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A Simple Proposal To Harness The Power of American Industry

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posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 12:13 PM
I've decided to consolidate some of my thoughts on basic things that the Government can do without excessive interference to bring this nation back from the brink of irrelevance. Nothing that I am about to post strikes me as being beyond the realm of common sense. As such, I believe that the government's inability/refusal to implement similar provisions is proof of either malice or incompetence, though I strive to not mistake one for the other.

Most of these initiatives are based on the idea of offering companies status as "Tax Free Institutions." In my model this means that the company and its employees are exempt from Federal Taxes (with the exclusion of Medicare and Social Security). This gives the companies undeniable and significant fiscal motivation to innovate and will mobilize every single employee to work and contribute towards this goal from the CEOs to the janitor. Whenever this Tax Free status is set to expire, companies receive a 3-5 year period where they are gradually eased back into paying taxes.

1. Energy Independence - As long as our nation runs on oil, true Energy Independence is a statistical impossibility. Even if we tap every known and projected domestic oil reserve with 100% efficiency, we would make only a minimal dent in our annual consumption. The natural conclusion is that we must as a nation pursue alternative fuels. To that end, I suggest the following incentive programs:

1a. The first company to introduce a 100 mpg 4-seater car that meets a set basic performance standards and can be sold with a base price of $25,000 or less will become a tax free institution until milestone 1b. (below) is reached.

1b. The first company to introduce a 100% renewable zero-emission 4-seater vehicle meeting the same performance and price standards as above will become a TFI for a period of 25 years. The technology would need to be shared with domestic competitors after a 3 year exclusivity window.

1c. The first company to create a nationwide infrastructure (creation through distribution) for a 100% renewable fuel source with POSITIVE ENERGY YIELD will become a TFI for a period of 25 years. The technology would need to be shared with domestic competitors after a 3 year exclusivity window.

1d. The first company to use 100% renewable and clean resources to provide electricity to a population of 4 million or more will become a TFI for a period of 10 years. The technology would need to be shared with domestic competitors after a 3 year exclusivity window.

Smaller though still significant incentives can also be put forth for companies accomplishing (in 100% quanitifiable and reasonably affordable to the public ways) the following tasks: equipping homes to be energy neutral or positive (decentralization of generation), harnessing incidental power sources (e.g. gyms using exercise equipment to offset power consumption, etc)

2. The Increasingly Volatile Nature of Our Imaginary Money System - The financial system is currently configured in such a manner that trillions of dollars of "value" are creating through the fictionalization of capital. Simplifiying the investment market is a first step towards fixing it.

2a. 100% transparancy of all financial transactions from the Fed down the local Credit Union.

2b. All investment tools must remain no more than 3 degrees of separation from the original source of capital. Example: 1 degree - A lender provides a mortgage. 2 degrees - That mortgage is bundled with others for resale on the open market. (I'm not a fan of allowing this, but we will call it a necessary evil for now). 3 Degrees - The holder of the bundle can take out insurance against possible losses. The three degree cap would then limit the resale of the insurance or the creation of additional derivatives.

2c. Ban the Stock Market (This will be a separate post for later).

That's all for now. Just a quick sketch, really, but it would start moving us in the right direction.

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