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Threatfire, a GREAT&FREE antivirus

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 01:31 PM
Threatfire seems to be made by a company named PC TOOLS,which make other great (the best) instruments like tuneup utilities and spyware doctor (which can be turned on only for a scan and turned off (; )
it uses detection based on activity,and is to be used for a shield on top of the antivirus you allready have. however its soo good and light ( LIGHTEST ) that you dont need other antivirus. it detects alot of stuff to say the least,and in the days of spyware (last time uve seen a virus?) its a thick shield.
its simple to use and free,im a happy customer for a long time and right now i got the beta version (that supports windows7 and 64bit) for my windows 7 64bit, and as expected its a blast. it takes a ridiculous ammount of memory footprint (only 400-900k).
it sounds like im making an advertisement,and thats what it acttualy is.
if u are smart enough and have a well updated windows and use firefox+adblock,with threatfire your bound to die of boring virus-free wheres the fun in that ):
that is the example of company we should support and applause.
i for one sended them a message of feedback as they liked.
i even suggested to do some interface design work or something,i hope they can use me for something.
heres the link


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