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PID - Motivations for the Murder of Paul McCartney

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 11:59 PM
Switching Yard, GREAT stuff from the extremely ironically named "Lennon Remembers." We are so totally nailing this impostor. This is BIG!

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 03:25 AM
These pictures are from Seattle, August 25, 1966

I know this picture has been said to have been from Candlestick, but

The Beatles' final performance in Seattle,Washington was given late August 1966.
At this time, Mr. Wally Funk was the publisher of the Whidbey Island Newspaper.
As such, he was given press credentials to allow him into The Beatles' press conference room.
Therefore, every photo presented in this web site was created
-- and thus copyrighted - by Mr. Wally Funk.
(When he learned many years ago that this site owner was a Beatles Fan,
he graciously gave me many prints of the photos he took that day.

It was Paul in Seattle, so IMO, whatever happened happened between Seattle (Aug 25) & LA (Aug. 28).

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:22 AM
Yeah, I think you've got the replacement dates window figured out.

I highly recommend Cynthia Lennon's first book A TWIST OF LENNON as she describes early years John in detail like I've never read or heard before.

She has a few revelations in there (I'm only half way through, so there are bound to be lots more nuggets in her book I haven't read yet), anyway, for example, Cynthia says that Allan Williams (The Beatles' first manager) was a much better manager than Brian Epstein. Cyn says John and Paul signed with Brian only because he was a sharp dresser and spoke like a high society snob. They thought his high tone manners would help them in dealing with record companies. According to Cyn, Brian didn't have a clue how to manage a rock and roll group, but Allan Williams was very knowledgeable and great at it. This runs counter to what you'll find in the Anthology book.

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 01:02 PM
So, if it all went down between Seattle & LA, then creepy "Blue Jay Way" kind of makes sense. "There's a fog upon LA, and my friends have lost their way." Could be saying that they never made it. The song also tells us that "Paul is bloody."

Paul, they had him murdered

Very interesting about Epstein, although I had read before that he wasn't the best manager. Maybe he had other tasks...

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 06:39 PM
It seems we're not the only one who think this may have all gone down in Seattle:

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by Getsmart
Also, I venture to suggest that all of the individuals present on the cover of that album may have been participants in the Tavistock MK-Ultra mind control mass manipulation operated through puppet politician actors, film stars, etc. and it is no coincidence that Aleister Crowley is present. Sorry if I burst anyone's bubble, but the cultural control of populations by means of fabricated and coached celebrities is an operation which predates the twentieth century.

Hi Friends,

It might be in poor taste to quote myself, but after examination of the list it seems that it isn't so far fetched that those on the Sgt Pepper jacket were probably participants in Mass Mind Control through celebrities.

I apologize in advance for this belated posting and for it being somewhat jumbled and incomplete. Granted it doesn't have the polished finish that makes it easier to contemplate, but this isn't entirely a bad thing. After all, we must all retain as much distance as possible from theories and arguments, to make up our own minds but also to contribute alternative views.

So here it is, a small compendium of potential links of all those shown on the cover of the Sgt Pepper album with the Illuminati Bloodlines behind the Tavistock Institute and the Great Beatles Manipulation.

The numbering will be off, as I first used one template which got lost, and then I downloaded another one. But it should help more than giving no visual referencing. Later, I will repost this entire post with the necessary corrections provided with your friendly suggestions.

Sgt Pepper Album Cover: Click on image to ZOOM

List of images on the cover

Numbering of individuals on the album cover: Click to ZOOM

1. Indian mystic Sri Yukteswar Giri.
His book Holy Science proned a "Unified World Religion"

2. Sinister occult leader Aleister Crowley.
The Beast 666 who was co-Founder of the Tavistock Institute

3. Bawdy hellraising actress Mae West.
Shocking promoter of a "Sexual Revolution" in the 1920's

4. Offensive stand-up Lenny Bruce.
Used Comic Obscenity to promote the "60's Cultural Revolution".

5. Pioneer of electronic classical music Karlheinz Stockhausen.
Invented the Electronic Music used in "60's psychedelic Counter Culture".

6. Comedian and actor W.C. Fields.
Child hater who as Dionysos through wine and madness ended care and worry.

7. Founder of analytical psychology Carl Gustav Jung.
Laid the foundation for Mind Control programming.

8. Dark crime writer Edgar Allan Poe.
Ill fated creator of satanic epics of damning horror and obsessive dementia.

9. Dancing movie legend Fred Astaire.
In-law of the Duke of Devonshire and a CIA Director, partner of Claire Luce went on to act at Stratford-upon-Avon.

