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Why I allege that a £1.32bn UK betting corporation literally stole £10s of millions from it's cus

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 04:48 PM
Something that's stuck with me for a long, long time:

See all those shiny casinos in Las Vegas? They don't build them from the Winner's money.

Gambling is not my thing. I'm sorry you find yourself drawn to these places.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 04:52 PM
Interesting read, although I do not know how you would prove all this. What you describe is mostly every other gamblers self story. It is all quite dirty though when you think about it isnt it? Luckily I learned this at an early age. In Iowa you can go to the Indian casinos when you are 18, so that lures a lot of dumb money in.

FWIW, and I don't anymore, but the only usual profitable systems I have ever found would be

1) NBA/NHL Martingale Road System (must have huge bankroll)

2) Betting against high public bets in the NFL when the public is on something 75% or more and the line is stationary or moving in the opposite direction.

GL with the rest

posted on Mar, 14 2010 @ 10:47 PM
The William Hill machines had become totally crooked.

They appeared to operate on margins of 10-11%.

The other bookies machines appeared to operate on more like 5%.

They say it doesn't cheat, it's all random, but it's just a printed label.

I know for a fact that the William Hill machines were cheating me. For me it was about £10,000 that I think was actually 'taken', as opposed to 'lost'.

My gambling turnover through their machine was well over £100,000 all from cash put in the machine usually (or money credited with cash over the counter).

posted on Mar, 14 2010 @ 10:52 PM
The man in the Monaco casino, I didn't see him being cheated. He placed 10,000 euro bets on my spinning table, and 10,000 euro bets on the other. Though losing at the time as I was placing my bets, the man walked out on my right after about 20 minutes about 250,000 euros up. So it didn't look like cheating was going on. All the Las Vegas I have seen, I haven't seen any cheating, but I've never been there - they run with a double zero as well on roulette though, so the margin is higher. Better to bet one big affordable bet then leave. I don't know if the William Hill machines are still rigged like what I say during my addiction to their F.O.B.T. terminals - but they were employing bet adjustment techniques on the higher value bets - bets were being debated etc., on my bigger bets it was always a 99.5% +/-0.2% loser, on even chances.

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posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 06:36 PM
Shambles, nice post, but I'm sorry you're wrong.

I did some gambling - bad me - because I used to have an addiction!

I am banned from William Hill for screaming in the streets that their machines were rigged.

I went to Coral and the margins had been cranked up to as far as I could observe, 20%. So, I can't gamble on the fobts - my effective system is hard enough as it is without being ripped off !

I tore up my betting slip one day in disgust, he stuck it back together again and gave me £4.

One day, I threw one of my last twenties to the man on the right machine, because the machines were on "suck" - cranked to 20% or more margins.
They got greedy.

The next day the machines had the cheat switched off, and during a difficult game's play I managed to walk out with over £20 which covered me for the £20 I had had ripped off of me by another person.

On the day they were on "crank", the man next door to me explained how he had just had £300 sucked up by Corals, and how no one ever wins anymore because it's all set to "suck" - using their "cheat to take" technology. Sad but true.

However, at William Hill, the proof is obvious - the screen jerks when your bet result is being changed.

I wonder how many suicides there are on William Hill particularly, and Coral, and I wonder why they did it!

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