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Is the AntiChrist real

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 03:41 PM
hey, i reacted sharp because you did write and assumed i wasn't a believer,
and i make my points further then only to you.
Read your first post

I do not condemn you, i react on you, i am quite sure
you are a real believer, but that is your thing to make, decide,
not mine. One thing people do not understand is that love includes
struggle and reaction. God never did anything else then reacting on me,
hurting me all the time, and condemning me. False peace is not love.
Anger always can be turned into forgiveness.


the two witnesses are the father and the son
the sun and the moon.

the moon are the saints of these times.

I write quite certain yes,
because i didn't do anything then repenting every second of my life.

repenting = reflection.
forgiving = understanding it to be good

god is one = everything has a good side, because it is in god.

I don't go further into the discussion.
It is your search.
I can help whenever you want,
but i will not answer every verse you quote.

Because your first have to know your god,
before you can understand his verses.

The Quran, and the Gospels and the Torah,
they all agree, but people can not read it yet.

Blessing = God is One.
Curse = God is divided, find your witness(es) and accuse.
(the curse side is symbology, man = spirit (WE) , woman = created (I) ,
in all books similar to each other, the temples and the offers contain
the secrets of the times and the weights of balance hidden int hem)

The Gospel :
The father and the son do not judge,
but the law you pick.

Take care ! I wish you the best.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by pasttheclouds
I don't go further into the discussion.
It is your search.
I can help whenever you want,
but i will not answer every verse you quote.

I am asking for that help now. You said that you don't believe that the antichrist is real. I ask that you show me in scripture why you believe what you believe. Teach me brother to your beliefs. And the scriptures I use was to prove why I believe what I believe. To me you ignoring scripture.

Originally posted by pastthecloudsBecause your first have to know your god,
before you can understand his verses.

So let me get this straight you know better than I do. Even in experence brother you have not clue what God has taught me, and to assume you know God better than I do or the next person is wrong. We are all equal in God. And I know God just like the next. But the thing in that we can learn new thing in God through experence and through the HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Originally posted by pastthecloudsThe Quran, and the Gospels and the Torah,
they all agree, but people can not read it yet.

The Quran does not all agree with the bible, Maybe yes the torah but not all of the Quran is of God.

I would like you prove your beliefs on the witness in scripture that would be nice. I'm not calling you a lier only that I would like to understands your beliefs.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 04:24 PM

you see, you are a believer, because you want to understand,
the thing is i can not do it for you, you have to do it yourself.
While you are on your way you will understand more,
never stop asking, allow doubt, sometimes i will answer,
sometimes another, sometimes ur mind, sometimes a person,
sometimes a verse...always allow doubt because it is avoiding ignorance.

I made a point to you:

Who is your God ? what does your scripture write ?

start witht hat. Nothing else, only that.

HE is One, nothing exsist outside him.
That means he is the other side of the coin, the other side of your decisions,
can you allready forgive the world and all its pain ?
Your god is one, did you forgive God ?
I guess not, not a human can, but a human can get close until he becomes one.
The way to forgiving God is your cross.
It hurts, because Truth (=God) needs honesty.
Honesty WILL always give you cross and reaction and pain from others.
always. it will make you a lost sheep, so you can find your way back.

If you understand God as One, you will not understand all the verses yet,
but you will start to read them different. You will every time you read something,
try to understand it from a position of ONE. IF you do not receive an aswer you will allow doubt, because doubt is the cross and is salvation.

You grow by giving God (=all) as much freedom you can give as a human.
That is the cross. Honesty and Care and Allowance and Growth.

If God is one, then why the difficult laws ? in both bible as quran,
you say the quran is not from god, totally, i say it does.
God is one, everything is from him. The Quran states God is one,
and confirms the gospels and the torah, both as the rules. Then it has it's
own symbology, just as the symbology of the torah rules.
But they talk the same. They all say, God is one, love God.
how ? repenting (reflection = seeing) and forgiving (understanding)
which is quite similar to the work process of science and skeptical thinking.
Tests all spririts if they are from God = Test all spirits if they speak from ONE.

