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Moving to england?help?

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 08:38 AM
guiis,i want to come to other country to HELP the country develop and to help mankind,i dont want to sponge like a bum.i want to get a nice job,girl and then to start doing good stuff for the betterent of all,but its a little HARD here to be good and to help others,as I cant find a good job
and even if i find with the salary i cant even pay my rent

i guess its going to be alot more easy going to netherlands or norway,i guess they will have more job openings and more "open" people,as for me,im just an angel,i wont mooch of the good country,i would be good with my neibhoors and will not listen to loud music all day or something

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 08:44 AM
its like here all cares about MONEY,SEX,DRINKING,SMOKING
all the mafia comes here,they just exploit evryone to make money,they dont look to contribute to bulgaria,they just look to make money,they dont care about customer service or betterment,and the japanise qkuza in the beach cityes..even worse.
so im fed up with these,,,how come everybody is driving a bmw x5 or mercedes benz but the average salary is 400$? and a apartment rent starts from 250$ atleast..for one room
im too enlightened to stand for this bull****! im moing out and good riddance to this cr*phole

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 08:52 AM
OP, I saw a post a couple back that said about the big cities, unfortunately while job opportunities are there they are also becoming the biggest areas of violent crime and poverty.

I recommend Staffordshire!! Take a look at a few pics on the internet, nice area in general in most parts, lot of countryside etc. Although I do have a few questions, are you male or female and how old are you? (you can U2U me if you don't want the info on here)

It really depends mostly on what you want to do.. general public services are normally always taking people, you can go through a job agency once you get here, although you probably just need some money keep you going for a while.

Bars, pubs, restaurants are often taking on workers but the money isn't great, someone else just mentioned the Royal Mail but a lot of them are getting axed at the minute.

It might be a little obvious but have you thought of maybe teaching your home language over here? Or being a translator?

Holla back

Edit cos I saw you'd explained that you were a guy

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:02 AM
damn ur GREAT! i never though about being a translator,im sure if i train ill be quite good,im just so pissed off my country that i just want to frikkin forget my language,ur city sounds like a blast,i even fall in love with the name..sounds like a city from world of warcraftXD
any normal job will make me happy,im 20 years old male,im a pretty good guy as i sayd i want to help people for our future^^
i have only 400$ right now,im sure its probably not enough.
i will most probably be coming with my best friend,hes a black man,i hope we dont meet racists or something,is it going to be easyer for him to find a job?
you know brother there is a strange law thats like,whenever something bad happens and gets me angry,then something good happens and make me happy,in the same day..very cool,and since i allready got fed up with gypsie drivers,now after 1 hour i have to go and see if im going to start the cool bartender job or sure luck will be on my side to get the job,then with more oney ill be a happy person ^_^
and i must say being inthe ats community is even better then being a mason,i guess i dont need to be mason,as you guis help me so much with every problem,one scittish good fella even suggested showing me around if i ever come in scotland to live,thanks guis,ill be sure to help you too with whatever u need..mostly pc stuff
u rock

ps i saw pics of staffordshire MAN ITS AWESOME

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:09 AM
hello again!

Well, Romania is not as great as it looks from outside, but the truth is that after 5 years of living in the UK i decided that I want to go back and BE tha change instead of waiting for a change.

I strongly believe that going outside Bulgaria will be a good life-experience , it is good to go out as I see you angry @ Bulgaria , so again - good to go out, take a break of several years then maybe you will get the energy to start the change in your own country.

Bulgaria is richer than Japan if you think well, yet poor. It is the people that make the difference. Half of the population is as bad as described by you (in Romania too) but there is the other half, that is angry and unpatient for the change to happen.

What I say - get in contact with other Bulgarians that are dissapointed like you , make communities , organise your group as a political party and go be the change!

We started something this in Romania already, still working and still in the begining with this project! We call it "Government 2.0" and the aim is to have a group of people, connected via the Internet, group that will focus on finding real solutions for the real problems of the country. All the decisions are the result of voting and star-rating. maybe I will translate the ideea.

For the moment we have a group of 120 people, but this is not bad considering it was just 4 of us several months ago.

I will translate the materials into English , even if you live Bulgaria it is work starting the CHANGE

O, about UK - i forgot to tell you - once you are legaly working for one year in the UK, as a Bulgarian citisen you get full rights in the UK . So maybe it is not bad ideea to even go to a farm or somewhere, just take a break and relax a bit. Countriside is very very nice in the UK!