10. Leading artistic chronicler Richard Merkin.
American designer who may have contributed to the crisp "Beatles look"?

11. Painting of air force icon Varga Girl.
War propaganda use of airbrushed sexploitation imagery.

12. Big-faced actor Huntz Hall.
The most sensitive of the Dead End Kids and Bowery Boys of early Hollywood serials - the US corollary of poor lads from Liverpool.

13. Genius builder and designer Simon Rodia.
An obsessed mind-controlled builder of fantasmagoric contructs.

14. Cutting-edge beat poet Bob Dylan.
Himself murdered and replaced by an impostor who confesses to his pact with the devil.

15. Fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe.
Died of brain hemmorage in 1962 the day before The Beatles' return to Germany.

16. Controversial cartoonist Aubrey Beardsley.
19th Century Artist and Poet who died at age 25.

17. Old mannequin.
Hairdresser's dummy in reference to expendable mop headed musician stand-ins?

18. British Police founder Sir Robert Peel.
Mind controlled from childhood to become a politician.

19. Drug-dabbling writer Aldous Huxley.
Promoter of Mind Altering Drug Culture used for mass social reprogramming.

20. Poet Dylan Thomas.
Author of the highly revealing Illuminati poem "My World Is Pyramid".

21. US screenwriter Terry Southern.
Wrote Dr. Strangelove, sixties drug culture Easy Rider and MI-6 spoof Casino Royale.

22. Doo-wop singer Dion DiMucci.
On February 2, 1959 he refused to board the plane which crashed killing musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson.

23. Comedy actor Tony Curtis.
Former Marines turned actor who lent his voice to Polanski in Rosemary's baby.

24. Cutting-edge artist Wallace Berman.
California Beat Artist author of 8-minute Aleph film on life, death, mysticism, politics, and pop culture.

25. Radio favourite Tommy Handley.
Comedian of the BBC show "It's That Man Again" in which he replaced Adolf Hitler as "That Man".

26. Blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe.
MK-Ultra Mind Control Sex Slave handled by husband Henry Miller and silenced by the CIA.

27. Drug-inspired writer William S. Burroughs.
Double talking beat author of "The Naked Lunch" who shot his wife in Mexico, William Tell style.

28. Spectral yogi pin-up Sri Mahavatar Babaji.
The "Great Avatar" and "revered father" was a legendary person of whom nobody knew the age, family, place of birth, true name, or other details.

29. One half of comedy double act Stan Laurel.
In 1910, Stan was in Fred Karno's troup and "played the double" of a young comedian: Charley Chaplin.

30. Painter of heroic figures Richard Lindner.
German painter raised in Nuremburg, inspired 'Yellow Submarine' graphics, taught at Illuminati Yale University.

31. Tubbier half of comedy double act Oliver Hardy.
Despite being a trained attorney, Freemason Oliver and Stan's contracts left all royalties to the Studios.

32. Author of the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx.
Creator of Marxism on the Rothschild Payroll

33. Time Machine author H.G. Wells.
Fabian Socialist also author of The New World Order.

34. Yoga guru Sri Parama-Hansa Yogananda.
Pre-war founder of the California Self-Realization Fellowship, proponent of a United World with American efficiency and Indian spirituality.

35. Desert hero Lawrence of Arabia.
British officer who wrote the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" outlining guerilla warfare tactics approved by his NWO Fabian Society friend George Bernard Shaw.

36. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.
Inspired Mass Mind Control social programming as Tavistock's first Director.

37. Mannequin.
No comment.

38. Pin-up cartoon of a Petty Girl.
George Petty was a photo retoucher creating artificial sex symbols using doctored photos.

39. Wise-cracking stage man Max Miller.
Britain’s top comedian known for holding an audience in the cup of his hand.

40. Another Petty Girl.
George Petty said "When you touch the wrist of a Petty Girl, you almost expect to feel a pulse."

41. Moody actor Marlon Brando.
Stanislavski actor who mastered the intangible aspects of human behavior such as emotions and artistic inspiration.

42. Cowboy actor Tom Mix.
Royal Arch member, Scottish Rite member, Actors' 233 Club "Craft degree".

43. Irish Writer, poet and wit Oscar Wilde.
Wrote the Portrait of Dorian Gray invoking the sale of one's soul to evade the consequences of Evil acts.

