you’ve heard about yourself?" He totally flips the interviewer off, claiming he "can't think." :p He really thinks the sheeple aren't going to pick up on things like that. Baaaa ha ha!

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 09:49 PM
Yes, I've seen that before, but you're right, it's humorous how conveniently he "forgets" PID! That's O.K., we'll keep reminding!

Meanwhile, the plot thickens...

more from Cyn Lennon's first book A TWIST OF LENNON...

Cynthia very oddly makes a point of recalling when she and John met Roman Polanski (in 1964 or possibly 1965 --- no date or year is given in her book but the context is 64-65).

page 144

"Her (Alma Cogan) off-stage personality was a very far cry from the impression that she portrayed on stage, a very lovely lady who was extremely fond of the Beatles. It was at one of her parties that I met the late Stanley Baker and his lovely wife Sybil Burton, ex-wife of Richard Burton, and there was Roman Polanski, Dickie Henderson --- you name them, Alma entertained them with great style and with great humour."

[bold added by me for emphasis]

Roman Polanski --- ROSEMARY'S BABY filmed in The Dakota, wife Sharon Tate murdered in Manson killings, scrawled in blood during Manson killings --- Helter Skelter (already had been released by the Beatles) also in blood: some lyrics not yet recorded by the Beatles: "1-2-3-4-5-6-7 all good children go to heaven."

Alma Cogan

Stanley Baker (close friend and drinking companion of Richard Burton)

"Baker was a dedicated socialist off-screen, and a friend of the Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson. He was a staunch opponent of Welsh nationalism and recorded television broadcasts in support of the Welsh Labour Party.

In 1976 he was awarded a knighthood in Wilson's controversial resignation list of honours, known as The Lavender List, although he did not live to be invested in person at Buckingham Palace."

Dickie Henderson

"He was a leading Water Rat and was awarded the OBE, in recognition of his charitable work."


Just for grins, here's what kind of guy Richard Burton became...

from wiki...

Burton was married five times, first to Sybil Williams from 1949 to 1963, with whom he had two children, actress Kate Burton and Jessica Burton. He was married twice, consecutively, to Elizabeth Taylor (15 March 1964 – 26 June 1974 and 10 October 1975 – 29 July 1976). The first marriage took place in Montreal. Their second marriage occurred sixteen months after their divorce, in the Chobe National Park, Botswana. In 1964, the couple adopted a 3-year-old German girl they named Maria. The relationship between them portrayed in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was popularly likened to Burton and Taylor's real-life marriage.[14]

In 1968 Burton was involved in an incident that left his older brother Ifor disabled for the rest of his life. His younger brother Graham Jenkins opined it may have been guilt over this that caused Burton to start drinking very heavily, particularly after Ifor died in 1973[15].

In a February 1975 interview with his friend David Lewin he admitted having "tried" homosexuality. He also suggested that perhaps all actors were latent homosexuals, and "we cover it up with drink"[16]. In 2000, Ellis Amburn's biography of Elizabeth Taylor suggested that Burton had an affair with Laurence Olivier and tried to seduce Eddie Fisher, although this was strongly denied by Burton's younger brother Graham Jenkins[17].

Burton's gravestone at the Vieux Cemetery in Céligny. He is buried a few paces away from Alistair MacLean's grave.
Burton was notorious for his unrestrained pursuit of women while filming. Joan Collins wrote that when she rejected his on-set advances, he embarked on a series of liaisons with other women including an elderly black maid who, according to Collins, was "almost toothless". Collins playfully told Burton that she believed he would sleep with a snake if he had the chance, to which Burton is alleged to have replied "only if it was wearing a skirt, darling".

He was an insomniac and a notoriously heavy drinker. However, on-going back pain and a dependence upon pain medications have been suggested as the true cause of his misery. He was also a heavy smoker from the time he was just eight years old, by his own admission in a 1977 interview sustaining 3–5 packs a day.

His father, also a heavy drinker, refused to acknowledge his son's talents, achievements and acclaim.[5] In turn, Richard declined to attend his funeral, in 1957.[8] Like Richard, his father died from a cerebral haemorrhage, but at 81.

