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Is the AntiChrist real

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posted on Sep, 24 2009 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by slymattb

Both of you have forgotten the original post. God isn't about condemning one or the other.

i have forgotten the original post?
i thought the original post was about the antichrist?
" is the antichrist real "

then you put me down for condemning?

isn't the antichrist about condemning?

how would you know how do deal with the antichrist if you don't deal with condemning?

how would you percieve the antichrist without knowing condemnation?

i'm on topic concerning the antichrist.
i'm on topic concerning the original post
the original post was:

is the antichrist real

the oriinal post was not about:

God isn't about condemning one or the other.

posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 08:09 AM
link's not totally true,

in WWII you had insanity (hitler,..) and you had normal people

normal people could close their eyes
or open them to the bad that happened.

IF they opened them, they had to condemn,
before they ever can forgive. If they had opened them,
they could have (at least the impression to have) stopped insanity.

There is only duality before you can understand God as One.
Condemnation - forgiveness (to see and to forgive)

Ignorance is avoiding judgement, and not forgiving God.
Judgement can be in ignorance too, if we judge, we have to
all the effort to release it as fast as possible.

God is one, everything.
This thread can bring you wisdom about the antichrist,
if you open your ears for it.

It explains insanity and ignorance.
God is one, everything, people are avoiding to see God if they ignore.

The bible says you have to win arguments, at least in your head.

2COR 10:5 we demolish arguments, and every pretention that sets itself up
against the knowledge of god

it is not always repeating, without understanding it,
god is one, and his truth is jesus and the bible.
God's truth is God, and god is everything, God's body is christ, is all of creation.

Within Christ the entire physical manifestation of God is embodied. Col 2:9
God is one Deut 6:4

did you forgive god ? = understand,justified god ?
that is the question believers have to ask themselves.

The antichrist is ignorance.
In islam the antichrist is symbolised with one eye,
because ignorance closes the other,
to avoid seeing both sides, negative and after it positive.
Jesus said give both cheecks...see things from 2 sides.
Condemn and release it, forgive.
The antichrist does not confirm the son (christ his body is all)
and the father in it.

dont take this wrong, not reacting will not make you think,
i react, you are a searcher, never stop that.

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posted on Sep, 25 2009 @ 08:41 AM
another thing to make you think.

Tomorrow there is a guy shining as an angel,
saying he is one with god, and you are (to become) too.
Some will follow and shine too.

Religion will condemn him/them within some seconds,
folowed by many other people, because they are afraid,
not prepared. People suddenly will by their fears accept
things they avoided. Thinking they choose right.
Other will not even then bother and keep ingorant.
Insanity is better then ignorance.

Oh, the guy is gay too ! he says he is elijah,
that is the false prophet !!! the bible writes 'no regard for the desire of woman'
The woman is the body of christ, the antichrist has no regard
for creation as part of god. Ignorance does not have regard for
creation as part of god. But not understanding symbols
they will try to crucify the truth as manifestation,
which was promised. Paracletos.

The desire of woman, was their desire to bring forth the christ,
in the times of jesus. The manifestation does not need this desire,
he is one with god. glorified.

The religions will suddenly see their false ones,
it doesn't fully comply with what they expected,
but close enough to confirm their believes,
without being grounded in logic and heart,
this is testing god. testing is going to the casino
and take a pick.
asking god for proof is not testing god,
it is growing towards him.

Now my question to religion, where is the biggest delusion,
ever promised ? things are clear no ?
BIGGEST DELUSION is promised ! remember that,
as your motor to never stop searching.

this is called eclipse of the sun.
and eclipse of the moon.
The stars will fall to the ground = the angels from heaven will be here on the ground

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 11:11 AM
Wrong thread for my posting-sorry


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