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Nostradamus Second Coming? 2012

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 06:49 PM
This is my story in this world i believe that all living beings got a purpose. One night friend did came over my house we smoke some herbs and we like to talk universum/science/life/politics/etc.. after seeing some stars in night sky we some how did start to talk a 2012 prophecy and we end up this net site. It is a 13-moon natural time calendar, the mathematics of the ancient Mayan Calendar System. I did found outcome interesting i put my bird date on it this is what it sayed.

I Activate in order to Survive
Bonding Instinct.
I seal the Store of Life Force With the Electric tone of Service.
I am guided by the power of Universal Water
I am a polar kin
I establish the Red galactic spectrum.

Thous words did ignite somthing inside me, and did make think of my dreams i been haveing these apocalyptic dreams 2002 to this day some of them i been writing up. Begos they where sow physically spiritually devastating, shocking me to very core in next morning when i think about them i always survive on them weird. I really dont want to remember these, some are pretty brutal and bloody.

22.4.03 Seen
I was on my home town library outside and ppl was walking around then i did see a woman in violet dress and she did came on to me and ask light, i did look her eyes and give her light for a smoke that moment time did freeze on us, then ppl just keep coming and coming then the time stop all ppl stop and i looked up and see redblack meteorite flying gods like speed splitting Bluewhite sky a half. Then i see it falling on Horizont after that comes really high volume sound that drops us to knees then building & trees starts to shake then it comes real hot & after that Shock wave hit me.

City of Death it was real bad even when i think of this dream it fill up my tears channels and make very humble. It was a bloodbath sow much blood sow violent, ppl eating each others but my survival instinct is strong. I did see everyone dying around me but yet i did lead group of ppl in safety, these kinda dreams i seen 3-5 never yet i am not died on these dreams.

Alien Attack
Was driving a car highspeed away from UFOs that chased us me & my friend it was flying over nightsky very low, we was the some what last ppl in town that was not taken then all in sudden multiple lights come over us & blackout. Next i wake up in tower of emptyness sow i wander off & i come some sort of window and see shocking image hundreds of ppl was on a slavery on other planet.

Global Flood
18.6.07 Seen
I wake up extreme heat, old ppl are dying animals are dying after that weeks passed by and it start to rain and cities fill up with water high buildings will vanish underwater. Food is less day by day you need to dive 15metre on high ground to get some canned food from stores, living will change to survival only strong will survive in this world.

Man made Apocalypse
13.9.09 Seen
I was working on big city it was late night, some of my friends was there too i start hearing outside screams and gun shots very rapidly and they was getting closer my co-workers did panic and run out, we was in 3 floor they all did run to theyr deaths. It was a doom squad they did prey us like animals, i did flee to the roof and see how many these guys are, a black military force they where hiding building and snipper shot ppl down, death bodies was everywhere on the streets i did see a group of ppl trapped behind a car. It was a war again civilian to full armed doom squad only one thing in mind kill they did not give mercy. i did see a new technology on them what i was not never ever seen a ghosts like.

Notice! these are just dreams my dreams.

In future i dont know what happen to us it can be anyting, this is just what i have seen.

You never seen a dream that feel more real then you are alive?


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