Why did Jesus say 'you will have done miracles in my name, but i will not have known you" , not because calling 'jesus' will save you, but by intentions from a belief in ONE GOD, which is love will save you as part of him.

Sin is choice, in god there is not sin, but choice, in old words = sin.
Ignorance is the choice as opposite to honesty.
IF god is truth, his law is honesty.

And religion can not know their books to be true, even when they are true,
so they loose their right to accuse.

Now to forgive is only possible after accusation, so you judge and release judgement,
ignoring is enjoying false peace and not even doing the effort to try to understand nor care in a continuing effort in life.

Start from there, then you will understand the devil.
God is one, there is no devil, there are lies yes, that is the devil = divided.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by pasttheclouds

What does truth mean to you pasttheclouds?

What does truth mean to you slymattb?

What does truth mean to you Myrtals?

What does truth mean to you Badmedia?

What does truth mean to you Soul of integrity?

What does truth mean to you Leo Virgo?

What does truth mean to you Aggamemnon?

What does truth mean to you Letthereaderunderstand?

Is it not "the truth" that sets us free?
Is it not the glue which holds "the way" and "the life" together?

If I say, "Do you know any other life then that which you are living?" Will you tell me of something I can not confirm you in? I can confirm your life now and here, but any other you speak of I can not. I can tell you your life is true as you can mine, but of another I can not, for I would be a liar to blindly agree having no true witness of you.

What is truth, if not what you know which is witnessed by more then yourself, for you are not accountable for what you don't know, only that which you know and do.

I ask again, seeking a foundation to build each other up on IN TRUTH. If we can find the truth (which is done in the light nor hidden since the foundation of the world) we will also see "the way" and "the life" together even now.

What is truth? Are we not all "close pressed" translated Pontius Pilate?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by letthereaderunderstand

Proverbs 9

10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Real truth is understanding. Understanding is a universal language that can not be spoken, but can be expressed. Math is another form of understanding and for that reason it is also called a universal language, and yet still we can not speak the understanding of Math, but we can express that truth.

How someone expresses that truth may vary from person to person. In terms of math, I may express that as 1+1=2, and another person may express it as 4+4=8. But only those who understand math really know what is being said. Those who understand math realize that 1+1=2 and 2+2=4 and both are true. While they have different expressions - the understanding is the same.

And this is the same for truth when it comes to the father and that which is holy. Those with understanding "hear", those without understanding can only "listen" and "repeat".

Religion teaches people to accept 1+1=2, or to accept 2+2=4. But there is no understanding in them. They don't know what it means. Because of this they are blinded to the real truth, even though they may repeat a true expression.

It is that understanding that I got from the father, and it is that understanding that I recognize in Jesus.

Proverbs 9:6 Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.

All of this I learned outside and without the bible and religion. And it came from seeking truth and understanding. I can see the understanding of the father in Jesus, and that is how I know Jesus speaks the truth.

For those with understanding, that which is "holy" is known by it. Again in the same matter of math. For those with understanding, right and wrong, true and false does not come from a book or from this world.

How does one know which of the following equations is true?


Based on understanding. Knowledge of the holy is the exact same way. Not because a book lists all that is true and it can be repeated, but by understanding.

Those who accept things from this world as truth blind themselves from understanding. No different than someone who memorizes a bunch of true statements in math has no real understanding. Because of this, they are unable to apply the principles of math to improve their lives. And again, the same thing in terms of the holy. Only when they understand are they able to apply these things to improve their own lives and so forth.


Psalm 111:10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.

Now, we as men can not give understanding to each other. We are reduced to only being able to express that understanding to others. The father however does not give in expressions. Instead, he gives the understanding directly.

