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Dixon opposes closing MIAC

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:39 PM
These control freaks just won't give up till they get what they want or are removed from power, and the constitution has a couple ways of taking care of that. Here is a cut from the source>>

"State Rep. Bob Dixon, who is chairing an interim committee probing the state's intelligence gathering operations, opposes closing the controversial Missouri Information Analysis Center.

"I just don’t see that being a logical choice," Dixon told the News-Leader. "That’s one thing that I’d say is off the table."

MIAC has been embattled since March when a "strategic report" the agency authored on the "modern militia movement" leaked out into the press, sparking a firestorm of backlash from social conservatives who believed they were being politically profiled by law enforcement."

It goes on to say that a new draft will be ready by Oct 1. Can't wait to see how they have it worded.
They refuse to listen to the people. We the people just told the Missouri Gov a few months ago how we felt about the last MIAC report. And here they are again same cake different frosting.

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