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IAEA shows signs of yielding to pressure - another step closer to war with Iran

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posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 12:09 PM
For a long time now, various factions in the US and Israel have been trying to manipulate public opinion against Iran. They've done a good job in persuading people that Ahmedinejad is an evil nutcase, the new Hitler, and that Iran is very close to getting nukes.

Up to a while ago, there were a few mitigating factors. The IAEA successfully kept its independence for some time, but now it seems those days are over. Why?

Because it refuses to acknowledge that the documents detailing Iran's "secret program" were forged.

source article

The documents are missing security markings and official government seals. The IAEA brushes this aside. Those of you who've seen how documents such as the MJ-12 documents are analysed will know immediately that having the correct security markings is no small matter.

The IAEA also makes a curious error of logic.

Meanwhile, the IAEA has portrayed Iran as failing to respond adequately to the "substance" of the documents, asserting that it has focused only on their "style and format of presentation".

Whether the documents are forged or not has to be determined on their style and presentation. Until the question of whether the documents are forged or not is resolved, the contents are obviously moot!

By refusing to acknowledge the issue, the IAEA is showing that it is no longer independent of the influence of the US and Israel. A manufactured excuse for war is one step closer.

One of course wonders who forged the documents, who knew about it, and how the IAEA were nobbled. Perhaps answers to these questions will emerge in the future.

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 01:07 PM
Hmm. Interesting twist of events. If true, wonder who they paid off.

Seriously, Iran should do the same thing back to the US. Provide made up evidence through intermediaries of the US building Neutron Bombs or the like. Show the world the double standard.


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