Truth is understanding. It is the "A+B=C" of math, rather than a single 1+1=2. Notice, "A+B=C" is still an expression of understanding, as I am unable to give that understanding directly.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by slymattb

The Quran does not all agree with the bible, Maybe yes the torah but not all of the Quran is of God.

an omnipresence in juxtaposition to itself??

quran chapter 9 verse 11:
" ... and we make communications clear to a people who know."

torah/bible chapter 11 verse 9:
" ... and god so confused and confounded the languages .. "

what do you suppose the odds are of 9:11 in one book saying the exact opposite of 11:9 in the other book without someone/something having had created it that way?

me know stuff ....
moses recieved a response when he asked who:
i am

911 trinity = 911 3 = 9 1 13 = i am
911 trinity = emergency call to god = i am

alpha's bet ....
9 = i (ninth letter of alpha's bet)
1 = a (first letter of alpha's bet)
13 = m (thirteenth letter of alpha's bet)

911 trinity = i am

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by badmedia

Truth is understanding. It is the "A+B=C" of math, ....

math is one of lucifer's constructs.
numbers and math will not always provide you with the truth you seek ...

just facts and logic, and a demonstration of how math doesn't make sense:

3 friends rent a hotel room that costs $30
they divide the cost and each pay $10
next morning the manager gives the bellhop $5 to give back to the 3 friends. but the bellhop pockets $2 for himself and gives each guy back $1.
so instead of paying $10 for the room, now the 3 friends payed $9 a piece.

math tells me that 3 friends times $9 equals $27
3 x 9 = 27
math tells me the bellhop kept $2. so $27 plus $2 = $29
math tells me that $9 times 3 friends plus $2 bellhop kept = $29
math tells me that $29 is not equal to $30

math lies to me. but my god hasn't.

3 guys get room for $30
each pays $10
manager gives $5 to bellhop to give back to guys in room
bellhop keeps $2
bellhop gives $3 back to 3 guys ($1 to each guy)
now, instead of paying $10 for the room, each guy payed $9
9 x 3 = 27
27 + 2 = 29
29 does not equal 30

since you like numbers so much, where did the other dollar go?
why doesnt the math comply with the facts?

either numbers and math and logic make no sense ....

or dare i say that perhaps something is not quite right with the observer trying to figure out the answer .....

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 07:36 PM

Originally posted by slymattb

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
Im interested to know what the spirit has taught you about the anti-christ.

If the spirit has taught me anything about the antichrist its to be aware of him and the others. how was this shown to you? Was this shown to you through a personal relation? Were you humbled before you were shown such a thing, for this seems to be a key in coming before what is Holy.

Why do you suppose it is said that what is of spirit is of spirit? Why does it seem that there are traces of thought that Jesus didnt walk the path the Jews walked, the ones that spoke of the coming Messiah? Do you think blood shed gets you into heaven, the blood of the Earth? These are all things you must think of when you want to talk about anything that is anti Christ.

Think of something you have done that you now regret. Something that you have already came to Thee for forgivness. Did you confess that this wrong was YOUR wrong....or did you plee that your wrong came from Satan misleading you. Doesnt the idea of an anti christ or satan give us a scapegoat, so we dont have to own up to our wrongs and truly learn from them?

The anti Christ is fear itself. The people will kill a being, thinking it is an anti Christ. The people dont accept the anointed one when Thee comes. Why? It is a showing of where we are as a unit, on this sphere, as a species. Do you think that if I went out into the world, started walking the streets and telling the majority of the Elite religious leaders they are wrong and are misleading people that someone might try to kill me? Eventually, if I didnt back down from the masses, death would be my fate.

The masses think they are saved, but yet only few are said to have understanding.

Are you walking the broad path...or the narrow? Are you seeking in your spirit or in Earthly objects for truth?

Its a gamble placeing ones soul on another mans word. Even the Bible says to test everything. How does one do this? What does it mean you will know them by their fruits?

The anti-christ is of Earthly things. When you are ready to let go of these Earthly things, the anti christ will have no matter to you.

When you say beware of 'him'....this is talking about being aware of your own Earthly natures, your desires, wants, prides ect. When it says beware of others....this again, is their own Earthly natures they have not over come yet. Thinking there is some separate being that God allows to test us ect is pretty much limiting God and Thee's way.

