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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 03:48 PM
This morning around 8:00am in Rochester NY on wham 1180 radio it was reported that a 40 something yr old woman was found dead in her basement of natural causes, but that here husband is a professor at RIT and had built a "Bacterial releasing machine" and that the police, fbi and homeland security had blocked off the house and it was under investigation. The reporter then stated that "This is all we are allowed to report at this time"

I logged onto several local news sistes once I arrived at work and found one short "developing" story that police were looking into a death in a basement this morning in the town of..(CANNOT REMEMBER!!!AUGH).

Although I have kept track of this throughout the day I have heard and can find no further info, and the story has now been taken off of the website.

"Bacterial release machine"!!!!????

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