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The Matrix The Constitution (Genocide and Bank Failure) Important Read

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by Champagne

Thank for the post!! Is there anyone on ATS that has used, or is using, this stuff in addressing legal issues?? I would love to hear about it!!!

It takes most of us literally years to shed the illusions of our past matrix and begin to truly absorb what it means to be a free entity.

My friend that sent the link is one Sovereign being who has taken it to court and won. Yet there are many others sitting in prison who were unable to accomplish the same, so many factors have to be present and you have to fully understand the reality of working from the highest form of law.

Originally posted by Millions

What a total load of pish!

For a so-called judge to not know the difference between 'deceased' and 'diseased' is a joke. This is too badly written to be by a man who, as a former judge, would have needed a very high standard of education.

I am glad that you mention 'education' it is the real meat and bones of this entire issue and what they need for it to continue, if people become educated instead of propagated, healed instead of killed, then and only then will we begin to turn the tides on prosperity for all. This is a subject which you will begin to understand in the very near future, it really is simple, just so foreign to our upbringing it is shocking at first.

I do understand your aggression, but dont shoot the messenger for the language faux pas, just research the information OK?

Originally posted by corusso
Itneresting stuff, thanks.
But, IMO, what the elite didn't realize at the time this plan was started is the the human race is evloving faster than this plan can be played out. The new spiritually and mentally advanced human race will not let this happen. This change that is happening within us goes beyond governments, laws and money.

They really do all they can to keep us separated from them educationally. Yes people are evolving, but at the same time ignorance has never been greater nor useless idiots popping babies out in astronomical numbers, this always happens right before a huge purge of the bottom feeders of humanity by either war or famine, and now the real plot involves viruses and vaccines.

The stats lie, America is not even close to being the super power of educational excellence we think it is, in fact it is at or close to the bottom.

I think what may be needed here is a little back ground on Credit and Debit, brb.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 12:48 AM
These are some class notes that a good friend took and I will use here to emphasize just how we got into the situation we are. This is not the history as we are taught and in fact can be quite disturbing when you set out to discover these truths for yourself, as questions lead to answers which lead to more questions, at least that is what I have found.

If you find these of interest I will gladly share more of what I have learned in the past several months having this information given to me on a regular basis from people who have taken years to study this revealing paradigm.

As I said these are class notes from a friend and in the future I will use my own set of notes instead, just wanted to get this thread bumped up for now.

1776 Declaration of Independence was established, and through the Articles of Confederation, a sovereign republic was created. . The Republic lasted only 7 years.

1782 The National government went to the States and asked them to foot the bill for the Revolutionary War and the States said they would not pay the debt. National government was therefore forced to form a Constitution. The national government lost its sovereignty. A constitution (security, with sureties) is created by a constitutor – one who passes his debts to a 3rd party.

September 17, 1789 [original, up to 13 amendments (13th no titles of nobility) then ceased to exist] Constitution was a negotiable, debt, security instrument which the national debt was attached to. The King of England bought the debt (and legal title over the national government’s property) and the democracy was formed (and the Republic lost its sovereignty via international bankruptcy). The democracy operates under military tribunal laws, where the minute you’re charged, you’re guilty.

September 17, 1789 [original, up to 13 amendments (13th no titles of nobility) then ceased to exist] Constitution was a negotiable, debt, security instrument which the national debt was attached to. The King of England bought the debt (and legal title over the national government’s property) and the democracy was formed (and the Republic lost its sovereignty via international bankruptcy). The democracy operates under military tribunal laws, where the minute you’re charged, you’re guilty.

International bankruptcy lasts 70 years. At the end of the bankruptcy, the debt is due. The States had signed on as sureties for the debt.

1791 Alexander Hamilton created the Bank of the U.S. (with a 20 year charter) where the securities were held.

1811 Congress decided not to renew the Bank of the U.S.

1812 War of 1812 Britain took possession of all the federal courts (where the titles are).

1816 Another central bank but Andrew Jackson nixed it. The country operated at a surplus for the only time, but did he pay the debts or was he a belligerent debtor?