My best to you

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by soul of integrity

Oh please, don't even think about it. You misrepresented the math in your example.

Math did not lie to you, putting things in the wrong places is what lied to you.

3 guys get room for $30
each pays $10
manager gives $5 to bellhop to give back to guys in room
bellhop keeps $2
bellhop gives $3 back to 3 guys ($1 to each guy)
now, instead of paying $10 for the room, each guy payed $9
9 x 3 = 27

Right here is where you do it.

27 + 2 = 29

You should be adding $3 to this, because the $27 is what the people paid for the room total. You are adding $2 to the bellhop as not equaling $30. But they didn't pay $30 for the room, they paid $27, which the $2 of the bellhop repesents when you add $25 for the room, plus the $2 for the bellhop which = $27.

The $3 missing from the $30 is the $3 the friends got back, and so they paid $27 in total.

You come at me with a lie and a obvious ploy on words where you represent a false equation as being true and say what I said is that which is satanic?

So either 1 of 2 things here. Either you are purposely trying to mislead me here, or you are repeating something which has mislead you. And that applies beyond the math you just tried to pass off.

But at any rate, you completely missed the point of the reason I used math in it. I was only using math as a means of showing the difference between accepting something and understanding something.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by soul of integrity

Im actually responding to sly here in the post that he said the other books are not the Bible>>>>>>>>>

Just to note....not all of any book is of the spirit. It depends on the man that was writing and if that man had understanding.

The OT is full of things that are not Holy nor of Spirit.

Same for any book. There can be spiritual truth in a book if the person that wrote or passed down the wisdom's spoke from their spiritual nature and not their Earthly natures.

The killings in the Bible for example, these are not of Spirit. The passover in Egypt and killings of babes...these are not of God. Killings of nations for an Earthly fruit. Believing blood will redeem, is an Earthly practice. Believing God needed a Earthly Kingdom was of Earthly desires that came from their greed in thinking God has chosen people and an Earthly Kingdom would of shown off their 'chosen' fate.

It only takes one man to mislead the world. You must test everything with the Spirit. To do this, you must come to know the nature of the Holy Spirit. This takes humility and honesty, between you and Thee alone.

Why did Jesus teach in parables??

Because God doesnt through Thee's pearls to the swine...the ones that wouldnt understand. So truth is woven in life, for the true seeker of Spirit.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by letthereaderunderstand
reply to post by pasttheclouds

What does truth mean to you Soul of integrity?

tread softly here, and i will show you my truth ...

ask around what the opposite of love is. most will answer you as truthfully as they can when they offer you the response: hate

where does hate originate, what preceeds hate ....
my truth is there is no hate, no rage, no anger without the fear that preceeded it.
hate manifests itself only after a soul's fear that the target of that hate has the potential and/or the intentions of harming that which the soul loves.

fear pre-empted hate every time you hated.

make a list of the things you fear losing most in life.
make a list of the things you love the most in life.
the lists coincide with eachother because what it is you fear losing the most is how you define your love.

fear came before your hate
fear came before you love

my truth is at the core of your "judgment" is:
"look i fear"
truth: a u can make the same sound as oo ....
"luk i fear"
truth: a c can make the same sound as a k .....
"luc i fear"
truth: i here no audible sound from a in the word fear ....
"luc i fer"
truth: luc plus i plus fer = lucifer
truth: when one is "look i fear" deciding thier love and hate relationship with reality/truth ....
"look i fear" same as "lucifer" same as "lose cypher".
truth: a cypher is a key to unlocking an encryption, and encoding of words

because a soul put's "look i fear" as it's conscious priority it "lose cypher" and mindlessly serves "lucifer"

i witnessed lucifer and jesus meet.
jesus said: "hello my brother, you and father must speak. but, how can truth fear the truth and remain intact?"
and i witnessed jesus make a pact with lucifer, his brother.
jesus said: "you are "look i fear", and god created you because god's will was to not be alone. you've done no wrong in father's eyes."
things were said and words exchanged.
jesus said: "you are "look i fear". you will be like "i am". i'll hold your fear for you, for a moment, and here ... instead of "look i fear" you will approach the throne as "look i'm" aka "luk i'm". however, before you approach the throne of your creator, check yourself in my mirror to make sure you look presentable ....
and so ... lucifer ... i mean "luk i'm" looked in the mirror jesus had with him and saw this miracle:

luk i'm = luki'm [mirror] m'ikul = mikul = michael the angel that usurped lucifer .... with a little help from his brother

jesus was weaping ... and a roar sounded throughout all ...

