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Dulce, New Mexico - Important Data that You ATS People DON'T Have Yet!!

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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: ThePublicEnemyNo1

What kinds of crazy # did you see out there?

posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 07:48 PM
This thread got me reading up a bit about such facilities as well as DUMBS and while doing so I started to have questions. Such as, if there actually are such massive (underground) bases they'd probably be manned and maintained. Would it then still be possible to keep it a secret, especially if the country's respective army isn't large enough to make it possible that such massive secret operations (as opposed to other activities) go unnoticed and fly under the radar, so to speak? And if there's so much going on underground, how do they eat? Even if they stacked it full with canned foods it'd still be a massive operation to manufacture, can and deliver all those goods, especially if the DUMBS are as extensive as some claim them to be. What would they do with the rubble and debris from digging?
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posted on Feb, 21 2015 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Pitou

Yes, thank you for asking. Being a foremost researcher of this subject through satellite and underground wave resonance research I have concluded that these bases are self sufficient and able to support underground agriculture and water production, allowing members to stay underground for years. Whether this is et tech I have no idea, but it is plainly obvious that bases are self sufficient and possibly get nutrients from minerals found underground.

What surprises me most is the psychological impact residents must go through. I have heard from some 3rd parties that soldiers living in these bases do so almost up to 1 year at a time. The loneliness they most face is astonishing, and such isolation can lead one to desperate measures in the realm wherein carnal pleasures are concerned. But this is against any military law code and we should assume that these bases operate with the upmost professionalism, but then again I have heard stories from 3rd parties about strange, ritualistic gatherings in these bases...

posted on Apr, 9 2015 @ 05:59 PM
And just to make it interesting.
NASA set to investigate an "unexplained" hotspot in the four corners area.
From the Daily Mail

This is a methane hotspot and it is located right over the Dulce area of question.

Strange indeed.

posted on May, 13 2015 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: taters2468

Ah yes, the best thing about the can go to Google Earth and see the lake clearly is not a patch or scary grass, and the mysterious fire hydrant was part of the infrastructure for a community in the making...

posted on Sep, 10 2015 @ 11:27 AM
i will to go dulce base and kill everybody ! # these bases !

posted on Nov, 3 2015 @ 12:50 PM
Kind of a latecomer to this thread as I found it while perusing the forums. However, I have a coworker whose family has been in Northern NM for quite a while. She says that her grandfather used to work at Los Alamos lab and told her that there was a tunnel that went from there to Arizona. I would suspect that if that is true, there would also be tunnels to other destinations.

posted on Jul, 21 2016 @ 03:38 AM
Thanks for posting the info on the earthquake epicenters. Ive been to dulce myself. I had to bug out early but did have some strange experiences. There is also some strange dirt piles around that area too, and a seemingly lack of wildlife.
I looked at google earth and saw the hanger near Pagosa Springs, but couldnt make out a door at Navajo peak. Do u have a better pic of this? Also what is the arrow significance? I've heard some say that there is a secret entrance in the dulce elementary school. Is this what you're implying too, or just a marker?
I've also heard something about the San Juan Generating station possibly being an entrance to Dulce. I know there used to be an aerial pic of it circulating the web that listed it as the entrance. And from google earth you can see there is a lot of ventilator shafts and large dirt piles in the surrounding area. Anyone with knowledge in this type of stuff know if that would be an average amount of ventilation shafts? Or does it look excessive? It would be a good way to hide in plain sight so-to-speak.

a reply to: Firefoot

posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 03:01 AM
a reply to: HighDesertPatriot

mm, seems to allude to this supposed DUMB, bases all over the states, linked by these trains

have always struggled to believe this, along with Phil Shneider claims, although his death did seem odd and suspicious

has your freind shared anymore ?

posted on Oct, 8 2016 @ 06:46 AM
a reply to: hiii_98

According to that one map the door was right by where my parent's retired to,all the time we spent up there and never heard a story one of any strange things going on,all I remember of New Mexico was lot's of stray dogs,and long lines at phone booths,I guess you could consider them anomolies,because this was at midnight

posted on Oct, 25 2016 @ 10:25 PM
It seems that this thread is the most relevant that it has ever been due to Max Spiers' murder.
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