1859 Civil War – the northern States went to the Southern states which had most of the money (gold, cotton, resources, wealth) and the South said no we’re not paying – we’ll start our own country. Because of their dishonor with the international bankers, and it was the will of the creditors to get the debt paid or take sureties for the debt; hence the States lost their sovereignty – they had signed the first Constitution that secured the debt. Another bankruptcy; another 70 year process. Now the States were in dishonor, so now the international creditors took control of the State’s property and the States (who were surety for the debt) no longer had their sovereignty.

Debtors are not sovereign; creditors control. If you control any property, you have legal title to it; you are sovereign and the property is sovereign. Creditors are willing to risk it all. Creditors bring remedy, resolution, not necessarily FRNs.

1860’s new federal Constitution. Republic was insolvent or bankrupt. (Military) Democracy. Generals and even Privates have titles of nobility. U.S. citizens are all privates. New 13th Amendment: No Involuntary Servitude. The Republic, however, prior to that, is (still) in involuntary servitude which has created the entire international bankruptcy system.

1873(?) UPU precursor to NWO. All government exists by virtue of its postal system. Postal routes laid the foundation for commerce.

1909 Jekyll island - Federal Reserve, income tax in 1913. The IRS is foreign despite the fact that its employees are not. Taxes don’t go to operating the country; they go to pay the debt to the creditors. The creditors have surety through the Fed.

1929 Stock market crash. Bankruptcy due and we didn’t pay (dishonor) again. This time the people lost their sovereignty. There was confiscation of gold, silver and all legal (allodial) title. They also took title to your body through a certificate of title known as your birth certificate (which is a bond and goes to the Dept. of Commerce). They took it to give you a benefit. You can be irresponsible because they took control of the slaves on the plantation. The people (who were surety for the debt) lost their sovereignty. [Fascism is the government having all legal titles.]
[You can get legal title back.]

1933 Social Security. State has all legal title.
Everyone in JurA has an exemption and are creditors.
From the perspective of JoB, you’re presumed to be a debtor.

1999 State now not only has legal title to everything, but controls equitable title to almost everything, electronically.. We went from fascism to communism.

The Bible has many overlays – one is commercial. The sign of the cross is a ledger – assets on the left, liabilities on the right. Christianity is double entry bookkeeping. Jesus pre-paid your debt. Mason call the Bible the “sacred volume of law”.

7 years for a bankruptcy; 70 years for a commercial bankruptcy; 10 days, 3 days for a commercial process, etc. The Elites follow the Bible to a “T”. They’re the sons of Cain. The Garden of Eden is a commercial-free zone. In the Bible, one can charge usury only to foreigners. Wooden yoke is slavery at home; iron yoke is slavery in a foreign land. Sin is debt. If you come from anger, greed, etc., you’re a spiritual debtor. The deadliest sin is pride. Humility is the basic trait of a creditor. Creditors don’t take anything personal; they love. You, the authorized representative and trustee of the corporation are there to bring remedy. Don’t be an enemy (paper terrorist) of the State by misusing these powerful documents.

Everything in commerce comes from offers and acceptances.

This reminds me of how if you do the math (which I am very bad at) this year 2009 is the year that our debt is again due? In the past, in all history it has never been a good for the common man, the debtors.

With what we have read in the Op, does the plan this time not only include a Global depression but also a depopulation tactic such as the introduction of tainted vaccines to the debtors? Do you in fact have any right to protect yourself, your children or your property from what would seem to be illegal seizures of your being and or property?

If you are not a sovereign being, then who do you belong to? Who owns your children? And what right will you have to keep yourself free from abduction if that is what is ordered?