Burton was banned permanently from BBC productions in 1974 for writing two newspaper articles questioning the sanity of Winston Churchill and others in power during World War II – Burton reported hating them "virulently" for the alleged promise to wipe out all Japanese people on the planet.[citation needed] Politically Burton was a lifelong socialist, although he was never as heavily involved in politics as Stanley Baker. He greatly admired Democratic Senator Robert F. Kennedy and once got into a sonnet-quoting contest with him. Ironically, Burton got along well with Churchill when he met him at a play in London, and kept a bust of him on his mantelpiece. While filming in Yugoslavia he publicly proclaimed that he was a communist, saying he felt no contradiction between earning vast sums of money for films and holding very left-wing views since "unlike capitalists, I don't exploit other people."[18] Burton courted further controversy in 1976 when he wrote a controversial article about his late friend and fellow Welsh thespian Sir Stanley Baker, who had recently died from pneumonia at the age of 48.[citation needed] Burton's fourth marriage was to Suzy Hunt, former wife of Formula 1 Champion James Hunt (maiden name Suzy Millar, whose father was a judge in Kenya), and his fifth was to Sally Hay, a make-up artist who later became a successful novelist."

[edit on 9-6-2010 by switching yard]

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 07:28 PM
Sorry about the rambling wiki segment about Richard Burton. Sorry to digress. It was just too fascinating not to share.

more from A TWIST OF LENNON...

page 145

"The years 1966-67 were tremendous years of mental and physical change for the Beatles."

"In June 1965 the Beatles were awarded the MBE. It was a very proud moment for me, my only disappointment was the fact that the family was not to be included in the invitation to the Palace." "They said that it was going to be complicated enough without having to be concerned about the welfare of an entourage."

page 146

re 1966 American tour.. "To add to the misery of the impending tour a prominent American and highly successful clairvoyant predicted that the plane carrying the Beatles to America would crash with no survivors. This unwelcome piece of information really gave us all the heeby-jeebies. Our farewells before John embarked on that journey were long and lingering. We were convinced that we wouldn't see each other again. John was sure that if the plane didn't crash, some incensed religious fanatic would pull a gun on him and kill him. It was a very worrying time for all concerned."


Was she trying to say something, like she wanted us to read between the lines?

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 01:46 AM
PI-Agent, Seaofgreen, is making threats against people's careers:

"Just think what this is doing to your career, faulcon; think on that."

If anyone thinks there is "nothing" to PID, then the fact that PID Truthers are being threatened like this should be proof enough that there is something to it.

PI-Agents like seaofgreen are getting desperate. They have to resort to threats to silence people exposing what happened to Paul.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 02:08 AM
I guess you better watch your back man

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 02:22 AM

Originally posted by DCDAVECLARKE
I guess you better watch your back man

Hey, if they think they're going to scare me into silence, they've got another thing coming.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 02:31 PM
This is an interesting article.

Macca possessed by George
He claims Harrison wrote song through him

26 Jul 05 - Paul McCartney has made the sensational claim that George Harrison wrote one of the songs on his new album, over three years after his death.

He says he was possessed by his old friend while writing the track Waiting For Your Friends To Go.

He told 6 Music:

"The funny thing about it was I felt as if I was almost George Harrison during the writing of that song.

"I just got this feeling, this is George. So it was like I was writing - I was like George - writing one of his songs.

"So I just wrote it, it just wrote itself very easily 'cause it wasn't even me writing it."...

Lucy O'Doherty

This is my opinion on what is really going on here.

We all know Faul can't write for sh*t, so it seems to me he just ripped off one of George's songs. Maybe it was an old song that they re-worked, or an unreleased one ("Gopala Krishna" is an example of an unreleased George song). One of my musician friends said "Another Day" was pretty much just "Yesterday" recycled w/ some changes. Isn't that funny? It's just another (yester)day. lol

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 08:13 PM
I agree that when the disinfo agents make any threats, they are actually proving to PID researchers that we are on to something real and the world would be a little upset to find out that the public worldwide have been criminally defrauded for 43 years. It would be the biggest scandal of modern times if the truth is ever proven publicly. I think it would take not only a whistleblower with first hand knowledge to go public, but in addition, there would need to be incontrovertible physical evidence (wouldn't be too hard to get that if forensic examinations would be court ordered). Sir is protected by the royals and British Intelligence, so I'm afraid that investigators sometime in future generations will have to dig up the evidence, if you get my meaning.

More convoluted, irrational, uninformed nonsense from LENNON REMEMBERS (a sham of a book that reads like some actor or impersonator was interviewed, not the John Lennon)...

page 26

WENNER: When did your songwriting partnership with Paul end?

LENNON: That ended, I don't know, around 1962 or something. If you give me the albums, I can tell you exactly who wrote what, and which line. We sometimes wrote together and sometimes didn't. But all our best work, apart from the early days, like "I Want To Hold Your Hand," we wrote together, and things like that, we wrote apart always. Even "One After 909" on the whatsit LP, it's one I wrote when I was seventeen or eighteen in Liverpool separate from Paul. "The Sun Is Fading Away" and things like that Paul wrote. We always wrote separately. But we wrote together because we enjoyed it a lot sometimes and also because they'd say, "You're going to make an album." We'd get together and knock off a few songs. Just like a job."