44. Zorro actor Tyrone Power.
Hollywood sex symbol cast in dark roles such as the callous "women user" in Nightmare Alley.

45. Modern artist Larry Bell.
He was also a composer, who reminds of "the best of The Beatles" according to William Zagorski - Fanfare.

46. African explorer David Livingstone.
Mapped Africa for colonial conquest and control by Great Britain using the notorious "3 C's".

47. Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller.
Olympic swimming champion who claimed that his Hollywood career was nothing but a "succession of frauds".

48. American author Stephen Crane.
Before the haunted manor of Brede Place he lived in the Limpsfield-Oxted area near members of the socialist Fabian Society.

49. Music hall comedian Issy Bonn.
Issy Bonn Known for singing "My Yiddish Mama", his hand is shown above Paul's head in sign of death.

50. Legendary Irish writer George Bernard Shaw.
Co-Founder of Fabian Socialism who recruited Aleister Crowley.

51. 3D artist and designer H.C. Westermann.
Former Marine whose artistic works revolved around Illuminati accidents and death.

52. Liverpool FC legend Albert Stubbins.
Soccer player with ties to Paul or Faul?

53. Indian spiritualist Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.
Worked for British Military Engineering then revived Kriya Yoga lost due to "priestly secrecy".

54. Alice In Wonderland writer Lewis Carroll.
His books were used by Tavistock in the Mind Control programming of children

55. Boxer Sonny Liston.
Won all his fights by Knock Out except one, to Mohammed Ali, died mysteriously in Las Vegas in 1970.

56. Waxwork of George Harrison.
Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

57. Waxwork of John Lennon.
Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

58. Waxwork of Ringo Starr.
Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

59. Waxwork of Paul McCartney.
Wax effigie of deceased Beatle.

60. Albert Einstein.
"Well read" patent office employee used to front for Illuminati new technology.

61. John Lennon.
Disguised Replacement Operative.

62. Ringo Starr.
Disguised Replacement Operative.

63. Paul McCartney.
Disguised Replacement Operative.

64. George Harrison.
Disguised Replacement Operative.

65. Child star Bobby Breen.
Lenny Bruce mentioned Breen in his comedy routine "Hitler and the MCA" where two German talent agents in 1930, desperate to find a dictator, discover and recruit a handy house painter.

66. Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich.
Mind Controlled Sex Slave.

67. Legionnaire from the Order of the Buffalo.
Member of the actors' Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes tied to the Grand Lodge of England?

68. Shapely actress Diana Dors.
Lead role in Hitchcock's "The Sorceror's Apprentice" about the Devil and Assassination, her Estate vanished.

69. Child star Shirley Temple.
Precocious actress exposed in the womb to music and litterature, her husband was Director at Tavistock's offshoot Stanford Research Institute.

70. Japanese Fukusuke doll.
Baby faced Shinto god of merchant fortune.

71. Snow White figurine.
The original story tells of a failed attempt at maternal infanticide, by abandonment and poisoning.

72. Statue from home of John Lennon.
Controversial attributions ranging from a young Walt Disney to a gaunt Aleister Crowley.

73. Plastic doll.
No Comment.

74. Doll with Rolling Stones jumper.
No Comment.

75. Figurine of Hindu goddess Lakshmi.
Kundalini sexual yoga connected to the cult of Isis in Book IV of Crowley's Magick in Theory and Practice.

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 06:54 PM
Some interesting passages in Cynthia Lennon's first book A TWIST OF LENNON...

Regarding 1966, Cynthia says: "It was a peak period of money, talent, and emotions, yet it was to change dramatically for me within a very short time."

She doesn't say specifically what that dramatic change was, but perhaps it has something to do with our theories.

Then, she says, "Four talented, enthusiastic trend setters were an obvious target for the underground drug activists."

She doesn't explain the definition of an "underground drug activist." It's also interesting that she says The Beatles were a "target."

She goes on to say, "I felt the acceleration of our circumstances grasping us all and preparing to throw us into a confusing chaotic future and I was frightened."


"The years 1966-67 were tremendous years of mental and physical change for the Beatles."

Physical change? As in, a different mind inside a different body? Hmmm.

Other tidbits...