The time has come to either become free and soverein or accept as a slave the master's will.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 01:20 AM
I have used the UCC 1-207 to get out of a couple of debts and also in a court case. The judge questioned me to see if I really understood, argued a bit but l came out a winner.

I don't profess to understand all of the Roman citizenship thing and there is a lot to all this sovereignty business but it can be used successfully.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 03:23 AM
reply to post by antar
I believe the last bankruptcy was a 75 yr affair that was declared in 1933 and was due in's my investigative theory into it...

Welcome to The Real Matrix: Time for The Red Pill?

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by whitewave

Thats what my friend told me, there are so many different factors involved in being a responsible Creditor. Most people more than likely would rather be the surf and live blissfully ignorant.

I can see how it would work out for you in court, you come off in real life as a responsible Creditor in honor of yourself, and the world around you.

I will be sending you a U2U today with some study courses on audio. I was told I could share them with discretion.

There are many changes about to happen in the newer technologies and in order to be part of this one must first understand the responsibilites , I dont claim to even remotely understand, I am just compiling the information and asking alot of questions.

posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by antar

Right and this is why the constitution was written for not we the peoples but for the founding creators of the entire scam against the people and to protect them and their heirs for future continuation.

It’s the age old Golden Rule which contrary to most popular belief is not: do unto others as you would have others do unto you, but rather is: He who has the gold rules and gets to make the rules.

I have always just simply ignored the rules, except in those rare incidents and occasions when faced with ‘might makes right’ scenarios that are scenarios where my own might is not equal to or greater the might that is being brought to bear on me.

It’s not ideal, but ignoring the rules and understanding that they are designed to defeat you perpetually becomes an important first step in winning a quality of life for yourself.

It only gets problematic when those suffering from the might makes right mentality attempt to impose the rules through might.

I have also studied in depth and am at a point where it is almost unsumountable and not worth bringing to the public domain because they are so deeply brainwashed, it is so con-veinently engrained that it is will take another 500 years to get them up to speed on how to rethink their responsibility in this mess. People would much rather sit back and allow it to happen than take full reposnsibility back into their own hands.

Ultimately taking responsibility in your hands means facing might makes right scenarios. Discretion can and often is the better part of valor but sometimes when you are cornered there is no avenue of flight, and the odds to long to fight, and it becomes a die trying or submit and live to fight another day scenario.

Most people simply want absolution and validation and ultimately what adherence to the rules offers them is validation and absolution. Of course they aren’t truly absolved as those offering the absolution ultimately do not have the highest authority nor power to grant true absolution on a universal scale, but since their temporal impact on the universe is slight, and their footprint miniscule the illusion of absolution is sufficient to sway them into submission and complacency along with it.

Being sovereign on a war torn violent planet strewn from one end to another with angry and enraged armies of slaves wound up to do their Master’s bidding…not for everyone…most kids should not try this at home!

I myself always found it better to do this outdoors and away from the house!

However it will become much more important in the near future to have at least a basic grasp of the game in order to survive and who knows with enough players opting out of the past paradigm, we could in all reality create a whole new set of rules which would send us into the future in a higher dimensional level of understanding and participation.

Not unless they have Casinos, decent French and Italian Restaurants and a Swiss Bikini Team! I had the chance to leave the dimension via the astral plane and the universal stream back at the start of this culminating battle (the first Gulf War) but opted to stay…but with a far better understanding of my contractual role…great role, the story still sucks though!

In my humble opinion because of the Law of One, we are served well by staying and rescuing as many souls in the process as humanly possible.

The elements that will be employed don’t just favor the Powers that Be in their usual and typical blue print of collective depravation, fear, instilled anger, imminent starvation and death to instate a controlled state of panic that they can manipulate people towards their end.

People will always seek an alternative where there is an alternative available and it falls upon us who are free and care to provide them with that alternative a path and a means towards it.