we leave no one behind!

three crosses?
alone was on one
som was on the middle
hate was on one

alone som hate
same letters used to make:
a note shalome

What does truth mean to you Soul of integrity?

my truth is where the i am compliant with the facts.

if you use fear to define hate for you, you do not know what hate is
if you use fear to define rage for you, you do not know what rage is
if you use fear to define anger for you, you do not know what anger is
if you use fear to define fear for you, you do not know what fear is

if you use fear to define love for you, you have never known love

what does truth mean to soul of integrity?

tread lightly where my truth is involved, i will defend it relentlessly ... or i would, if the truth required me to .....

but the truth is the truth is what the truth is no matter what my opinion is ...

perhaps you'd best serve yourself if you were to ....
open your eye on your opinion and ask yourself where it comes from.

friends, fear ends
it takes courage to cure rage
few tour the future
seek writ to know a secret

i'm tired now. i'll be back soon.

thank you for being you, if god could turn lucifer into god's highest angel .... miracles can happen .....

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by soul of integrity

The problem with what you are doing with those words is you are just playing on the words of 1 single language and pronunciation.

Such is a deception in itself. Completely playing on words to make them mean whatever you want.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 09:33 PM
you know what a son is,
one who makes himself so crazy until he understands truth and love,
and in the same time tries to do his best to the world,
because he doesn't want them to worry and wants to improve them.
One who says to truth or god, why can't you be perfect,
and doesn't get rest until he sees God as perfect.

but indeed, don't play the wordgame, because that is the same
war as the verses-war in religion.
Words are including truths, but they do not totally describe it's reality.
To understand truth, let go of to many symbols.
To reach truth, you have to stand alone.

What is truth you asked :

I tell you in my words: (again)

what is the highest truth ? always absolute and free,
because otherwise it is subject to a higher truth. which is then absolute and free.
That truth is always one and is free.
What you see around you are beliefs, not atoms or things,
it is belief. All those beliefs are included in the truth.
Do you know a belief to be true ? even in majority ?
the answer is also belief. Truth knows itself, beliefs can't get further
then beliefs. Logic is seeing what is not true, and keeping truth, which
becomes free. This is repenting.

That's the startpoint.
Freedom means free of logic, but because of that, it is still logic,
logic is the same as truth. When logic falls it falls from the heavens
as described in revelation. God is One and GOd is free because of it.

So god does not need this paradox, because it made him free ?
Yes, but God likes to be one, and one includes also the lies,
or it would exlude the lies and truth would be divided.
In truth there are no lies. Lies were believed by 'lies', us.

Anyway, truth can be boring, and when it is complete,
the alarms will ring, which is sooner then i can write
a perfect written english sentence.

Someone who is in salvation only has doubts until
God allows them to fade out. Doubts allows
truth to take over, by seeing first what is not true.
The nice thing about doubts is, when you make
mistakes you forget about your honor, and you just say 'sorry',
and this opportunity we give to all.

And about the 'fear' thing, ofcourse we are afraid,
that is our motor to evolve, if you get hurted, aren't you afraid
to become hurted again ? that is the lesson to avoid doing the
same stuff that happens to us doing it to others.
Our hearts sometimes get shaped by our tears,
at least in this world. God doesn't need a negative to be positive.
But we in our evolution process in our lifes, we get
negatives, it makes us choose, ignorance or acceptance.
Acceptance is not romantic, it has nothing to do with taste.
Fear is shortage, shortage means imperfect yet and evolving out of the lies.

Take care all of you.