Cynthia mentions just very briefly that a famous American psychic (Jeanne Dixon, I presume) predicted that The Beatles would be in a fatal plane crash and that there would be, according to Cynthia, "no survivors."

Cyn also notes that the wives of The Beatles were surprised that Buckingham Palace told Brian in clear terms that the wives of The Beatles would not be invited to the Palace on the day the fab four went there to receive MBE medals. This adds fuel to my theory that while at the Palace on that day, all four Beatles and Brian were secretly recruited into British Intelligence. The awarding of the medals served two purposes: a cover story to explain why The Beatles and Brian were there (real reason --- secret meeting on joining MI-5) and the medals were part of their rewards for playing along with royalty and MI-5. They were made secret agents inside Buckingham Palace.

In my theory, the fab four and Brian especially could not resist the temptation of going along with it. Who knows? Perhaps they were asked by the Queen herself to join MI-5 as secret agents. Once they were made "agents" (which they weren't really, that was a charade), then they were captured in a bizarre Tavistock intrigue. All kept secret.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 07:14 PM
I really enjoyed reading the interpretations of the Sgt Pepper cover figures by Getsmart. I've been wondering what kind of significance these figures represent and now I see, thanks to Getsmart, there are some intriguing connections indeed.

I would like to know more about the Fabian Society. I'll look it up on Wiki.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 07:51 PM
I think you guys have made amazing contributions to the research. It feels like we plateau sometimes, then there's some big piece of the puzzle that gets filled in. Pretty cool when that happens.

A comment about the Yogis who appear on Sgt. Pepper. My personal opinion is that yogis know how to manipulate the material world b/c they know how energy & spirit work (more or less). Maybe that is their significance. These people have what the dark ones want. The dark ones just don't want to go thru all the bother of meditating & spiritual practices to get it. lol

Switching Yard, the book quotes are great. Any chance you could give us the page numbers? Thanks!

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 08:41 PM
Getting back to the Beatles' possible intell connection - I was thinking that they were keeping tabs on German media for British intelligence, w/ the band as a cover, while in Hamburg. So, it's possible they were are already assets prior to the Buckingham Palace visit. It's extremely suspicious that the wives weren't invited. That's just rude - unless something else was going on.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see if any of th Beatles had Stasi files, including Stu Sutcliffe? If anyone is in Berlin, trot on down to the Stasi Records Office & see if there's a file. I don't think they allow photo-copies, but you might be able to snap shots of documents w/ a cell-phone camera.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 01:25 AM
I think I've posted this before, but I thought it bore repeating. I strongly disagree with his assessment about the Beatles' talent, but according to Lyndon H. LaRouche:

"The Beatles had no genuine musical talent, but were a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division (Tavistock) specifications, and promoted in Britain by agencies which are controlled by British intelligence."

"Why Your Child Became A Drug Addict" Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Campaigner Special Report, Copyright 1978 [Source]

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 08:01 PM
World's largest ego appears in video participating in online chat today...


I'll get those page numbers for you, someotherguy, for the Cyn Lennon book. It's a little paperback edition and looks used and old. Obviously, she doesn't drop any "they were replaced" bombs but maybe there are little hints in there. For example, why would she include the remark that a famous American psychic predicted the fab four would die in 1966 and there would be "no survivors." Like, there's no reason for her to put that in there. If the prediction never panned out, then why mention it? Know what I mean?

Right now, I'm enjoying a couple of margaritas but when I pick up that book again, I'll jot down the page numbers for the interesting passages. The whole book is very worth reading if you want to know what the very early days were like. I do highly recommend it.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 10:48 PM
I'm sure Paul would be thrilled to know that he's being impersonated by such a dork. lol Let's remember how cool the real Paul was:

Interesting about "Strawberry Fields" studio magick:

..."More time was spent on 'Strawberry Fields Forever' than any other Beatles song," says Emerick. "[B]It was, I believe, the first time a Beatles song had been re-recorded in its entirety[/B]."

But even with the revised version in the can, Lennon still wasn't satisfied.... Emerick recalls how Lennon casually told his recording team that he wanted the two versions joined together...

Martin patiently explained that it simply wasn't possible: they had been played in different keys, at different tempos and the arrangements were radically different... Today, a computer can easily alter pitch and tempo. In 1966, all Emerick had at his disposal was a pair of editing scissors, two tape machines, and a varispeed control to modify the pace of the recording...