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:16 AM
thx man i guess,that city of stafforsire or countryside sounds get the cowboy experienceXD as long as i get internet from my first salary xD
im very happy that u gis do this,are u a member of this group?
i heard that in romania they killed all the bad mafia people on a stadium..they just shooted it true? as you see alot of rich people and mafia that is corrupting our country is tough to take on with peacefull protests,even with a group they will try to pay us,or scare us.only thing we can do is take ILLEGAl actions, and besides all bulgarians we have bad seeds in us,we make trash on the streets etc...hard to kill the evil idiotizm in all of us ):
for the book,there are good bulgaian people too,but it depends,mostly from the crysis everyone are on edge,and with the street repairs closing,theres lots of new traffic...and its becoming hell for the pessimist like me.
afcourse if im lucky and have a good job and friends i would be so much happier,but even then i want to make a change!but for now i just want to escape,im not even sure if i will ever want to so dissapointed and fe dup

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by Stillalive

I agree with Romanian on the countryside bit, its a nice place to live. Staffordshire is a county, so its made up of lots of cities. I live close to Leek and Buxton, google them an you'll get an idea of the area.

Personally I'd spend a while saving so that if you do have trouble finding a job then at least you've got some money to fall back on. I think its a lot better idea to coming with a good friend aswell and I wouldn't worry about him being black, you sound like you could integrate into this country very well.

Theres a lot of opportunity over here, you just have to know what you want, with security experience and being only 20 I'm sure you wouldn't have much difficulty finding work.

The one thing I will say is the weather is unpredictable! Even though you said you would sleep in a park if you had to I really wouldn't recommend it!

You and your friend should be fine, I wouldn't worry about race or anything like that. Some people in this country are jackasses but you'll find those sort of people all over the world. Theres a lot of good people here too! A lot of companies have equal opportunities guidelines for their employees so you have as good of a chance of getting a job as anyone else coming here for work, an even better chance if you have experience and can speak English!

Call centres are another good one, normally a decent environment. Money is pretty standard but most places will have commission and bonuses things like that. Call centres are nearly always looking for staff aswell.

The only thing I'd warn you about is jobs like warehouse or factory jobs, a lot of people think they can take advantage of the fact that foreigners need work so they don't mind treating their staff like crap cos they normally have no other job to turn to.

Let me know what you decide on!

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:24 AM
GREAT! nice to know members are living there,ur right about backup money,thats why im going now to the bar to see if they will take me,i hope so.
ill be back after a half an hour to bring u the good news XD
for now i guess this city is the target,i guess in the beggining in next year even in january we will be there,and thx for the factory workers caution.
xaxa im sure he will probably get a job easyer couse they will be scared of being racist XD

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by stumason

Finally somebody speaking the truth. Thumbs up to you sir!

reply to post by Stillalive

Don't let people put you off the big cities, I have grown up in Birmingham and trust me its really not that bad. People say the crime rates are so much higher but that's because of the bigger population. Its like saying the US has more crime than the UK in total, It probably does, look at the population difference.

The main thing you will struggle with at the moment is getting a job, like anywhere at the moment people are not hiring as much. It is not impossible though, I know many people who have left and started new jobs in the last six months.

If you have a trade you will find work pretty easily, skilled workers who are prepared to actually do some work will go far. Remember also the restaurants, hotels and bars, I worked in a hotel for a while with many Polish immigrants, I was told by them the first place they looked was the places listed above. Everyone needs to eat, drink and have a place to stay.

When you first get here if your worried about places to stay I would suggest having a reserve of cash that you could use to stay in a hostel or cheap hotel for a few nights should you need to. Maybe rent a room at first for a few months until you have a job and can get somewhere bigger. There are many students who rent rooms out for very reasonable prices to pay the bills.

It will be hard at first if you do decide to come here, if you put the work in though you will do just fine. Good luck!

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 09:37 AM
reply to post by Stillalive

Well its probably just a good place to start as the area is pretty quiet but theres still cities knocking around that have a lot of industrial work and the city centres are built up so even if you work in the city you've got the countryside a short bus or car journey away!

Refuse orders - you're right there, its just the slum areas of each city that give them their reputation. Stoke was somehow named as the worst place to live not long ago, god knows why I can think of a million worse places to live in this country. I'm pretty fond of Birmingham my cousin is living up there while he's at Uni, just don't like London or Manchester at all.

