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If you where elected President what would you say? What would you do?

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 12:52 PM
I know I know, there is going to be many people coming in here with
on their face. The purpose of this thread is a political thought experiment. If you where the most powerful person on earth (up for debate) what would you do? What would your inaugural address be? What would you work to change?

(I will write my speech later

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 02:00 PM
"Thank you my fellow Americans for electing me to the office of Potus.

First order of business. All lobbyists are banned from the Supreme Court, Congress, and Whitehouse. Any lobbyist found peddling influence within the United States to a Federal employee (that means you, staffers) or elected official shall be treated as an enemy of the people and subject to prisoner status under the Geneva Convention.

Any Federal employee or elected official found communicating with or accepting influence from a lobbyist shall be terminated, censured, or fined an appropriate amount of money. The individual's identity shall be publicly displayed at, as well as the reason for their communication with said lobbyist.

Second, tomorrow we will begin the withdrawal of all combat personnel from Afghanistan and Iraq. We apologize if the Iraqis and Afghanistanis aren't ready for this, but unfortunately the US can not afford to continue this war both in cost of lives and cost of operations. Support personnel may remain on a voluntary basis.

Third, I am imposing a tariff on all imports from China. This tariff will be proportional to what the yuan's value actually should be on an open market, and not the extremely undervalued yuan that China pegs to the dollar.

Fourth, in order to further lower health care costs, I am mandating that insurance companies can compete accross state lines.

Fifth, I am forming several commissions on each major aspect of government expenditures. These commissions will consist of people knowledgeable of the government rules and regulations but not affiliated with a major corporation. These commissions will pour through our current beuracracy and cut any useless programs in the budget.

The savings from these commissions will be applied partially to the debt and partially to funding NASA.

DOMA no longer applies, Don't Ask Don't Tell no longer applies, and I'm signing an executive order mandating that the Federal Government honor same-sex marriage contracts.

Lastly, every first Saturday of each month, Sarah Palin will be greased up in canola oil and have to run through an obstacle course on the whitehouse lawn. I'll be hunting her with a paintball gun. The color of the paint will reflect my mood."

And that's probably what I'd say!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 02:06 PM
I'd tell them the truth that I'm just a puppet and have no real powers of authority over the U.S. and tell them that they are all insane for voting anyway.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 04:41 PM
National tax rebates for renters and owners for beautification and edible peace gardens in yards, on roofs and balconies

Rain water catchment barrels are provided by national subsidies to local water utilities like garbage companies provide trash bins.

Gray water system rebates and gray water installation instruction and jobs get government funding - funded by a new Natural Gas Contaminating Groundwater Fine.

Community gardens in every urban neighborhood have goats and chickens, funded by a Monsantos and Walmart Grotesqueness tax and fines.

All public schools get electronic books and 2 annual fundraisers (holiday season for electives and end of year - for building repairs). All Private schools must contribute 10% of all funding raised during their fundraisers to lowest income public schools in their state.

Solar panel requirement on every commercial / government building, wind farms requirements on all government properties and tidal power generators at all appropriate harbors. All funded by new oil and energies speculators tax.

All high school seniors are required to spend last 2 months of school year in developing country exchange program teaching english or farming. Funded by the Real estate and mortgage broker neighborhood beautification and appreciate America 1% tax.

All college graduates are required to spend 1 year doing minimum wage internship starting at the bottom rank in their field in a non-resident State or abroad. Funded by new Fortune 500 tax. Fortune 500 is required to create a task force of college / job counsellors to place all college graduates with Bachelor degrees. And without this internship completed students are not allowed to apply for Masters programs. (This year away can be done in the middle of college or immediately after graduation)

NYSE /Nasdaq companies are no longer allowed to lay off employees without paying for a 2 month green jobs training course for each one.

All unemployed US citizens over 30 are required to take a 2 month green jobs training course in order to receive unemployment benefits and medical care. Funded by Marijuana tax.

Allow legalization of marijuana.

Housing 33% of total household income law. In order to buy or rent a place - proof of combined household income must be 66% more than monthly cost.