It’s true that in their favor other dimensional states have no Sushi Bars to get dragged to, but they have no Pizza Parlors either, trust me I checked! I could use a big slice of pepperoni and cheese long about now myself. Hold the anchovies please. Good news, chances are there is someplace that will just let you sign for it!

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 08:34 AM
Now we know who we're up against on this website. The thing thats really sad for them is the fact that no matter which way they look at it, in the end, they're nothing but SLAVES as well.

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by Protoplasmic Traveler

What really blew my mind while studying this was that the real money the elite do not even have to deal in money!

It is our lower debtors paradigm which imagines them swimming in huge scores of cash, but from what Ive discovered they already live within a cashless society.

You know what I mean, after learning what I have in my short period of time, it has become a revulsion to write a check or to pay a mortgage payment, I know that it is not even close to the credit which is being played off my part in this debtors prison.

There are so many steps before me that are simple solutions and yet even though I see the light at the end of the tunnel I am still operating outside the reality which I seek to join. At times I feel like just giving in, to surrendering myself to being a slave, but for every person who simply becomes educated, thousands more come on board. They count on our ignorance. The system is set up exclusively for the ignorant , we are not even allowed to operate within the true system of money and finance.

posted on Sep, 17 2009 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by antar

The hysterical and little known fact is that the Nobles and the Wealthy Gentry have for centuries actually disdained money and consider it dirty and filthy and beneath their own dignity to even touch. Usury was frowned upon by the Church in part to give the Church and it's agents and the Jews the Church and Rome were partnered with an exclusive monopoly on Usury.

Where most Nobles lost their own sovereignty to the banksters was the fact that because they themselves disdained money they never bothered to really account for nor invest their money. The serfs, peasants and slaves who worked their land netted and created a profit for them but they typically had clerics of the church or an elevated surf actually do the accounting, storing, collecting, and distribution of their actual money. Their real wealth was in the land they held and controlled and the products and labor they could create and utilize through their ownership and control of the land and their Titles which allowed them to hold it, possess it, manage it and administer it.

The filthy rich to this day don't even cary credit cards and do most of their spending either through authorized agents or accountants who simply manage their households for them.

The rich are likely to eat at Clubs and Restaurants where a yearly membership is paid by an accountant and monthly bill is paid by an accountant, and department and retail stores in the same fashion if they even shop for themselves.

The Nobles and Wealthy Gentry never touch money or deal in money or become involved in money except as a means to control and enslave and rule over others.

They know money for exactly what it is and long as been reputed to be...The Root of All Evil.

The difference between the Nobles and the Wealthy Gentry and the unwashed masses is one actually follows time honored maxims and age old addages while the other thinks they are just quaint old fashioned notions and sayings.

Once upon a time many years ago I gained entry and acceptance into the world of the Powers that Be with no formal education and no wealth based really only on one thing, I know and follow all those time honored maxims, and common sense addages, which to them is the epitome of intelligence and wisdom and discipline. Combine that with some talent and or service and product and you will gain real respect in the world of the Masters, ignore common sense wisdom and live contrary to it and they see you as simply a danger and a chaotic ellement to their more Genteel world of manners and good sense.

Most people simply have no common sense, nor good sense, and it's those two things that they take advantage of to create another time honored maxim "A fool and his money soon go seperate ways"!

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posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

You have such a wellspring of information, could you please start a thread because the more you talk about this and inform others the deeper it becomes ingrained in your true knowledge base, easily available for your understanding. And unless you are the child of a true creditor, you are also just learning.

I appreciate learning from your extensive reseach and findings, you are a true gem and an honorable member.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 04:02 PM
Thanks for this post. Ive been trying to become a sovereign entity(more-so spiritually) but it ijs impossible staying in their game. Thanks for the links. I'll be comeing back and hopefully picking your brain if i can figure out this website.
Star ang Flag, and thanks again

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by eazyriderl_l

Thankyou, it does seem that you can lead a horse to water ...

And it is not easy to do the work involved in the selfless service being a soverien being entails.