There's so much wrong with that statement I don't know where to start. There's no such song entitled "The Sun Is Fading Away." This guy didn't even do any homework. He keeps saying "hand me the albums and I'll tell you."

What a crock! *sigh*

O.K., so the answer to the question is 1962? LOL!!!!!

[edit on 12-6-2010 by switching yard]

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by switching yard
I think it would take not only a whistleblower with first hand knowledge to go public, but in addition, there would need to be incontrovertible physical evidence (wouldn't be too hard to get that if forensic examinations would be court ordered).

That reminds me.

According to Brian Moriarty, "Paul agreed to give the Life correspondents a worldwide exclusive interview. In return, Robert Graham agreed to give Paul the film in his camera."
[Moriarty,; see also “Paul is Dead: Rotten Apple 34d,” posted by “Iamaphoney,” February 27, 2007]

Who the h*ll is iamaphoney?

LENNON: That ended, I don't know, around 1962 or something. If you give me the albums, I can tell you exactly who wrote what, and which line. We sometimes wrote together and sometimes didn't. But all our best work, apart from the early days, like "I Want To Hold Your Hand," we wrote together, and things like that, we wrote apart always. Even "One After 909" on the whatsit LP, it's one I wrote when I was seventeen or eighteen in Liverpool separate from Paul. "The Sun Is Fading Away" and things like that Paul wrote. We always wrote separately. But we wrote together because we enjoyed it a lot sometimes and also because they'd say, "You're going to make an album." We'd get together and knock off a few songs. Just like a job."

- The song-writng partnership ended in 1962.
- We sometimes wrote together, sometimes didn't.
- But all our best work, apart from the early days, like "I Want To Hold Your Hand," we wrote together, and things like that, we wrote apart always.
- We always wrote separately. But we wrote together because we enjoyed it a lot sometimes

"The Sun Is Fading Away" = "I'll Be on My Way"

posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 02:32 AM
Wonder what this is about?

...Paul, 65, is unwilling to relinquish the house - situated on Heather Road - because of its "mysterious" ties to fellow Beatle George Harrison's death in November 2001.

The source added to a British newspaper: "Paul has never been a fan of California - he prefers the quiet life. But Heather Road became very important to him around the time of George's death.

There is still a mystery, known only to Paul, George's family and a few others about his final hours. His death certificate had a false address. It has been said he passed away in Heather Road in the presence of his wife Olivia and Hare Krishna mentors. Paul invited George to stay at the house just days before he died." ...

Paul McCartney's mansion battle

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 02:43 PM
Someone posted this on Doppels:

I just noticed that "Lady Madonna" does sound a lot like "One after 909," which sounds like the old "Rock Island Line." The catchy bassline of LM is taken from a 1950s swing hit, "Bad Penny Blues."

So, maybe Faul is re-hashing old songs when writing "new" ones. Maybe like "Another (Yester)Day?"

[edit on 13-6-2010 by someotherguy]

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

Yeah, I recall there was that statement that seemed like some kind of paranormal factor in the place where Harrison is supposed to have died. Something about L.A. is paranormal in relation to the Beatles. Blue Jay Way, etc. Something is creepy about this.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by someotherguy

That's cool. You know, that song that contains the line "the sun is fading away" sounds just like a Buddy Holly song. It shows how much original John & Paul adored the music of Buddy Holly.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 01:31 PM

pages 25-26

LENNON: But Paul made an attempt to carry on as if Brian hadn't died. By saying, "Now, now boys, we're going to make a record." And being the kind of person I am, I thought, "Well, you know, we're going to make a record, alright." So I went along, we went and made a record. And I suppose we made Pepper, I'm not sure.

WENNER: That was before.

LENNON: That was before Brian. Oh, I see. Well, we made the double album then. But it was like that, you know. Was Magical Mystery Tour after Brian?


page 27

WENNER: Whose idea was it to go to India?

LENNON: I don't know... I have no idea.


WENNER: When did you realize he [Maharishi] was making a fool of you?

LENNON: I don't know.


page 28

WENNER: But when did you decide you had to come to New York and denounce the Maharishi?

LENNON: I don't remember that. Well, what did I say? I don't know. I don't know what I said. I'm just a guy who people ask "what about" things. I blab off and some of it makes sense, some of it's bull****. And some of it's lies and some of it's God knows what I'm saying. I don't know what I said about Maharishi.