As December drew to a close, the final master of the song was made. They worked late into the evening, as Emerick, Lennon and McCartney skilfully edited the tapes together... Emerick discovered that by speeding up the playback of the first take and slowing down that of the second, he could match them in both pitch and tempo. The join was made exactly one minute in. "George [Martin] and I decided to allow the second half to play all the way through at the slower speed," says Emerick. "Doing so gave John's voice a smoky, thick quality that complemented the psychedelic lyric and swirling instrumentation." ...

"'Strawberry Fields Forever': The making of a masterpiece," 29 November 2006, The Independent.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 09:53 AM
The only reason I decided to study the PID topic is that it was apparent to me that there are some kind of paid agents employed to counterattack the PID arguments.

If I had not seen any vicious attacks on PID postings, I would have never been interested.

Since I did see that, it convinced me that there is something seriously amiss in the popular and commonly accepted history of The Beatles. After doing some research on my own and seeing all the angles and theories posted by PID researchers, I have concluded that something is terribly wrong with the accepted version of history.

The trolls don't do PIA any good. Just the reverse. The trolls convince people like me, a lifetime Beatles fan, that we haven't been told the truth over the years.

Here is a simple test... I challenge anyone to explain the lyrics "Here's another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul." I have yet to read or hear of an explanation of those lyrics that makes any sense. What did they mean by using the word "clue," when at the time of that song's recording sessions there was no controversy. It was recorded well before any rumors hit the media. If any PIA person has an explanation, I would like to hear it.

What on Earth did Heather Mills mean when saying the truth about her former husband would shock the world and the average person wouldn't be able to handle whatever that truth is. No one can explain that one, either. There are lots more anomalies that we researchers have found and I think there are many more anomalies yet to come to light.

If everything was innocent and nothing bad happened and we could find no real or circumstantial evidence, then there would be no interest in this topic by me or anyone else. We are only researching this because something stinks and we want to know what it is.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 11:36 AM
Yes, their tactics are counter-productive. When they go after me, it is only confirmation that I am closer to something than they like, & they try to intimidate me. Ha ha! Yeah, good luck w/ that.

I just got an interesting comment on the PM blog at Paul, they had him murdered:

It has just been reported this morning on CBeatleSFM that "Paul McCartney" taking a cue from "Ringo" will no longer sign autographs. Perhaps Faul does not want us comparing his John Hancock to that of the late, great James Paul McCartney. In Jessica Ventura's new book he mentions McGill University in Toronto where MK ULTRA was researched and developed. Faul with his Ontario Provincial Police Pepper badge quit the police department and got hims-elf a steady job writing "Rocky Racoon" on right-handed guitar in India with his tutor, fellow Scott Donovan P. Lietch. That song contains the lyric: "Her name was Magill but she called hers-elf Lil though everyone knew her as Nancy."

From Wiki:

Some historians have asserted that creating a "Manchurian Candidate" subject through "mind control" techniques was a goal of MKULTRA and related CIA projects.[20] Alfred McCoy has claimed that the CIA attempted to focus media attention on these sorts of "ridiculous" programs, so that the public wouldn't look at the primary goal of the research, which was developing effective methods of torture and interrogation. Such authors cite as one example, the fact that the CIA's KUBARK interrogation manual refers to "studies at [B]McGill University[/B]", and that most of the techniques recommended in KUBARK are exactly those that Cameron used on his test subjects (sensory deprivation, drugs, isolation, etc).[18] ...

The experiments were exported to Canada when the CIA recruited Scottish psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron, creator of the "psychic driving" concept, which the CIA found particularly interesting. Cameron had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and reprogramming the psyche. He commuted from Albany, New York to Montreal every week to work at the Allan Memorial Institute of [B]McGill[/B] University and was paid $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MKULTRA experiments there. In addition to '___', Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs as well as electroconvulsive therapy at thirty to forty times the normal power. His "driving" experiments consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements. His experiments were typically carried out on patients who had entered the institute for minor problems such as anxiety disorders and postpartum depression, many of whom suffered permanently from his actions.[31] His treatments resulted in victims' incontinence, amnesia, forgetting how to talk, forgetting their parents, and thinking their interrogators were their parents.[32] His work was inspired and paralleled by the British psychiatrist William Sargant at St Thomas' Hospital, London, and Belmont Hospital, Surrey, who was also involved in the Intelligence Services and who experimented extensively on his patients without their consent, causing similar long-term damage.[33] ...

