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Why can the Elite can have the most nefarious agendas but Alex can't lie TO EXPOSE THOSE CROOKS????

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 07:44 PM
The MSM can promote lie after lie, agenda after agenda. WMD's, forced vaccination, PATRIOT Act, etc. And when Obama or Bush were caught lying we all though it was a smooth deal, "so what? politicians lie".

Yet when Alex pushes a lie TO EXPOSE THE ELITE'S BIGGEST LIE WHICH IS 9/11 suddenly there is all this hate talk on ATS!!!!

So is Alex the new enemy because he perpetrated one lie?

Under that logic, where does that put MSM, Obama, and Bush?

And one more thing: Alex promotes and profits off fear. MSM and the Elite promote and profit off fear.

Fear OF the government and the Elite can make it harder for those crooks to pull something off like 9/11 again. Fear of some imaginary enemy actually puts MORE power into the hands of the Elite.

I'm just saying, who imploded the economy? Who killed over 100,000 Iraqis for oil and globalization? Who killed 3000 Americans on 9/11? Who is imploding the global economy to bring in a world bank? ALEX JONES???

Then again I would have never heard of people like G. Edward Griffin, Engdahl, Alan Watt if it wasn't for infowars. I wouldn't have come across this information and would probably have believed the even bigger lies.

So is Alex the new enemy?

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 08:02 PM
I do not watch or read Alex Jones. I found G. Edward Griffin, Engdahl, and Alan Watt through other means. I do know the mass media LIES and LIES big on purpose.

Remember the Kent State Riots? The real reason for the riot was because the town would not allow adult residents who were full time students VOTE. (ex-soldiers with GI benefits) This is straight from my boyfriend who was in the riot. Shortly there after the Mass Media showed on coast to coast TV footage of riots at my college. There was a slight problem - there were no riots. I was on campus all day and the only thing happening was students walking to class. I had to calm down my hysterical Mother that night who saw the riots on TV in a state across the country. I have never believed the media ever since, they are a propaganda machine.

If Alex Jones manages to get people thinking and looking into the cesspool that is our political system, he is doing a better job than the tame propaganda machines, even if he is off the wall at times.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 08:13 PM
Jones says it was a mistake his servers were going down.I know i could'nt get on the site yesterday for a while.Your right though there has been alot of AJ bashing over this.Some people seem to reserve more venom for him than the NWO.AJ isn't perfect but he has been increadibly sucessful spreading the message ,including to me.The elite uses fear to control us.AJ uses fear to mobilise us againt them .There is no moral equivalent between them.I don't really think it was intentional to deceive just a ploy to read the letter then realise it was fictional.

posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 08:13 PM
...I got stopped the other day for speeding. Was barely doing 10kph over the speed-limit. Got given a ticket and warned to slow down.

Really gutted me as every time I drive it seems everyone else on the road is ripping past me like I'm standing still.

Might have been because I was driving a customised 'streeted-up' Mitsi Lancer Evo-8. 'Weapon of choice' for the scourge of the Public it seems...the infamous 'Boy Racer'.
Despite being 37 years old...anyway...

Not too sure why everyone else seems to merrily speed like the Roadrunner *toot toot* yet I get pulled over and pinged.

Still - I was speeding. I know the Law. So I'll suck it up, pay my fine and watch my speed.
Thats called responsibility.

Slightly more on topic:

What happens when Bush, Obama or any other politician gets caught in a lie?
Hmm - checked out the Political Forums here at all?
Seems to me they get marinated, basted and flame-grilled over it. I don't think, as you say, "we all thought it was a smooth deal"...

What happens when MSM get caught in a lie?
Same thing - again, check any number of the forum sections here.
Seems ATS Members absolutely relish the opportunity to expose any lie.

So Alex apparently perpetrated a that is being exposed....

Is he worthy of being marinated, basted and flamegrilled??
I don't know - personally I'd reserve judgement on that...sometimes until the smoke settles its hard to tell where or who the fire is coming from.

If it eventuates that yes indeed he lied - then hey, the cost of getting tossed on the grill is pretty much going to be par for the course.
Alex Jones knows that as well as anyone else surely.

Is Alex Jones the new enemy?
Personally don't think so. Bit more savvy than to think everyone tells the 100% truth 100% of the time.
If it does eventuate that yes, 100%, AJ fibbed like Pinnochio...Personally I don't think it makes him the enemy... just makes him human...maybe a little remiss...but human all the same...


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