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Time=Gravity, time waves, time slips, need help getting my head around this.

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 06:42 AM
I've spent some time reading the Time Wave Zero threads, some physics threads and the thread about time slips. A comment made in one of the TWZ threads was to do with a relationship between the time wave and gravity which led me to want to understand the connection.

Anyway, I got sidetracked with E=mc2, which I really don't understand and hope someone can explain it to me as if to a child please.

Also, what is a 'fractal'? it comes up alot but I don't get it.

Time=Gravity: I found this web page and I am hoping if anyone can tell me if it is right or b.s. cos I'm trying to get my head around it but don't want to waste time if it's b.s.

I guess what I'm trying to understand is how time and gravity can be changed or affected and what energy is involved to try to tie together all these time/non time issues which keep coming up.

If some people feel that they are experiencing time is speeding up, what does that mean? How could that happen?
If time were reaching a zero point, does that mean gravity is reaching a zero point?
If the universe stopped expanding that would affect gravity and time?
If people think they experience time slips or if they really happened... how?

Anti gravity and time machines...connection?

I hope there is someone who can explain time/gravity to me in the most simplistic of terms. Please help, IT'S DOING MY HEAD IN.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 08:32 AM
reply to post by zenius

E=mc2, which I really don't understand and hope someone can explain it to me as if to a child please.

Try not to focus on the math part of it. The important concept is basically this: These physical objects you see around you are "matter." The potential for "matter" to move around and change is "energy." But..."matter" and "energy" are the same thing, simply in different states. Sort of like how ice and water are both the same thing, just in different states.

"Matter and energy are the same thing," is basically what it says.

But, the thing to wrap your head around is to conceive of "energy" in such a way that doesn't resemble Star Trek. For example, if you lift a ball above your head, you are effectively adding energy to it, because you are giving it a potential to change when you drop it, and it falls. Or, if you apply heat to it, same thing. You're "giving it energy." So...the heat in the ball is the same thing as the lifting of the ball which is the same thing as the ball itself.

That's what e=mc^2 says.

what is a 'fractal'?

Anything that is composed exclusively of smaller representations of itself. For example, imagine a line drawing of a square. But, when you zoom in to the square, you see that the lines aren't solid, but rather they're little squares. And, when you zoom in to those little squares, you see that the lines they're made of are also squares. That's a fractal.

If some people feel that they are experiencing time is speeding up, what does that mean? How could that happen?

Depends on who you ask. I think the TWZ people are theorizing that the universe is constructed in such a way such that "time" is not something that we travel through, but a physical property of the universe just like up/down and left/right are. But, this "measurable, physical, time" has a definite end and beginning. But, not because everything magicaly ceases to exist past those boundaries, but rather, because the more fundamentall nature of the universe is a state of omniscience. Exiting time is simply a return to a more natural state. "The end up of time" is not the end of existence, but rather, the end of the artificial state of experience sequential time.

And for whatever reason they appear to be theorizing that the transition occurs as a gradual buildup rather than instantaneously. Though the whole concept of "buildup" and "instantaneously" doesn't really apply, since we're discussing the physical layout of time. As to how it could seems to simply be an assumption of the theory that that's how the universe is laid out.

Personally I'm skeptical that the passage of time is accelerating. I think the measuring stick people are using is changing. If you're 100 years old, any single year seems relatively less significant than if you're one year old. The older you get, of course the faster time would appear to pass, because there's no objective measure for time other than your own awareness of it.

Please help, IT'S DOING MY HEAD IN.

Try thinking of it not as "something that is true," so much as a possible perspective. An idea is only useful to the extent that you're able to apply it. that sense, it doesn't really matter is something is fundamentally "true" so long as you find it useful.

There may be value in understanding possibilities regardless whether they are truths.

I hope there is someone who can explain time/gravity to me in the most simplistic of terms.

Time I think I can help you with. Most of these ideas can be imagined simply be adding extra spatial dimensions to your conceptualization. Gravity, not so much. Standard physics perspective of gravity, sure...but there seems to be a recurring theme amongst channeled and esoteric sources that claim gravity is something entirely more than we perceive it to be. I don't think I understand those claims. Nor can I point you to any source that seems to clarify it. They just seem to like to say that it's "special" and then go in circles. At least, that's how it seems to me. It's possible I just don't understand.