Salvation is self-responsibility, and self means everything.

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

just want to comment,

god allows everything, even when it is misunderstood to be written down like that,
still it will be used in the most functional way... so every wrong has a good side,
growing forgiveness is searching the good sides of the wrongs we see first.

If God is one, there can't be a bad, good is rest, we see bad, good again the endpoint.
Boomerang effect, lost sheep effect.
This is to much for a human to fully see, because our hearts grow bigger
the same time as our understanding does. We feel so much love , that sometimes
we can not even feel, realise maybe yes, the rights of the wrongs we see in the world.
At the same time we feel honesty, and learn that acceptance is not taste. New age sometimes likes us to live on pink clouds, but acceptance is not a cloud. God was hurted in this life, and he doesn't like it, pain, but he knows the good of Himself allowing it for his glory, as written in our holy books, not for us but for his glory, which includes us.

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by letthereaderunderstand
reply to post by pasttheclouds

What does truth mean to you Myrtals?

Is it not "the truth" that sets us free?
Is it not the glue which holds "the way" and "the life" together?

I ask again, seeking a foundation to build each other up on IN TRUTH. If we can find the truth (which is done in the light nor hidden since the foundation of the world) we will also see "the way" and "the life" together even now.

What is truth? Are we not all "close pressed" translated Pontius Pilate?

Truth is knowing God - intimately. What do I mean by this? Well, it's just what it implies. The way is the pathway to God. Those who follow Jesus' teachings will find the way because he is the Messiah, and he personally seen to it, to fulfull God's will that we all have direct access to the Father. Jesus did this by going to the cross. It had to be done this way because the first resurrection, that we are supposed to experience while we are alive on this earth, basically mimics Christ going to the cross.

We have to consider, that the old way to have access to God was through the temple in Jerusalem. The old temple had an outer court, an inner court and the Holy of Holies. Our bodies being new temples are no different. If we were to lay out the temple design on our own bodies, the outer court would be our legs down to our feet, the inner court would be our body and the Holy of Holies would be placed where our head/mind is.

There are five mysteries:

1 Baptism - outer court
2. Chrism - inner court
3. Eucharist - inner court
4. Redemption - inner court
5. Bridal Chamber - Holy of Holies

The veil (like a brides veil) was torn open, the moment that Jesus died giving us access into knowing the sacred things.

To go from the outer court into the inner court we repent. True sincere repentance brings the chrism and now one would be getting into the baptism, that John the Baptist said would come from Jesus of spirit and fire.

Shall I go on?

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by pasttheclouds

Hello pasttheclouds!

Why is it that you see God as inflicting pain on Thee's self. Pain is for beings in the flesh. That is not pain on God.

God is order. The order and cycles of cause and effect. Its not a choice by God...its a nature of how Thee works. The bad leads to good...yes they are one. To awaken and rise, the things we see as bad, the things some feel that were not meant to be of this world such as suffering, are needed. If its needed, its not pain to God. Its a law, a spiritual nature, its Thee's way. Catalysts spark us in ways that a total paradise could not. The tree of knowledge was not a mistake....we are meant to be here. The suffering that is here is meant to be here. Its not a choice by God, its a nature of how Thee works, which is order, cause and effect is an order. Worlds of flesh will always be, somewhere, some dimension. Repetitive. Cycles.


posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 10:46 PM
cycles and patterns are included in truth
they allow reflection which allows different beliefs.
Beliefs grow like a plant, a tree
of life
The devil mimics truth, so it is not the opposite
but very close. The paradox allows beliefs to
be believed in time, in their right time.
Truth can not be untruth, so untruths are believed by untruths.
But one means even lies has to be included,
without them touching truth. By created things,
that grow towards being one, this is possible.

But Life as one feels pain though us,
God feels pain though us,
do you like it ? nope, he doesn't like it either.
Why does God feel that ?
Once you will become one with him,
and you will know who took the pain, Himself.
Ignorance avoids pain, and maybe avoids
coming home to be alive forever. In death
there is no cross. So yes, it is god that takes it on his shoulders.