It is easier to sit back and allow others to make the most vital decissions for you and then just be mad at the results.

The first step is to get right in your heart and then the head will follow.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 11:50 AM
I have been google searching this article alot and viewing comments on people who have the mental ability to research this and find out if its a crock or not and have found nothing.

IS THIS ARTICLE FAKE? read it as fiction?



posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

Unfortunately the ability to resolve the data points that most would consider circumstantial or even unrelated into a model, is not normal.

The problem lies in communicating the model. The only thing I guess we can do is focus on the evidence most people would consider 'hard evidence' - but that is few and far between - especially with the MSM co-opted completely.

I hadn't read this article before, but was familiar with the principles of it - corporate 'persons' and so on.

There are a few crucial ideas that were left out - and that explain why this plan has such momentum at the moment.

The answer lies in the exponential function - as it applies to generation of debt, economic growth and population growth. If you understand the principle of exponential growth you can understand the requirement for this plan to be executed soon.

The escalation of debt is getting to the vertical asymptote, as is rate of consumption (due to exponential economic and population growth) in several key categories.

The switch to ethanol is to undermine food supply - nothing to do with energy needs. Starvation is both a primary and secondary method of population control. You may not have heard, but the US itself has sold off all its corn reserves.

The food situation is extremely grim globally. I think both disease and starvation will be used. Combined with an economic collapse - the situation is dire.

Those who are able to, should try and ensure their own food security - grow it today - try and conceal it - and grow as much as possible.

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by knightsof0ld

Nothing is real or fake - everything just is.

What you are doing is offering to hand over your capacity to think to someone else. You are asking to be given an opinion. If someone cries HOAX! You can just believe it - then carry on without thinking. If someone says - TRUTH - and you believe it, then again - you are obviated the effort of thinking.

While you hand your mind over to others - you will always remain a sheep and a serf.

A mans wealth and sovereignty resides in his mind, and nowhere else.

That is why we should never hand it over to someone else.

Research more - but I would take the warnings seriously.

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 12:55 PM

even if there is the faintest possibility of it being true it needs to be discussed

this is the bottom of the article (people seemed to focus on the stupid legal thing in the middle)

NOTE: As of June 2009, a former scientist, once employed by a large pharmaceutical company in the United States has disclosed that before resigning from his employer, former President Bush signed legislation that defers and eliminates the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s mandatory product testing; defers and eliminates disclosure of possible dangers to the public; and defers and eliminates civil liability on the part of the FDA and the pharmaceutical company.

NOTE: This scientist revealed that the President and Congress are expected to order mass vaccinations for a fictitious swine flu pandemic in the fall of 2009 and that the vaccine to be used contains small amounts of bird guano, a substance known to cause serious illness and death, and in several tests killed the lab animals that were injected. This scientist suggested that most of the soldiers who have died in the Middle East conflict, have died from these vaccinations, but no one is talking!

NOTE: The people who have died of “swine flu” so far died because they were vaccinated with the vaccine that is planned to be given to the American population in the fall of 2009 and half of the World’s population. The World Health Organization is expected to declare a pandemic and will request that President Obama and Congress order mandatory vaccinations in the United States. Anyone who refuses to take the “death vaccine” will be arrested as a Terrorist and will be committed into internment camps. As a Terrorist, no one is permitted a lawyer, a hearing or a judge, pursuant to the new Patriot Act passed by Congress after 911. The World Health Organization is owned by and is under the direction of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. Do you now see the pattern unfolding?

NOTE: Police officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, U. S. Military personnel and their families will not escape this mass genocide! All will be compelled to take the “death vaccine” right along with the rest of the general public. My guess is that the federal or state governments will install another police authority to replace our Police, Sheriff’s Deputies and Military. My belief is that they will be using Army personnel of the USSR and China. These armies are now occupying former military bases in each state that were closed down under the guise of budget cuts. Fort Dix in New Jersey is now occupied by a battalion of the Russian Army. I don’t know which bases are being occupied in the other states.

