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dear america, a soul's best attempt at social commentary.

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posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 07:03 PM
dear america,

i think you have unwittngly or unknowingly or knowingly positioned yourself in opposition to the truth. i think america's greatest threat to national security has become the truth, the facts, and compliance with the facts.

take your air force for example ...

their oath of enlistment, to god, to support and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic ... blah blah blah ... so help me god ...... swear or affirm ..

their core values:
1) integrity first = compliance with the facts
2) service before self = opposite of instinct of self preserve
3) excellence in all we do

simple logic here:

any order, action/behavior that invokes fear in another soul has invoked the self preservation instinct, thus carrying out an order, action/behavior that is contrary to your first two core values ....

no wonder the bush administration chose to out sourced mercs hired from lawless regions to do what the geneva convention and military law prohibited.

but, were the low life mercs from black water and xe and other contractors given authority over military? were military subserviant to contractors?

yep. 3+ years in war zones demonstrated that to sufficiently enough to me to convince me of it.

have you ever thought about how much we would have to mess up in the here and the now before future generations had to intervene .... no taxation without representation an all.

have you ever noticed how the entire pacific ocean on north and south america's western shoreline resembles the profile of an ape looking eastward?

what are the odds of thousands of miles of earth's shoreline resembling the dominant species on the planet ???

really. what variables does one punch into what equasion to figure out the odds of it sexisting without some level of intelligent intervention???????

anarchy is well described as pretty much chaos.

chaos is pretending you can play by all the rules of the game without knowing all the rules of the game.

do americans actually believe that if they locked all law makers in a room together with all the paper and pens they needed, that they could reproduce the rules of the game for their own society.

delusionary if you think the answer is yes.

even the supreme court justices couldn't reproduce all the laws, rules, ordinances, etc...

yet every new born soul must comply with all rules, laws, etc , in order to comply with society's expectations.

like playing a game without the rules, is just like playing the game with no rules at all.

compliance with america's idea of freedom, the freedom they are spreading, is a freedom that leaves newborn souls in a world where they are literally thousands of dollars in debt, and can't get a job for 15 years.

if every american adult stepped up right now to contribute their share of responsibility right now ... nevermind, apparently americans don't want to live in a perfect world.

maybe a time comes when the future doesn't have to worry about the future, and attempts to focus more on the past. but, if such a future existed whenever, would the hear and the now be prepared to listen, or even be looking?

america seems to have some major fundamental flaws of logic leading the way.

incidently ...
what are the odds of the entire west coasts of two continents (the last mapped) so closely resembling a primate's face looking eastward, and existing at all without intelligent intervention ????

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 07:43 PM

Originally posted by soul of integrity

what are the odds of thousands of miles of earth's shoreline resembling the dominant species on the planet ???

Italy looks like a boot! What are the odds????

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 07:48 PM
excessive quotes removed

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posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 08:38 PM
reply to post by stevegmu

i'm not anti-american

i'm anti-stupid

do you see any conflict with what is asked of american citizenry and what is possible??

i think i offered a few notable conflicts between conformity with what is expected and conformity with what is possible.

and italy looks like a boot?

what does the americas' east coast resemble ...

the north east part of africa looks like one of egypt's gods with an outstretched hand ... perhaps the jackal headed one ...

just some thoughts...

thanks for sharing guys.

point of the thread is what is being expected of newborns in order to conform with societies' expectations is far from what i would think of "freedom" as being.

i think it could be easily argued that such a society's construct has no foundation, where no foundation exisits... and that such society is dependant upon what keeps it from knowing the truth of it ... maybe due to self preservation ..

is what america is offering "freedom"?

freedom is a funny thing if it means a newborn who is in over it's head in debt the moment it's life begins, and you'll never earn enough money to pay for learning all the laws, all the rules, and all the ordinances, etc ...

if anyone could do it, the law makers could, but i really don't think they could remember from their collective memory all expected standards for conformity in their own culture.

and how logical is it for law makers to expect from anyone that which they themselves don't know?

here, play a game called life and play by al the rules, and pay heavy in tuition if you want to know all the rules, and be further in debt due to school costs, and never really learn all the rules. in between live, and die.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 09:31 PM
i am not anti american so much as i am pro truth.

i know truth comes down to one's own perspective as the basis for reference when choosing to observe what one chooses to observe.

i know i could be wrong, however i entertain certain ideas and options that some perhaps do not.

on sept 11 2001 i was stationed at nellis, a firefighter of 4 years in the air force. oaths taken. oaths held. i saw my heros die by the hundreds, i saw my heros' hero in the form a priest being carried away.

i'm not anti-american.

i'm trying to fulfill what it is my america expects of me.

the oaths to god, nation, fellow firefighters.

core values:
integrity first, service before self

after 9-11 i served eight more years. i guess i managed to learn some things along the way. i spent more than 3 years of my life in war zones for a country i love. but what's my country's true objectives? where does this path lead? "all enemies, foriegn and domestic", is what was asked.

perhaps our perspectives ... our priorities are different ... ???

what do you think america's greatest domestic enemy is?

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