Honesty gives us strength,
because we do not see what comes our path,
but honesty is choice to take cross slowly over time,
instead of seeing it coming, then we can't take it.
Heroes are cowards who do not see any other possibility then to do it.
They are the real heroes.

Yes, i see god as allowing pain, to himself,
i see god as one, because when truth is divided,
it still comes together in one truth, which is free
as god.

Patterns were reflection modes,
to give logic the possibility to release itself.
To build paradox. Our life.

If god is one, he will not let pain be unfunctionally,
and never ending.

If God is one, his cross is shared too,
He chooses to be righteouss. We become one, he took the cross,
in every lie we conquer, we become more truth, which is Him.
He comes down like this.

A bible God can look bad,
but he is better then never ending cycles,
never ending pain, he just allows it once,
to never remember it again after he saw it.

God is never away, but he works though each of us,
that is his part in this world.

The future is allready enjoying the future.
What is one is allready enjoying heaven.
For you the stars were formed, the earth created.
Time is a thing in God, God is all times.

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 10:45 AM
how the religions avoids truth,
how atheism avoids truth,
(generalising to make a point)

they throw everything away when they find one fault
when mostly truth is spread between lies.
Giving away everything means more then giving away money,
it is giving away securities, it is allowing doubt.
You can not take the other's cross, but you can take yours,
which includes the others. Buddhism teaches allowance,
but allowance is build on understanding, before that
there is care. That's why even people with wrong beliefs,
are angels when they care in their best effort all the time.
Dogmatic Religion avoids opening up to peoples 'best effort' and thinks in absolutes.
Absolutes are where God is, before that there is relative.

Jonah when he went to Nineveh to warn them
about Gods 'revenge', preached a message,
that in the end was wrong, God gave them
again time to repent. Still he was closest to God.

This is the real prophet, one who makes mistakes,
until his mistakes hurt him so much, that he needs to understand.
A sorry has to be real to be a sorry, it has to be felt as regret.

Jonah will be locked in creation, a sea-animal,
sea = spirits. animal = creation
just as jesus predicted

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by badmedia

Bad media, I'd have to disagree. You're Good media in my eyes

Math. That is a perfect example of universal truth. The reason I say that is because math is something we all know and even more importantly, we all agree on even though problems can be presented in different fashions. Multiple problems can and do many times have the same answer.

One person might have the problem of 2 + 1 = 3
Yet, another might be viewing the problem of 5 - 2 = 3

Regardless of how the problem is being viewed, under a set of rules the answer remains the same, only we get caught up in our own variables so that we are blinded from the truth we knew all along. Key words...We Knew, not I knew or you knew, but WE knew all along.

That my friend is a perfect example...many blessings you bestow.

We each have personal truths, but we can only relate on known truths amongst each other, as our personal truths can not transcend each others knowledge without first having a base for transmittal to your next truth....understanding.

Wow, you knocked my block off. Thank you.

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by soul of integrity

Fear is near
an F with an ear

the negative way
navigating the rear

Consciously clearing
pinning to love

pardon the raven
flying over the dove

black before white
wrong learning right

writing a song
to be sung at first light

our instincts we fight
sounds never change

the gnomen of clature
translating our reigns

truth sure as fate
faithful to eight

hate chasing love or
love chasing hate

the bright morning star
lucy got fired

the knowledge of all
is what she desired

cast from the grave
rather the womb

emotion in motion
she loves that tune

all on the outside
to parables come

but backward and forward
a pair equals one

a see saw rhythm
on honeymoon night

creating from darkness
all that is light

work follows true faith
on hands and knees

the size of the smallest
of all of the seeds

to babes are revealed
the truth of the way

children call out
come out and play

hating to lose
lost on hate

no fear of unknown
only instincts negate

true is true
even wrong and right

adding a mile
procures the light

so lightly I tread
as you request

as sure as the truth
that beats in your chest

moving to rest
resting to move

it's evening time
when the day begins new

so all is even
even we knew

thanks for your life
that is the truth

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