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Conspiracy Theory, over No Theory.

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 04:36 AM

Why do people believe in highly improbable conspiracies? In previous columns I have provided partial answers, citing patternicity (the tendency to find meaningful patterns in random noise)

and agenticity (the bent to believe the world is controlled by invisible intentional agents).

Why do people believe in Conspiracy Theories?

It makes me wonder, although much has been excavated from the 9.11 truther movement, I don't condone nor attack it, it's in my eyes, opened it up alot to skeptical inquiry, on the OTHER side

Now the guy in the article simply seems to address the 9/11 truther claims, which I have no need to discuss here.

But do we as people, tend, or mandatorly go for a conspiracy theory, than no theory?

I've sometimes wondered, is the Gov't just out of their #in Minds, or is their a motive, and actual cooperative actions which makes them act this way.

Somedays I lean toward their out of their #in minds, and others, I think, that if they did this, their must be no other reason then, that they are working for somone or some people that we have no idea, what their motives are!

IE Fluoride, seriously, WTH? Any numbbrained person, can look at that, and simply think, you are either completely void of thought, or you are a very inricate mind, and seem to have a master plan.

I prefer the latter in the context of fluoride.

But how did this come to be? Which peaks my curiousity, what poses a conspiracy theory?

Wikipedia answers a bit but not all of it.

Why do we choose a conspiracy theory over no theory at all.

Now I believe the churches to be of conspiratal values.

Now why one can't believe that the church simply believes that their is a divine, blah blah blah *you've heard it*. But that it is a Opiate for the masses, from a well known man quoted.

Why do we go after conspiracy theories over no theories.

I guess for you mainly, the reader.

Why 'believe in Ufo's" over such starch evidence from nasa against.

I mean in your said "waking" moment, did you find that their is indeed a conspiracy. Not meant for people who got turned on to this from a former conspiracy theory.

But what made you feel a conspiracy is there, what made you decide, or look into.

I'm sure many came to ATS for 9/11 conspiracy theories, but why? What made you 'First and Foremost' want to decide that this wasn't an "outside Attack"?

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 11:31 PM
I think people believe in conspiracies just to make their pathetic lives more interesting. It is just like them half believing every sci-fi book, movie, or show and really thinking we are surrounded by aliens.

Even when faced with overwhelming factual evidence and not being able to provide any of their own, they will still believe in their delusions, because they dont want to face who they really are as a person.

posted on Sep, 14 2009 @ 12:00 AM
When I an was adolecent, some 20 years ago, and first started to develop my own opinions on things I couldn't help but to notice a pattern in how the movement of civilization went, and how each one thereafter viewed the previous as uncivillized. I guess at a very young age, I already had the idea that man was supposed to live harmoniously with each other and the earth.

By about 16 I had this hunch that the USA was a planned event, not as spontaneously erupted as taught, but an actual planned event by some of the wealthiest people in europe at the time.

This led to my first book into secrecy, The Hiram Key at 19.. Life got in the way, i tuned the idea and question out for about 10 years.

2012 buzz in the air sparked an intrest again (mind you, I was only typing 2012 on my computer for a giggle into what I was hearing at work).. Except the information was ready to be presented with a much clearer picture. That was nearly a year ago

My best friends ask the same question you are posing to me. Specifically, why believe in an idea you can't begin to prove? I guess to some of us, we either have faith in it, or want to.

I failed miserably at answering your question. In short, I'd say some came to the conclusion of conspiracy theory after some time. Therefore we think consipracy theory is better then no theory because to us, there is tons of pure evidence and a logical trail. I don't need a smoking gun to prove it to you. I guess I don't care if you believe/know it or not.

Harder to answer the more I think about it......

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