Native American people's clean air and soil tax. All major polluters and energy companies and energy equity broker and speculator companies and lobbyists will be charged a 1% tax and money will go to Native American communities for schools and farming, fishing, pelting, weaving, sewing, arts, communications, engineering.. improvements.

Part-time and work from home tax incentives for large corporations for parents and disabled citizens.

Independent contractors annual minimum of $12,000 / year exemption (but with flat affordable fee). Employers must declare everyone.

Immigrants are all legalized and charged taxes and allowed to travel home and back to visit family. But must all have bank accounts with minimums after first year and contribute to health care insurance system.

75/25 mandate says everyone has buy 75% of made in USA products for 4 years and only 25% of what you buy can be exotic and foreign imports (coupon system).

gas tax - with $ going to bus and trams system improvements and implementation.

Mandate recycling programs for entire US and charge non-recycled garbage tax - with $ going to trains improvements and installations.

allow same sex marriages and divorces (to help keep lawyers employed

allow same sex adoption and foster care options (and require stricter screening to heteros and same sex).

Drug lord tax - all drug lords that wish to use an amnesty to launder an amount of their money (as at some point all robber barons do) must pay a 25% drug lord tax. This money will be used to fund foster care centers.

Combine senior and foster care centers and government funding. Employ willing capable seniors to tutor and babysit foster kids.

Combine all animal rescue shelters and prisons. Employ willing prisoners to care, heal and train strays.

Prison tax - all companies using prison labor must pay a 15% tax that goes to yoga, meditation, art, literacy, communications, gardening, farming, prison beautification and green jobs skills training courses in prisons.

Require all military personnel (regardless of rank) to spend 1 week/year constructing/repairing and working as crossing guards for local grammar schools in war torn countries. Paid for by the Pentagon's Independent Contractors 1% Tax. If we can pay for protecting pipelines we can pay for protecting kids. Kids and happy soldiers make great think different ambassadors.

Drivers licenses are at 18. Learning permits are 16-18 but come with large embarrassing decal for car. Fines for noncompliance all go to driver's ed fund for public schools. Driver's ed hours are increased by 100%

All high school graduates and drop outs are required to do one of the 4 following options in order to be eligible to get a drivers license: (after completing this - they have free will to destroy their lives however they wish
ahh youth... wasted on the young.

1) be enrolled into a college or
2) be enrolled into a 3 hour per week volunteer program with a registered, government approved nonprofit. FOR 1 YEAR or
3) be enrolled in military service or
4) be enrolled into an 8 hour per week work apprenticeship program with a registered government approved small or medium sized business. Funded by the Small and Medium Business Employer's Aid Act. Any hours over 8 hrs/week must be covered by the employer.

A new Biotech and High tech 1% industry tax for all profits made from drugs that have been tested by populations in developing countries. And for all profits made from ewaste disposed of in developing countries. Money goes to the Small and Medium Business Employer's Aid Act.

Lawyers tax - a 1% tax on all annual income goes to the Small and Medium Business Employer's Aid Act.

Local business incentive act - municipalities that get to the 75% (local or US) /25% (exotic foreign) of local shopping, manufacturing and commerce get federal funding incentives. Money is used for 'Get to know your neighborhood businesses and your neighbors - campaigns' so that tough times don't collapse neighborhoods again.

Bankers tax - a 2% tax on all banks annual income and an additional 5% tax on all bank and brokerage execs personal income (including stock) - to amend for this decade. Money would go to a fund for US infrastructure jobs (roads, communications, railways, bridges, school building repairs, libraries, tech upgrades). Only US citizens (even though all immigrants were now legal) could apply.

I would charge a $1M disclosure fee - for rich people who wanted to go through top secret government files. There would also be a $1,000 - 500 person / year lottery and 10 person essay contest for those who could prove that they couldn't afford $1000, but eagerly fulfilled all the necessary requirements. The money would be used to set up a fund for the Awakening Act that gently eased the public into The Know for what's in the pipeline of upcoming events with the gentlest and kindest of methods. This truthfulness campaign would encourage input from the inspired citizens and big brother watchdogs and let the sheep go on with their daily lives unscathed.