MK Ultra & McGill University in Montreal - Audio file


posted on May, 21 2010 @ 01:07 PM
Someone on the Icke forum made this observation:

actually have a bigger issue with this line. Just the tense used. Why not 'the walrus IS Paul'? Or maybe that is the 'clue'.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 06:55 PM
From IAAP blog:

Ringo Starr's 1978 Television Special was based on The Prince and the Pauper and featured Ringo in a dual role as himself and a "nerd" named Ognir Rrats.

The backwards name and the plot line with a pop star being replaced by a look-a-like would raise a few eyebrows anyway, but the cameo by George Harrison makes it even more compelling. Harrison's bit is one of the funniest parts of the show. When a reporter asks George why Ringo is being chased by the police, his response is "Well, a fireman wouldn't chase you would he?" In the end, Ringo is reunited with his double and switches places just in time for his big concert.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 11:21 AM

Originally posted by someotherguy
From IAAP blog:

Ringo Starr's 1978 Television Special was based on The Prince and the Pauper and featured Ringo in a dual role as himself and a "nerd" named Ognir Rrats.

The backwards name and the plot line with a pop star being replaced by a look-a-like would raise a few eyebrows anyway, but the cameo by George Harrison makes it even more compelling. Harrison's bit is one of the funniest parts of the show. When a reporter asks George why Ringo is being chased by the police, his response is "Well, a fireman wouldn't chase you would he?" In the end, Ringo is reunited with his double and switches places just in time for his big concert.

Hi Someotherguy,

Thanks for posting the link to that show. This makes one wonder about a whole lot of things.

1. The only way you could get two identical babies born of different parents is if two separate mothers were inseminated with the same embryo, as in a process of cloning identical twins. These would not be what we'd call full clones using more modern technology, but it would be a process of artificial fertilization and implanting in each carrier mother's womb an identical egg. Is this a hidden message that Ringo was cloned? Or just a way of introducing the humorous plot with an amusing anecdote?

2. Ringo is shown as exceptionally short, everyone towers above him, whereas in his early sixties photos before the HELP time period he was quite close to the same height as Paul McCartney.

3. As a Hollywood sandwich man he carries a two faced ad on his billboard, one side proposes maps to the homes of genuine stars, the other hidden side shows maps to the homes of "ordinary people". Who would want a map to the home of an ordinary person, unless they confused them with a Very Important Person?

4. The movie starring the unknown nobody Ognir Rrats who happens to be the identical twin of a major celebrity is called "Act Naturally". This would be the exact SHOW that would be requested of an impostor: "Pretend you are him and Act Naturally". By taking that role, he says the movie is "going to make me a a big star". The only way to become a big star when you are a nobody and just "Act Naturally" is if your role is that of a Big Star.

5. You then see a Sinatra Burger, a Fonda Burger, a Rrats Burger and a Nicholson Burger on a local diner menu. Does this imply that the masses are being fed impostors as daily fare, without being the wiser?

6. He then walks into a record shop where they are selling records of Ognir Rrats' Greatest Hits which wouldn't be the case if he were just a regular movie actor. It becomes obvious that the movie is an allusion to his real life film "Act Naturally" as if you were Ringo Starr and not his nemesis replacement actor.

7. In his song the than invites us all to see him, "the biggest fool to ever hit the big time". This sounds much like a reckoning that he was a fool to replace the real Ringo by impersonating him.

8. Before he took the role he was motivated by a van running over his livelihood, the billboard. Now that he's taken the role and figured himself a fool his modest bicycle is then run over by a school bus. Does this portray intimidation of an impending accident if he doesn't comply?

9. He then has to return home by sneaking in though a window. He is apparently not master of his own home. His handler is symbolized by the father. The money he makes is immediately taken away from him on pretext of expenses and he can't live a personal life being deprived of the means to go on a date. "A date? Don't make me laugh!"

10. Ringo is totally controlled by his handler/manager played by John Ritter. He looks outside and says "Look at all those lonely people. That's not my song either." Does this mean that none of the earlier songs were his?

11. Ringo notices Ognir and tells him "How would you like to change places with me? ...Haven't you noticed how much we look like one another? No one would know!"

12. He then tells Ognir "We're all sailors in the same ship travelling on life's rugged seas. " Is it a coincidence that The Beatles in Hamburg used to eat daily at the British Sailor's Society? He then says "We all live in a Yellow Submarine". A submarine is sometimes used in reference to intelligence agents sent on a stealth mission working under cover.