Lies? Yep, I would have to agree with that.

[edit on 14-6-2010 by switching yard]

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 07:44 PM
posted by Jo_6 at Icke:

Excerpt from Harper Collins author interview with Jane Asher 1998. She wrote a book called the Question with some interesting themes...

"Tell us a little bit more about The Question and the inspiration for the book.

Absolutely. The inspiration was in the newspaper cutting which actually appears in the book, and I can‘t say much more or it‘ll wreck the story! But once I‘d got the original inspiration I began to play around with ideas. I knew I wanted to bring in another thread too, something that has interested me for a long time - how somebody can have a secret ′other′ life for years and years and years and their partner actually know nothing about it. I used to think that it‘s just not possible; if you lived closely with somebody you‘d have to know, but it does happen surprisingly often and since writing the book a whole number of people have come to me with stories.

So I just found that very interesting, and I wanted to explore not only the obvious feelings of jealously and so on that you′d suffer, but the fact that a discovery like that would kind of pull the rug from under what could be 20 odd years of your life. The man or woman you thought you knew wasn‘t really that person at all. So I had these two strands which I began to work together to form The Question."

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:39 AM
Wow! I didn't know that Jane Asher wrote and said that. After all the months I've been looking into this topic, it still blows me away (no pun intended).

It's like 9/11. We know the official story is bogus, but it's hard to piece together the real crime. I feel the same about the truly bizarre case of the Beatles. I love their music, but I have such a powerful fascination and dread about what happened. It's really hard to piece it all together, especially since there seem to be big missing pieces.

I know the Italian forensic study is correct. They wouldn't fabricate such a study and the facts they found prove what we see in the photos --- it just isn't the same person.

Then, I found all kinds of weirdness with the sort of reverse of this in that there was no Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon did it and hid the real story in cryptic messages. The relevance there is the whole "clues" thing in Beatles' history.

Extended research turned up serious problems with "John Lennon" being real or fake. The book LENNON REMEMBERS is blatantly either an interview with a phony or if it's the real John Lennon (which I doubt), he'd had something akin to a frontal lobotomy.

This whole subject of replaced Beatles creeps me out, but I can't stop researching it. There is just too much there still yet to uncover. There is a tight lid on this, but in a way, the "clues" are all over the place.

Thanks for hanging in there with me someotherguy and Getsmart (would love to hear more from Getsmart) and other interested parties open minded about this topic.

The sheer weirdness of it keeps me tuned in and looking for whatever I can find on the subject. The truth is hidden in plain sight --- as someone once said.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:45 AM
Oh, I am deeply invested in uncovering this tragical history. Thank YOU for hanging in there with ME, Switching Yard :-)

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 08:42 PM
A little more from LENNON REMEMBERS and then I'll stop with that book...

page 36

WENNER: How do you feel about Apple? You talk about Mal and Derek.

LENNON: I didn't mention Mal. I said Neil, Peter Brown, and Derek. They live in a dream of Beatle past and everything they do is oriented to that. They also have a warped view of what was happening.


page 40

WENNER: What was Cynthia like then? (when John met Yoko)

LENNON: I don't remember.


page 47

WENNER: At what moment did you realize you were bigger than Elvis?

LENNON: I don't know.


page 56

WENNER: Were you aware of the impact of (the film) A Hard Day's Night?

LENNON: I don't remember.


page 72

WENNER: That rumor about Paul being dead...

LENNON: I don't know where that started. That was barmy. I don't know, you know as much about it as me.

WENNER: Were any of those things on the album they said was on the album?

LENNON: Name a few.

WENNER: A whole list of clues or...

LENNON: No, that was bull****, the whole thing was made up. We never went for anything like that. We put tit-tit-tit in Girl. It would be things like a beat missing or something like that, see if anybody noticed. I know we used to have a few things, but nothing that could be interpreted like that.

WENNER: Why do you think something like that whole death thing would happen?

LENNON: Just people have got nothing better to do than study Bibles and make nits about it and study rocks and make stories about how people used to live and all that. It's just something to do for them. They live vicariously.

(no follow up question)


As far as I know, there are no Beatles songs that have a "missing beat" in them. A missing Beatle? Now you're talkin'.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 02:51 AM
It's Paul's birthday. I miss him!

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 02:48 PM
Posted by Getsmart at

PIA says: The Army doesn't shoot Deserters

Originally Posted by brokenshadow
The CIA would have had little interest in Paul McCartney. Look how long they tolerated John Lennon in anti-establishment mode before he was killed by a clearly crazy person working entirely on his own. I lean towards the accident rather than assassination because although the biggest band in the world, they were just a band and hardly a threat to the system. In fact, it seems to me it was in the bad guy's interest to keep them going which appears to be what happened.

