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Is this the new 'Montauk Monster'? Terrified teens claim they beat the mysterious beast to death.

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:45 PM

A mysterious photograph has become the subject of wild internet speculation after a group of teenagers claimed it was a terrifying creature that they beat to death while playing near a cave in Panama.
The rubbery beast was said to have been spotted by a group of teenagers crawling out of a cave as they played in the town of Cerro Azul north of Panama City on Saturday.
To their horror, they claimed it came towards them. Fearing for their safety, they beat it to death with sticks, throwing its body in a pool of water, they told Panama's Telemetro television station. html

Sorry if this was already covered. Please move or remove, thanks.

Looks to me like some sort of failed genetic experiment. What does everyone think?

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by ugie1028

Now what the hell is that thing?

If this is a real photo, I'd go along with your 'failed genetic experiment'.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 10:23 PM
Not the bald sloth again.

I'm not going to bother linking it to the other 4 or 5 threads already here on ATS about this story. The consensus is that it's a sloth.

I'm still holding my final verdict on that.



posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by ugie1028

Gollum and the One Ring has been found?

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

ok it apparently is a bald sloth of some sort.

Compare facial features with this photo of a real sloth.

ok. but the question is, why are all of these sloths turning up bald?

is it very common in nature for sloths to be hairless? i was under the impression that the vast majority of them were covered in a nice coat of fur.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 10:36 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash

ok. but the question is, why are all of these sloths turning up bald?

So far there has been only one. The story keeps getting posted in the media and here at ATS apparently under many titles. Same Story one sloth.

Not multiples.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:34 PM
Am I the only one that doesn't see 'sloth' when looking at this creature? Look at his torso...

1) Judging from the rocks underneath him this thing looks to be the size of a human. Sloths growing that big would be a rare feat.

2) Secondly, have we heard of any hairless sloths ever being discovered? I did a few searches and couldn't find any reason to believe they exist.

3) I stumbled upon another photo that is supposedly the dead rotten carcass of the creature. Notice the shape of the skeleton that is clearly completely different from a Sloth's skeleton. Then again I have no idea how legit this photo is. It doesn't even look like the body's arms are in the same place come to think of it... But that could be from buzzards pecking it really hard.

My final say: I think this thing has more chance of being a fake piece of rubber than being a sloth. But that's just me. If someone can prove that there is a particular species that looks like this I'll be convinced.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by drac88

touche, good job drac.

I still have no idea what it is. i still think its some failed experiment.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:43 PM
Looks like someone got pissed off at one of Jim Henson's creations

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by ugie1028

all i have to say is i feel bad for that Creature. If it does not have claws and teeth really no threat.
but i cant say i would not do the same thing seeing those claws that and sloths are actually quite slow so there would be no need to run from one. Hince the name Sloth.

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posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 05:31 AM
To the OP: the link you provided is not working…
If anyone wants to read the story Google this (Terrified teens claim they beat the mysterious beast to death)
When I looked at the picture something on the left side of the picture seemed to be covering the creature which looks like fur also I don’t see any indications that it was beaten to death i.e wounds or abrasion or blood.

posted on Sep, 22 2009 @ 06:00 AM
Please add your thoughts to one of the existing threads.

Thank you.
Thread closed.

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