13. Then you see Ognir and Ringo trade jackets while performing Yellow Submarine. Does this mean that Ringo was replaced at that time? Is the skyline in the background a clue to the city where the replacement took place?

14. When the real Ringo leaves with Ognir replacing him he is mislead on where to go and has an accident. Is it humor or does it mean something?

15. Ringo then winds up in a relationship with a 16-year old (sound familiar?) which means statutory rape and its legal implications. Is such a 'honey trap' one of the ways of blackmailing replacement doubles? He is also falsely accused of car theft by his handler father.

16. Ognir autographs Ringo's photos with his own name and uses "I'm on a break" as an excuse to hide that he's an impostor. Is this an allusion to the Beatles leaving the live music scene?

17. Ognir's handler tells Ringo "You are dangerous. I'm locking you in here, in your own room, for your own good." Was Ringo locked up when replaced? He then tells Ringo thinking he is Ognir: "You know where you come from, you Little fool !" to which Ringo retorts: "You mean Liverpool". Does this implies that Ringo's replacement wasn't from the same heritage?.

18. They then show Ognir as a clumsy fop unable to act or play the role. Ringo tries to escape but is arrested in a police station where there is a portrait of George Washington. Is this an allusion to the US Federal Government abducting him, perhaps the CIA?

19. When Ringo tries to disguise himself as a woman he asks for a size ten dress "This is great, just my size." Is this a reference to an issue regarding his real size?

20. The Dracula actor Vincent Price is called in to Hypnotize Ognir to believe he really is Ringo. They show Ognir reacting like a puppet to his hypnotic commands. This is apparently a reference to the mind control of doubles.

21. Ognir passes in review, during his hypnotic trance, many of Rockn'Roll's greats. Were they also replaced? This is already said of a number of those shown in this clip.

22. George Harrison says Ringo is really Ringo Ognir. Then he says we're to believe him because he's a musician, not a novelist making things up.

23. Ringo returns to the forefront and hires Ognir as his road manager. The concert stage is set inside an Illuminati Pyramid and Ringo is raised on a Pentagram Star platform. The Illuminati Pyramid swings open to reveal the band playing inside. The message of who lies behind the replacements is right there, in front of your eyes, for all to see.

24. He then sings the song I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve saying "I'm not afraid to say what I mean, mean what I say... I may be a fool, to spread it around. I just want to let you know, sometimes I find it so hard not to show." This sounds like a double, telling us the way it is, right here.

25. The following song Hard Times refers to his female companion saying "She gives me a Hard Time". This might refer to the use of female handlers, a recurring trend of the Illuminati since before their use of photographic assistant Eva Braun in such a role during WWII.

26. The last song A Man Like Me speaks of one who might be someone else, perhaps Ognir? The lyrics go:


He comes one when the show is over and the lights go down, because he isn't Ringo but "a man" and really quite small, i.e. not GREAT ?

posted on May, 24 2010 @ 11:39 PM
From Anonymous today:

Also Capp calls yoko 'Madame Nhu'. I copied this from wiki answers:

Her maiden name was Tran Le Xuan, and she was born into a wealthy aristocratic family in 1924. Her paternal grandfather was close to the French colonial administration, and her father was a French-educated lawyer before he married into the Vietnamese Royal House (her mother was grand-daughter of former Emperor Dong Khanh). Speaking only French, and unable to write in Vietnamese, Tran Le Xuan dropped out of school at an early age and focused her attentions on the dramatic arts and learning to play the piano. When she met Ngo Dinh Nhu, she decided to marry him against her mother's wishes, abandoning the family religion of Hinayana Bhuddism in order to embrace his own religion of Roman Catholicism. They married in 1943.

Upon Ngo Dinh Diem's appointment as Prime Minister in 1955, he launched a campaign to run as President in the elections that October. He was elected with a landslide majority, largely thanks to political intimidation of the opposition parties that was orchestrated by Tran Le Xuan. Upon Diem's accession to the Premierhip, Xuan took the title 'Madame Nhu' and officially became South Vietnam's First Lady, Diem being unmarried. She quickly became the power behind the throne, assuming a highy influential role in the politics and running of the state... (read more at

Good analogy. If people only knew what capp seemed to know.....

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