I'm used to a (fairly) quiet life, I couldn't handle big city life!

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 11:10 AM
i just returned,the caffe boss girl sayd to wait until the end of month couse there arent alot of clients still,but my mom found me a job as a bartender in some "bar",i will go check it tomorow,i dont have a chance,i hope the job is good,and bartending is what i like and wanted but im just scared if i have to deal with drunken fools all day,its not my work,there are waitresses,but still im pretty emo and i dont like working in a bad atmosphere..): well i dont have much choise with the lack of work everywhere...but god protect i will be mad if someone makes the harry poter joke at me for wearing spektacles,maybe there eys should get broken so they need glasees..pfffhh

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 11:12 AM
thanks guis,i guess staffordshire is the perfect place tanks to you men^^,and ill try to be optimist and be happy that i finnaly found a bartender job that is close to my home and i will probably have a great time ^_^
and with the money i can finnaly succeed

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 02:05 PM
it really not worth you coming here. we already have far too many immigrants to be honest.

You might be the nicest guy in the world but you will end up with a crappy job, and below minimum wage.

Dont come here unless you have a job and somewhere to stay already waiting for you. as you will be very dissapointed.

we currently have way toomany people unemployed in the uk, and there will be at least 20 people applying for every unskilled job. its just not worth it .

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 03:25 PM
thats a very pessimistic thing to say mr bob,some of the guis sayd there are good places,besides its worse in here,and there atleast the payment is good,and besides i dont smoke or drink...i would be just fine with money

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:26 PM
its not pessemistic its the truth. you WONT get a good job they are kept for the english(unless you are a skilled worker with the relevent papers. and work visa). you WILL get a crappy job if you can find one at all.

We the english see it all the time. pizza deliveries. kebab house. janitors. street cleaners. fruit pickers(this pisses alot of people off)

its already too crowded.

Also i do think that you need a work visa. even if you are from eu.

[edit on 18-9-2009 by MR BOB]

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by MR BOB

What's wrong with the people who sell kebabs, sweep the streets and pick the fruit!? If they were not here working as hard as they do you would be pretty hungry and have streets full of litter. Don't knock the unskilled workers, just because they do the jobs most people see as less worthy does not mean they are.

If I was in a situation where I felt I could do better in an unskilled job abroad and live in a tolerant and fairly safe country compared to where I was already, guess what, I would go.

This country is not over run or over crowed, Its just full of lazy people, mainly British too. I have worked with many immigrants and they have put the British citizens I have worked with to shame, they work harder, longer hours and for less pay. Why? Because even what we consider crappy in this country is 10x better than what they would have at home.

If your serious about living, working and contributing you will do fine. Just expect to work your way up from the bottom and don't get discouraged. There ARE jobs, just most people see themselves as above manual and low paid work. Yet they forget its the low paid workers who hold up the rich business men.

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by refuse_orders

im not knocking them, in fact i think they should be given to people from the uk. i myself am an unskilled worker. and would do these if i had to.

they are not jobs nobody wants like the middle class meme goes.

[edit on 18-9-2009 by MR BOB]

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by MR BOB

Most people are unappreciative of the opportunities this country has for them, I find mainly its the British born citizens who think the state owes them a living. The reason employers preferred Polish workers for a while was how damn hard those guys would work. I experienced it first hand, most British people would refuse to do a job that required doing nights, weekends and assorted random hours.

I understand where you are coming from I really do, I just think if your serious about coming here and making a real go of things you still can. Its not impossible, It seems that way sometimes but in reality its not.

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by refuse_orders

you employed the polish?

are you english yourself? i accept though in birmingham there is probably one of the highest concntrations of immigrants in the uk. sometime it feels like you are in another country, sometimes not hearing a word of english for hours.

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by MR BOB

I never employed them myself, I was working in a hotel with almost a completely polish staff. I was living in Blackpool at the time, but I have grown up and lived in Birmingham for all but 2 years of my life. I'm just saying I have worked with Immigrants in many different jobs, they work just as hard as British workers (if not harder) imo, on this fact alone I feel they are justified to be here.

Obviously there are exceptions to this many sponge and scrounge of the hard working people, this is to be expected though in any group of people. Sadly though I see most of the lazy people in Birmingham coming from a British background... Many of the people I went to school with just sign on and do nothing, just because they can. They are not prepared to work what so ever, like I said they think they are owed a living.

Edit: Yeah I'm white British, My family goes back about 11 generations in England.

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