National Festival of Music and Dance Day - September equinox of every year - all restaurants / bars and community gathering places, theaters, parks etc. have a celebration of music. If any company or organization's proceeds exceed $250,000 on that night a 1% tax goes to the National Arts fund for public schools K-12.

Federal generics and homeopathy campaign - a 1% tax on all generic and natural remedies that goes to a National awareness campaign and a research study and alternative look at ADD - for negative effects on prescription drugs for kids.

that's just a start

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by trusername

Holy $(*&, except for the goats and chickens thing, you got my vote. Talk about major restructuring.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by DaMod
reply to post by trusername

Holy $(*&, except for the goats and chickens thing, you got my vote. Talk about major restructuring.


but goats and chickens are amazing. in San Francisco our city parks are "weeded" by a 200 strong goat herd called Goats R Us - that eats all the poison ivy and fire hazard over growth. Chickens and ducks are great at keeping insect populations stable. And goats milk and chicken eggs are renewable protein sources. The goal of having edible roof / balcony gardens and community goats and chickens is that no inner city kid ever has to go hungry.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:13 PM
Regarding brainstorming for Healthcare...

I think I would have a fast food tax, Insurance company and an advertising tax - where money went to large clinics and community health centers and Wellness / Cleanliness Centers - with Just Beds hotels attached.

Homeless people, low income people, uninsured people would all have access to 24 hour showers, bathrooms, lockers, phones and voicemail boxes, snail mail boxes, laundry facilities in these wellness facilities. Paid for by the tax and with a monthly coupon system.

Warm, clean, used clothes could be dropped off at these facilities by anyone who had goods to donate. (excess disposal fees covered by tax)

Leftovers from restaurants, homes and markets could also be dropped off. (excess disposal fees covered by tax).

If homeless, with a seal of "showered and shampoo'd" people can choose to use the free Just beds option, which are like those cocoon hotels in Japan.

The hope being, if you're clean and have a good night's sleep, and dressed and fed and have a voicemail... between this and the computer lab at the public library, you might be able to find a job and move on in the world.

The clinics / wellness centers would be for check ups, minor injuries, annual exams, minor surgery, low risk teen pregnancy, substance abuse assistance, sexually transmitted disease prevention and care...

These 2 systems would keep a lot of people out of the emergency room. Which would save a huge amount of $ immediately. General medicine would be practiced again and hopefully in the middle and upper classes, general practitioners would be popular again as well.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Tax: For all elective surgery and on all cosmetic purchases a 1% tax would go help government funding to hospital funds for patients that don't have insurance but have Cancers, mental illness (and altzeimers), AIDS, degenerative diseases, major physical disabilities and birth defects etc...

Just an idea...

And I would pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq once we had our solar energy / train transport infrastructure well in process. But first I would have a panel televised debate with middle eastern and US / UK / French / Chinese / Russian / Brazilian and Indian diplomats discussion. This could be a world wide televised event. Where Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan diplomats (not rulers) could discuss the benefits and fears of a non-occupied Iraq / Afghanistan. I don't trust politicians to let truth come out but diplomats know that they have to work using language instead of weapons and they can get their points across without offending if they're good. An open dialogue would let everyone see dignified, educated, local yet cosmopolitan people discuss what the best solution is to the mess that is now on our plate.

No matter what, the military personnel need to come back to respect, gratitude and free medical treatment and programs that provide information on adapting after war to loving foreign cultures and healthy world outlooks.

Finally, I think that our food system, with cattle and chicken needs a serious overhaul. It is disgusting and toxic - and really the only solution is to spread it out and thus spread the waste by product as well. Subsidies to local farmers and penalties to monocropers and ranchers that are monopolizing and over producing / over crowding.

But this must come with a national p/r campaign for fitness (not impossible skinniness - but fitness) and a less meat rich diet that encourages beans and cheese and eggs as well etc. for protein.