NOTE: One closed military base in each state, has also been converted into an “Internment Camp.” The Halliburton Corporation was hired by the federal government to modify each base and install maximum security buildings. Why would the United States require so many large Internment Camps? One camp should be sufficient. Because these camps are expected to receive thousands of innocent Americans who simply refuse to submit to the “death vaccine.”

NOTE: Homeland Security is in charge of these camps and, since 911, they have been training personnel to man these facilities. According to one informant, the personnel have been told that those committed into their custody are members of a home-grown terrorist organization suspected of inflicting biological warfare upon America. The innocent people shot or interned will be blamed for the planned mass genocide being committed by our own government leaders. The “want ads” in the newspapers and on the internet by Homeland Security, seeking to employ people to help fight Terrorism, are the jobs they are attempting to fill at these internment camps.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by knightsof0ld


The implications are greater than the average mind can conceive - so they cannot even accept the possibility.

There is much discussion - you simply need to look. I think I will create a post. However, due to volumes of research that I have done, and how long ago - I rarely cite sources. It is counter productive in my view - only when people look for themselves can they be convinced.

All I can do is stimulate their curiosity.

The evidence surrounds you at all times, you live in it - you simply need to open your mind, and you can see it everywhere.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 01:22 PM
I do not understand what your saying with your mysterious words... this is serious

I have been reading literally the entire day for the past 5 days (since I have been made more aware of everything)

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by knightsof0ld
I do not understand what your saying with your mysterious words... this is serious

I have been reading literally the entire day for the past 5 days (since I have been made more aware of everything)

OK - 5 days isn't long. Fair enough - Ive been researching and so on for a few years - so ..

As far as I can tell the threat is very real. These guys control everything - they own all the money - they simply use it as a tool to control people and perhaps control assets.

They are probably going to kill off most people in America - seems likely. If that is going to happen - it will commence very soon.

They use the US military to enforce their will on any country that resists them - and they control the press - so they make those countries into your enemies - such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela etc - not your enemies, in fact your allies.

What can you do? Don't take the vaccine I think - get some elderberry extract and some vitamins - get plenty of sunlight to protect yourself from the flu.

Stock up on food, grow food is better, if you can get some system to condense water that can run without electricity - do that. Get some guns - get some silver - if you can - I always suggest getting lots of credit cards and using up all the credit and spending it on silver - then default on it - don't know if thats to your taste or not.

Things are probably going to happen fairly soon - so thats about all I can offer. If you can leave your country - then maybe consider Australia, Canada maybe - something - I wouldn't be staying in the US right now.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 02:24 PM
Diving deeper into what very well may be the true sign of us running out of time, I would like to add this essay by Hawk, read first and then lets discuss the potential for our days being limited.

The Countdown Has Begun?

Banking and Intelligence Sources Warn of Possible Nuclear Device Attacks in U.S. Cities

Thursday 10/15/2009......mid afternoon Eastern time.....Mil Freq. 8.992 MHZ..............

Initially an " aircraft or unit 50" was heard asking a Comstation for a clear line to a certain alpha/numerical coded unit unknown to the monitor at the time. Said clear connection was afforded to "unit 50" and then, in violation of radio security protocols, the previously mentioned coded unit answered up in the clear as "Air Force 1" . This immediately got the attention of the monitors of these channels. "Unit 50" then asked for specific authentication of codes regarding some operation from "Air Force 1", who responded ......."that's a charlie, ......The countdown has begun. "

As described above, this taken individually, is not very revealing except in terms of radio protocol security. The exact operation being discussed by "unit or aircraft 50", the requested coded authenticators, nor what the "countdown has begun" message is referring to are not known. Repeat not known precisely. However, put together with other information from sources to follow ........... this HF catch on an in the clear Frequency may be of highly grave importance.

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