In any case, specific questions will be easier to answer than general questions.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Thanks LordBucket.
You've answered some of my questions with clarity and i am very thankful. I'm glad you conceptualised it as my maths is shocking! I think I've comprehended most of what you've written, but will read it through a few times to be sure.

Thankyou again for you reply.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by LordBucket

And nobody gave this guy a star???? I did!!!

Thanks for that LordBucket, i'd be surprised if the ATS staff didn't atleast give you an applause for this very clear answer....


posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 03:24 PM
THANK YOU!!! LordBucket for those answers. You made a lot of things so much clearer.

posted on Sep, 26 2009 @ 08:12 AM

Originally posted by zenius A comment made in one of the TWZ threads was to do with a relationship between the time wave and gravity which led me to want to understand the connection.

I've never made a direct correlation between the two, though there is a definite one-way relationship present - meaning, gravity can affect the timewave, however the timewave has no bearing whatsoever on gravity. I mentioned the relationship in the opening post of my first timewave thread, and then later Antar brought it to my attention that she had the phrase 'timewave gravity shift' come to her under odd circumstances. That led me to explore the relationship a bit further.

First, the timewave only exists because of our Sun which is the main energy source that allows life to exist in our vicinity. The Sun is the central point of gravity that keeps the system together, allows for life to continue, and is crucial to the development of consciousness on our planet. The flow and evolution of that consciousness is precisely what the timewave tracks - it actually acts as the gridwork over which consciousness can progress. Timewaves are thumbprints of an entire civilizations - not just dominant sentience, but the complete life-force of planetary ecosystems. However for a timewave to even exist, consciousness must be present.

Separate consciousnesses within the universe are then associated with stars. If civilizations ever meet, their timewaves overlap and join to create a new gridwork for the new collective to evolve. As a result, their stars of origin also become connected in some way (it's believed that stars actually have some form of awareness).

Whatever will happens around 2012 is uncertain. I personally think our individual consciousnesses will achieve complete interconnectedness around that time and will give rise to something new, like a true global awareness with similar parallel processing power to that of a single human brain. A new mind will be born, and we'll all be the neurons comprising it. Whether or not that's the case, another possibility is that we will meet another civilization which will result in our timewaves overlapping. Considering the timewave is a wave and behaves as such, the resulting interference pattern of two waves meeting could cause a brief flatline like that which is expected during zero point at the end of our timewave. If we did meet another society, it seems plausible that our current timeline would cease, and a new timeline would begin comprised of two new civilizations.

That case could be referred to as a 'timewave/gravity shift' given that the focal point would not merely be our star, but would also include one or more other stars representing the other civilization(s). The timewave's basis would also shift to a new map of time.

Also, what is a 'fractal'? it comes up alot but I don't get it.

Lordbucket answered that so precisely and concisely that I can't really add anything to it, other than to maybe give a visual example or two of it:

You can see above certain patterns that repeat on many levels, from the miniscule to the colossal. That is the nature of the universe.

If some people feel that they are experiencing time is speeding up, what does that mean? How could that happen?

Time acceleration is a perception held by many people entering this phase in human history where change is also speeding up. It’s a subjective experience directly related to one’s own experience with change and increasing interconnectedness with others. It can be described a number of ways.

The most widely accepted cause of this perceived speeding up is the direct relationship between age and one’s perception of time. The old cliché of ‘time speeds up as you get older’ is true. One year to a four-year old represents one quarter of their entire lifetime, whereas one year to an 80-year old is only 1/80th of their entire life. The passage of time is solely based on perception based on expectations from past experiences. Another year to someone who’s 80 is nothing compared to a small child – everything takes way too long for a child.

Another possibility is that our perception of time is based entirely on physical processes going on within the body. As we age certain metabolic processes and rhythms slow down and eventually cease in death. These biological catalysts could then trick the mind into thinking that time itself is speeding up.

A third possibility is that as societal change accelerates (along with our awareness of these changes), we come overwhelmed with the acceleration and our cognitive perception of the passage of time then speeds up to compensate for this progressive experiential ‘lag.’ Our experience of time accelerates out of necessity in order to be able to continue to function in an ever changing world.