National campaigns like Take a bike / Leave a bike that encourage people to bike in cities and to walk instead of drive. School edible gardens and comprehensive nutrition / science and lunch programs that explain healthy eating, exercise and weigh issue connections. etc.

that's about it for now...
aren't you sorry you asked?

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:30 PM
FIrst I would make sure that in the future, Presidential speech writers are band. I want to know that the President is speaking his own words and not what somebody thinks we want to here.

I'd try to get the special interest groups out of Washington.

Try to add extra members to the House and Senate that are just like jury duty. If you get called you have to go. Of course you would get all the fringe benefits. Plus, your current job remains open to you when you return.

Start up a national lottery based on your social security number. Taken out of your check weekly. Purely voluntary.

Reverse Nafta, Cafta and all the others.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 08:49 PM
If I could change the way the government works, I would:

1) Eliminate all property taxes through a Constitutional Amendment. It just seems wrong to me that a government can basically charge rent on property that citizens supposedly own. We should also eliminate any fee that exists simply because a person is alive. The current proposal to penalize anyone who fails to buy health insurance qualifies and should absolutely be illegal.

2) Decentralize the federal government and give more power back to the states to determine their own domestic laws. This would likely have an immediate side benefit of relieving a great deal of the partisan tension in the country. This would allow individual states to determine their own laws on issues such as gay marriage, abortion and gun rights and allow the citizens of Wyoming to have laws that work for them, and those in Massachusetts to have a separate set of laws that also suit them.

Repeal the 17th Amendment and return the election of US Senators back to the state legislatures.

3) Ban all new government transfer programs through a Constitutional amendment. Phase out all current transfer payments over time without reducing current recipients' benefits. Military and government workers' pensions would be exempt.

4) Eliminate all taxation on businesses with net incomes of less than $100,000. That includes the horrid 'small business tax'. Instead of stomping them out, lets give those small businesses a chance.

5) Institute a progressive flat tax. The first $20,000 in personal income would be exempt; all amounts above that would be taxed at a rate no higher than 30% as mandated by law.

6) Withdraw US overseas forces from non-combat zones immediately and then reorganize by expanding the size of the navy and air force, while *possibly* reducing the size of land forces. I would also maintain our nuclear forces at current levels. The larger strategy would be to retrench with a defensive strategy. It should not be an isolationist stance, but a stance that promotes defense of the homeland first and foremost.

7) Balance the budget, if not immediately, within a decade. We should also aim to cut federal spending by at least half in inflation adjusted terms over the next decade or two. This can only be done by instituting #3. The excessive spending and borrowing will eventually destroy this country.

8) I would provide incentives for the expansion of all available domestic energy supplies. Solar, wind, hydroelectric, and yes, oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power. We should do everything.

9) Significantly increase scientific research funding, both theoretical and applied.

10) End the failed 'war on drugs'. In the process, we should overhaul our entire criminal justice system so that petty thieves and drug users are not thrown in prison, but penalized through fines or are allowed to work off their sentences with no impact on their public record, provided that they are not repeat, habitual offenders. Additionally, marijuana should be legalized.

11) Institute term limits. Elected Federal officials would be allowed to serve only one term. Representatives' terms should be expanded to four years instead of two. This would eliminate the need for political paybacks once an official is in office. Additionally, the official campaigns should be 100% publicly financed and each candidate should receive a fixed, equal sum of money from the federal coffers for each state that he or she can get their name on the ballot.

12) Supreme Court Justices should serve one 20 year term instead of lifetime terms.

There are more, but I'm tired. Its a start, anyway.

[edit on 11-9-2009 by vor78]

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 09:10 PM

Originally posted by DaMod
I know I know, there is going to be many people coming in here with
on their face. The purpose of this thread is a political thought experiment. If you where the most powerful person on earth (up for debate) what would you do? What would your inaugural address be? What would you work to change?

(I will write my speech later

I would , in my initial LIVE televised speech to America......the one MOST people will be watching.......I would tell them as much of the truth as I can possibly get out before I am shot dead in front of everybody.....

Hopefully I could get a few paragraphs of Truth out but that is wishful thinking.....

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