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Sunblock, Chapstick or a Heavy Coat?

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 09:45 PM
Prophecies and cups of tea
they all become lukewarm
the fateful day goes by again
with no extincting storm

Eroding our validity
how could we all be trusted
when every nightmare fades away
and every dream lays busted

Unknown forces sure to kill
don't close your eyes tonight
angels, demons, grays and man
in one last fiery fight

Impressive graph with colored lines
why not believe in me
it comes together at this squiggle
an idiot could see

An old guy with a beard once said
tomorrow could be frightening
people melting in the streets
from guns that all shoot lightning

Nephilim or putreid phlegm
details rarely count
when a horseman rides to cut you down
from atop his fearsome mount

Chased like fox into the bush
to cower there and hide
eating flesh of friends now passed
and wishing you had died

Bugs that sting as large as cars
gobbling up your spouse
more, but vague unpleasentries
all falling on your house

Skipped like rocks on lakes of fire
you've failed the final test
doomed for sure are all of you
but me, I've done my best

Otherworld generals strategize
with brutal, deadly tactics
your bloody bodies thrown about
like used up prophylactics

The paths run red, all hide and weep
relief will not be found
His eye is peering hungrily
scared hearts the only sound

Maybe that's a bit too harsh
and love will rule the day
enlightenment and consciousness
expand in every way

Meditating guru guys
humming in their trances
cacophony of love expressed
and endless hippy dances

Embracing just one final time
acceptance, peace, eternal
through love for each, our fellow man
avoided death infernal

Apocalypse or widened hips
each soul his own perdition
Killer flus or white band shoes
each step a new rendition

Patiently eager I'm forced to be
until you are correct
and no more wasted special days
no laughter to deflect

Perhaps I put just too much stock
in crap I read or hear
or maybe the S WILL hit the F.........

just later on this year

posted on Sep, 18 2009 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by KSPigpen

Another awesome one KSPigpen! I didn't see this one right away, but now I'm glad I did. I could seriously use some of the poems I have read from you for inspiration in a story. They are deadly cool and give me that creative thing that I'm sure you feel when you create these. Man, seriously good S+F and awesome the way you can incorporate the stuff you do in these. Like the grays, prophecies, meditation. I read it and I'm like, how in the world? You seem to be able to sum up a lot of what people are feeling in an awesome way.


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