That's why the army shoots deserters. Although a deserting soldier is only one person, and as such they cannot possibly be an actual threat to outcome of a large scale war, THEY ARE EXECUTED. WHY? Power demands obedience, and to ensure this it feeds on the most frightening sanctions in cases of disobedience.

James Paul McCartney was not a citizen, as people living in democratic Republics conceive of this notion. He was not a free individual, but a chatel, owned by the Crown. He was a Subject of Her Majesty the Queen. This means he was subject to her will. I presume that at one point, maybe when he realized that the Royal Bloodliners were actually a sinister band of satanic shapeshifting lizards, Paul James McCartney protested, as can be seen on the cover of the Butcher's Album. The Queen was not amused.

Agents are used by those in power to extend an Agenda. They are an extension of the will of the party for whom they are an agent. They are a power multiplier. Their tasks are subservient to the will of another. They are like so many soldiers sent to battle for an objective. For this reason, agents have been used since the beginning of human history, to lengthen the reach of rulers all the way to the remote regions of their realm.

Today this realm has been extended to an area before that of Family, Tradition and Religion: the realm of the human heart, mind and soul. Rulers have displaced the battle for control to these highly strategic areas, where they fabricate and reorganize social reality and orchestrate perceptions.
Today's war is a war for our souls.

After centuries of rule by the same dominant families, Royal nobility in older nations or odline Illuminati in stealth deployment in younger nations, it should come as no surprise that they would conduct themselves the way they have for eons. They rule by fear and reward, taking over their agents individual will and substitution their own. Only they may prevail, the few are tolerated in their coat tails, the rest are trampled mercilessly.

In executing an agent who will not pursue an agenda, you to assess an important element of risk? Of course ONE single band, whoever talented or famous, is not enough to form the collective unconscious or the minds of millions. However, a WALL OF MUSIC AND LYRICS blasted non stop by radio stations worldwide and more recently by music channels on TV will be quite sufficient to affect the psyche and infect the mind.

Those in power are in the business of harnessing obedience. And to do so they rule by example. The example of rewards and that of punishment. During war, if one soldier leaves the battlefield, it is called desertion. The same rule applies worldwide: he must die. Why? It has nothing to do with winning the war. It has everything to do with keeping your troops under control, unquestioningly obeying your every command.

The Beatles were part of this ARMADA of rock bands being designed in collaboration between Tavistock and the CIA's MK-Ultra program. This deployment force of satanically controlled Rock Musicians we either recruited as bands or bands were even FORMED and built up by operative branches of MI5/6 and the CIA's MK-Ultra who organized and promoted them, while controlling their image, lyrics, production and media impact through agency handlers posing as band managers.

Leading up to Paul's death, The Beatles opposed those in power, refused to go to battle. The Beatles were anti-war, especially against the war to destroy our souls and enslave our minds. I make the following assessment: Paul was assassinated AND REPLACED mostly to send a chilling message to all the other bands out there who wouldn't tow the line. OBEY OR PERISH. Keeping FAUL in their face all these years, with total impunity for his notorious imposture, is enough to make anyone think: If they can do it to The Beatles, they can do it to anyone.

We can even wonder, in the face of this likelihood and the sinister governing logic of those in power, whether other assassinations were perpetrated - NOT to eliminate the culprit, but to instill FEAR in those surviving. Was President John F. Kennedy coldly executed WITH COMPLICITIES in the Secret Service, because he was a threat, or because he refused to cow down to the Secret Government, the Illuminati ?

"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." — President Woodrow Wilson

One century later, we can add the following to this statement "in the music and entertainment industry". All that has changed is that they have extended the control grid to counter growing human freedom. The more empowered we become, the further they step up the battle against humanity. This is done by weaving a fabric of lies, selling false promises and deception, opposing those speaking the truth, to keep the cattle complacent.

While PIAers such as Seaofgreen heckle and mock that the truth isn't know to the masses, pay heed. All it takes is ONE person to wake up, and that it be THE right person. Someone who one day is in the right time and place to topple the castle of cards, of the Wizards of Oz trying to rule the world from behind the scenes. The wide visibility of this very Paul Is Dead thread, reaching audiences on all continents, will awaken more than a few, and possibly enough to change this world for the better. Heckling us is a way of cheering us on. It is a constant reminder of what we are fighting against: oppressive behavior. In so doing, the PIA camp is galvanizing our troops.
Thanks for cheer-leading.


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