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Recorded sex comments cost Calif. lawmaker his job

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posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 05:48 PM

I just went back to reread the article and it's been updated, the headline now reads, Disgraced California lawmaker denies affairs

A pro-family values California lawmaker who resigned after being caught on tape boasting about his sexual conquests denied Thursday that he had extramarital affairs, saying "my offense was engaging in inappropriate storytelling."

Duvall said Thursday his "decision to resign is in no way an admission that I had an affair or affairs."

"My offense was engaging in inappropriate storytelling and I regret my language and choice of words.

So i guess now we're supposed to believe that he's a wholesome faithful family man who was just lying about having two extramarital affairs with two lobbyists at the same time

Interestingly the revised article also states that he ironically also sat on a rules committee......

Before he resigned, Duvall also sat on the Assembly Rules Committee, which oversees the operations of the Legislature. Part of that committee's responsibility is to create sexual harassment guidelines for lawmakers.

How ironic that a man that sits on such a committee would have two seperate affairs with two seperate lobbyist.

And of course the assemblyman (and friend) that he was bragging to is now trying to help him out by saying that he doesn't recall the conversation, because he was busy getting ready so he didn't really hear him.

Miller, a longtime friend who said he is also close to Duvall's wife, said he does not recall the conversation.

"Mike talks a lot during the hearing," Miller told KCRA-TV in Sacramento. "I was getting ready so I wasn't really hearing what he was saying."

Miller's chief of staff, Brandon Powers, did not return telephone messages from The Associated Press on Thursday.

Endearing how they stick together isn't it

In the beginning of the video you can clearly see that Mr. Miller is looking at and listening to Mr. Duvall as he does his bragging.

posted on Sep, 10 2009 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by chise61

I changed the post I made thanks for pointing that mistake out to me. I live in Florida and automatically thought it was the one in Florida.

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