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Congo: millions dead! ignored! *sigh*

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posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by seagull
Africa will not be saved until Africa itself wants to be saved. As cold as it sounds, and it is, we can't do it for them. We learned that in Vietnam, we're learning it in Afghanistan and Iraq. The people there have to do it. Outsiders become just another enemy.
...But they, the Africans, have to want to do it. No other way will work. We're seeing the results of outsiders trying to "civilize" Africa.

The west needs to stay out. We'll only make the problem worse.

Oh noes, Im gonna diagree with seagull, zazz dons body armour.

Africans like most indigenous cultures existed within complex societies, that without "West" technologies, colonialism and interventions worked like any eco system. We disseminated the way they worked with colonialism, and then until the last few decades when they claim independance they are left without the benefit of milenia of social contructs to keep their society going, instead they were taught greed.

We do intervene to this day by perpetuating the poverty and lack of education etc there. Africa is indeed part of a VERY LARGE conspiracy, the west wants to keep such a largely populated continent repressed.

We went in and made the mess, and it is our repsonsibilty to assist with creating a educated, well nourished people and viable economies there. And I dont mean by army/UN control. But by no longer supplying them with arms, allowing aid money to actually go through to the point of educating not just band aid solutions.

Places like Dafur are a result of the 'west' and the islamic world silently feeding either side arms. Ethiopia and its neighbours the same.

They are happy to keep them impoverished and in cycles of war. We all know there is NO WAY that poverty needs to exist in this day and age, it exists purely to maintain controls and encourage over consumerism in the west.

OH Gosh, Ill step off my soap box

You get my point, We are still intervening the wrong way, but not through visible "controlling army" ways.

posted on Oct, 25 2009 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

Now why would you need armour when disagreeing with me? I'm harmless...

Actually you make good points. They can't go back to the way it used to be, for better or for worse, that's gone forever.

Africa needs to be left alone to find her own way in the world. If that means rewriting the concept of borders, and using tribal territory instead, then so be it. My only thought on the matter is, the west needs to stay out of it. Good people of good will, and there have to be a few in Africa, can and will come up with a solution if given the chance.

The only real help we can give them is to remove the outside influences that are and will compound the problems. That means corporate entities, and outside countries such as China, Great Britain, and yes, the United States.

They have the right to self determination, just like everyone else. No matter how painful, and bloodsoaked it may be.

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