The fourth possibility is based on theoretical physics. One stance on the nature of time is that there is no time at all. Time exists as a by-product of our conscious human existence. So with this case, it’s not only based on perception, it’s entirely perception. Time is an independent and relative experience, and it can vary not only from galaxy to galaxy, but from collective to collective – even individual to individual. This idea relates closely to the third possibility above in that our perception of change creates the acceleration, but here our consciousness actually creates time – it’s manifests a perceivable 4th dimension and can likewise manipulate it at will. The changes however occur collectively and arise from a constant tug-of-war between minds and groups of minds.

A fifth and final view is even more esoteric than the previous and involves our alignment with the galactic equator and subsequent energies that are currently bombarding us. These ‘energies’ could have a direct affect on our behaviour, cycles, thoughts, and perception of time.

And, of course, it could be ‘all of the above’ or something I’ve completely missed.

If time were reaching a zero point, does that mean gravity is reaching a zero point?

No, that would more than likely represent us entering a black hole which would be catastrophic. It could however mean a shift in both, which I talked about above.

If the universe stopped expanding that would affect gravity and time?

Almost certainly. Theoretically, some propose that if the universe stopped expanding and started contracting, time would flow in reverse (and entropy would progress back towards the simplicity and wholeness of the beginning state of the universe before the big bang. If it just stopped expanding and ceased to move in either direction, then we'd be frozen in a static existence.

For the above to be true, you have to assume the universe had a beginning. I personally believe it's an unending cycle with singularity flashpoints marking shifts in the cycle.

Here's an idea. Past and future, cause and effect are opposite to what we find to be most likely given our experience of time. Perhaps rather than moving towards zero date as a point of uncertainty in the future, maybe it's always been there, it's already happened, and we're making our way back to the beginning (but it just feels like we're moving forward in time).

Here's an image below. Image there's no time, only a solid-state existence, and we're only capable of experiencing it linearly. Zero point could in fact be a kind of 'gravity source' sucking us towards it, only to spit us out the other side at equal velocity into another experience of solid-state time which will then feel as if it's slowing down. Who knows...

If people think they experience time slips or if they really happened... how?

This involves parallel realities or co-existing parallel timelines. Our consciousnesses guide our individual and collective traversals of them, and occasionally they overlap, merge, or part ways. I believe sometimes we can actually jump-tracks so to speak and change the timelines we're on. Perhaps 2012 is the ultimate convergence where all these parallel timelines merge together into one collective thrust forward into the great unknown future. Afterwards they'll spread apart again into another mass webbing of realities. See the images below where I compare this idea to the structure of neurons:

The below image is 7 different versions of the above image stacked together to show how parallel realities exist in relation to one another. Varying possibilities are represented by minute changes in the structure.

This image gets back to your fractal question above. This neural structure can represent many levels of reality, from the relationship between neurons to the interaction between galaxies or even universes.

Here's an image illustrating the levels of consciousness - from the very small to the extremely large. Imagine awareness as a physical thing woven directly into reality (which then is capable of weaving together reality itself):

Anti gravity and time machines...connection?

I suppose time could be suspended or reversed with antigravity technology, though it would probably be slight. I'm honestly not sure.

I hope the above info is more beneficial than it is confusing.

posted on Sep, 27 2009 @ 06:54 AM
Evasius, have you written a book? You explain this stuff so well and have an enormously wide ability of thinking outside the box. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
Yes still a little confused, but I'm determined to get my head around it. Your use of graphics has helped tremendously and I now understand fractals.
That leads me to ask something else: I read somewhere (can't remember where now) that waves actuall travel in spirals no waves as such. You beautiful blue fractal spiral reminded me of this and now I see how this can be. Now thinking about that, it reminds me of a dna strand. There has been mention on various web sites of humans gaining a strand of dna. Now thinking about that concept, the timewave as a blue fracal spiral could somehow be given an additional 'curl' which could completely change the way it looked, behaved or travelled.
Also thinking about conciousness, that is not bound by gravity and neither are wave frequencies are they? Perhaps at zero point we will realise that we are not bound by gravity (except in the physical sense) and come to understand another dimension .
Sorry if I'm rambling, my thoughts are a little scrambled still.

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