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Worthwhile survival equipment part 1 - A List of what you really need

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 09:32 PM
good cold weather kit.

i have to change my kit from that because i live in the calif desert and the sub zero clothing would be useless to me even in the winter. (i have it because i use to work in the high country its stored away in vacuum bags in case i ever need it again)

Rain gear is also useless in the summer out here in the desert, not because it does not rain, It does rain hard during the summer monsoons we get. but rain gear is just to hot and will leave you just as wet as if you did not wear it due to sweating,
What we use out here is lite weight military type nylon ponchos.
I also carry the poncho liners. because they double as a light weight sleeping bag during the summer. or help keep you warm and dry in the winter.
A military poncho also will keep your pack dry if you put your pack on and then put the poncho on so that it will cover you and the pack. you also can use it for a sun shelter when its hot out. and there is no shelter from the sun

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by The Utopian Penguin

I was only pulling your leg!

Yes that's a really good unit. Good link.

If you're into modding here's a good site if you don't know of it already-

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 06:45 PM
Okay, here is my rendition of “worthwhile survival equipment”, Everything contained on the below list is either carried in the backpack, or worn on the body.

Remember; it’s a “get Outta Dodge Pack”; designed for enabling one to get away from the city, and make your way to the retreat. If you don’t have a place to go, then you’re basically screwed, as the food will run out in due time. Even supplementing with fish and small game, it might allow you to set up a primitive shelter/camp, but in the long term, in does nothing.

*** Fire Making Kit:
*** Fishing Kit
*** Tent & Gear Repair Kit
*** Toiletries Kit
*** Weapons Cleaning Kit
*** Water Purification System w/ Extra Filters

1 Internal Frame Backpack
1 Sleeping Bag (-40 Degree) w/ Fleece bag & Cover
1 Rain Suit w/ Hood
1 Folding Bow Saw
1 Eastwind Camper's Hatchet
2 Mosquito Head Net
1 Mess Kit (2-Man)
1 Mini-Mag-lite w/ Carrier
1 Nylon Rope 7/16" x 5o'
4 Carabineers (D-Snap Links)
2 Fishing Net 6' x 8'
2 Camper's Bungee Cords
1 Gerber Multi-Tool Knife
1 Ka-Bar Knife
1 Sharpening Steel w/ Carrier
1 Folding "Hunter" Knife (Gut Hook)
1 Binoculars 10-45X52MM
1 Advance First Aid Kit
1 E-Tool w/ Carrier
4 Heat Tabs (Packs)
2 Folding "Tommy" Stove
1 Lensatic Compass w/ Case
2 Socks (Extra)
1 Boot Laces (Extra)
2 Steel (Thompson) Snare Wires

1 Ruger Mini-14 .223cal Semi-Auto Carbine
6 30Rd Magazines (Loaded)

1 Glock #20 9mm Semi-Auto handgun
3 15Rd Magazines (Loaded)

1 Mossberg $500B 12-Gauge (Folding Stock) Riot Shotgun

1 Ruger SP101 .357-Magnum Revolver

15 12-Gauge 3" Magnum Rifled Slugs
15 12-Gauge 3" Magnum 00-Buckshot (-Pellet)
20 12-Gauge 3" Magnum #4-Shot (Turkey)
50 9mm 145Gr JHP
60 .223cal/5.56mm 62Gr CLHP
4 .357-Magnum +P- 170Gr JHP (Loaded Speed loaders)

1 Pistol belt
2 Ammo Pouches
1 Web Suspenders
5 1st Aid Pouches
1 Butt Pack
2 Jungle Canteens w/ Cover
1 GI Poncho Liners
2 Rain Poncho
3 Waterproof Pack Bags
1 GI Watch w/ Commando Band

6 Meals, Ready To Eat,
14 Freeze Dried Food Packs


Plastic North Pole Equipment Sled
10' x 10' Canvas Tarp
Large Bungee Cords
Nylon (1/2" x 50") Rope
Coleman (Dual Fuel) Lantern
Coleman (Dual Fuel) Stove
Kerosene Lantern
Wool Blankets
Snow Shovel (Folding)
Snow Knife
Waterproof Tarp
Extra Food Packs
Extra Feul For Stove & Lanterns
Bow Saw
Dbl Bladed Xe
Complete Change Of Clothing

Polypro Underwear
Polypro T-Shirt
Polypro Socks

Thermax/Fleex Union Suit (Sleevless)
Thermax Socks

Fleece /Wool Pants
Fleece/Wool Turtle-Neck Sweater
Thinsulate Smock

Gortex Insulated Parka w/ Hood
Gortex Insulate Bibs
Fur Trooper's Hat
Gortec Waterproof/Insulated Gloves
Gortex Insulated Waterproof Boots
Polypro/Fleece Balaclava
Snow Goggles
Snow Shoes w/ Extra Bindings

Ruger #77 .338cal Bolt Action Rifle w/ Scope
Mosin-Nagnat m1944 7.62x54R Bolt Action Rifle
Ruger "Redhawk" .44-Magnum Revolver
(Extra ammuition For All Weapons)

posted on Mar, 3 2012 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by Illuminottie
reply to post by GregoNow

I'd like to add one thing I haven't seen on other threads. Bar/s of PURE soap and no not for washing ether,, strictly for first aid only. A friend put me on to this about 15 years ago and it's the best antiseptic I have ever come across.
First, clean your wound the best you can with water. Shave the soap and add a small amount of water, just enough to make a paste. Grit your teeth and push the soap paste into and around the wound. then bandage,, check every 12-24hrs.
Note: the bandage can be basically anything although cotton is the best and it doesn't have to be sterile, provided you use enough soap.
Excellent for infected wounds as well and will aid in fast healing time......

I have never heard of this before, very interested. Sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean by pure soap and do you (or anybody) have a link to the product?

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