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Stock Up, This is Not a Test, Ominous Signals

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by wiser3

It's actually been proven in multiple studies at multiple Universities that the most Homophobic Men show the highest rates of arousal compared to other Heterosexual males when viewing Homosexual porn.

It's not just common sense and obvious it is scientifically confirmed

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 12:20 AM
reply to post by hoghead cheese

Agreed, I am not an Obama supporter per say... And I am also not one of these people who Hates the man for no reason.

He's a good man, I really think so,

And it's a main point of this thread...

Obama has been handed information he was not privy to before the Election, I don't believe the man is turning on America if he is continuing these policies he has a real reason to.

Bring up orders being sent to Embassies is yet another thing I missed, TY

very valid points.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 12:49 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
reply to post by reticledc


I would relate this to the actual day of 9-11

I was on the Brooklyn Bridge late for work, if i had taken the train I'd have been under the buildings

there is no reason... many like to spew about inside knowledge, but a 6 figure number of people chose to show up late or not at all in Manhattan that day, myself included

My best friends mother quit a very lucrative job just 2-3 weeks earlier citing premonitions, no one was on time, almost no one the Bridge was packed with pedestrians strolling along... LONG after they should have already been on the job

How did everyone know...why pick that day, you know you get fired... if you do that allot

I was on a temp call, my income depended on being on time, it meant a few weeks work...

and I wont site any foreboding, something inside just told me to not give a damn about it that day

absolutely, absolutely we can sense these things

This may not relate but it also may, but as of recent i've been getting more and more inclined to test myself out in the wild and am getting closer to considering it for my entire life... i wonder if i'm sensing it.. whatever it is. And like you said it isn't from fear of bad things to come.

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posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 01:01 AM

Originally posted by lifecitizen
I'm also beginning to think 2012 is a distraction and that whatever is going to happen is going to happen sooner.

You've got me worried now Mopus! seriously- I thought I had more time to get prepared - I really hope we're all wrong and that we all just spend too much time here reading doomsday threads.

I also have never ever since i've known about 2012 till now have NEVER worried about it, or thought it would happen. DESPITE! i believe that anything can happen. I am now thinking that with it becoming more popular in the media, that it really might be a distraction!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by RocketScientist


Running about and worrying about GUNS is the first thing that is going to get you killed.

There is only one way to avoid getting killed in a Crisis, get out of the panic, don't participate in the madness and regroup among those you feel safe around and head out entirely...

I love the people who have a house load of weapons, like you need more than something to defend in case your somehow surprised...

Mile walks around your perimeter?

Your not talking about Vietnam, your never going to have better weapons than the soldiers or satellites or anything else at your disposal.

In a civil war these days Millions will die within days, there is no strategy to fight that, your going to load an AK? and sit out your window? To protect a TV?

The people that start shooting and the soldier enforcing are going to both be ground up like swiss cheese in days practically...

I'm not talking about the LA riots... people fight back hard in the city the next response is burn, Jets, Tanks...

And how long are most of those soldiers going to live with themselves when it's in the end their relatives and friends being killed, when id they commit those acts and then have NO HOME to go back to... it's HOPELESS, it can't last long Madness like a Civil war in these times, in America...

The hope you truely have is to not be there, escape

I'm not saying don't have a gun... Blistering inner city or town combat is suicide, no Man is superman, you can be hit from anywhere... it's not the answer

Maybe in red dawn "you only fire once when hunting so they can't locate you"

In today's world they fly over with infra red if they even here that one shot and burn the area your in to the ground.

Have a Bow...

If you need your gun your probably minutes away from death in that kind of chaos.

Sure a Gun would HELP if your running building to building trying to get out of town... but save it for if you head to run into someone and have to use it to pass... and try to avoid that happening... particularly by not being in a situation like that in the first place.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by 4stral4pprentice

I did it in part for personal reason and a need to but also in part... not because of these worries... it's only 10% in the end...

But I made my back yard a pretty good escape route... 300 miles of escape route in either direction lol.

I posted a recent thread on the subject... We are in changing times, being a couple hrs out from a major city is good, less jobs, less stress too, kinder nicer people if you pick the right town...

It's as much a lifestyle and happiness thing as anything else.

I was nervous all last month lol, going purely internet for income was odd, I have been doing it for years but I always had the "personally being able to contact and meet people" thing to assist me...

I just don't things like housing prices, exposure to crime, potential unrest (being last) worth the better job and extra money.... your house purchase is going to suck it up in extra cost anyway...

Status, you can be more "important" in a bigger place...

But the once in awhile I want to go live it up, it's worth the hotel price and gas...

It just started to seem odd tom.... taking vacations in the country and living in the city... I can't.... drink or hit museums every night of the week and not die lol (maybe i'm just getting a bit older) but I can raft and hike and get coffee every day...

Just started to seem like in my 30's I was kind of living in opposite world more than anything

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 01:33 AM

btw... I don't think you were example of what I posted in regards to the homosexuality thread... I said that to other poster in regard to remark in general

And you do seem to have quite a bit of knowledge Just rebutting my purpose in terms of guns and how I feel...

This thread isn't about fighting the insurrection lol, it's about women and children and families getting as clear and safe as they can...

Having a gun, might not be a bad idea...

But i'm not aiming this at people who would want to use it unless cornered and not their top priority

I'm saying your material stuff is worthless in a real and genuine crisis, GTFO... and be able to

I want them to know Stealth more than fighting... How to get water from plants or how to plant seeds or even just.... be in the damn shape to run...

Sure in the service... you get Gun training

What i'm saying is you devote far more time to Running, Marching and obstacle courses...

If I can give any advice Guns wouldn't be first...

IT would be being able and ready to haul that package of sloppy Joe most of us have hanging off their backside

In the end in any emergency that ability is going to be the most useful

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by crimvelvet

Food Democracy Now says Monsanto, through Michael Taylor, is expecting to run the giant agency the bills will set up and to control the entire US food supply, including all farms and homes and gardens.

FARMLAND is turned from PROPERTY to PREMISES, subject to international laws! Rights under the Constitution become no rights whatever through this word substitution. Farmers become mere "Stakeholders" occupying the land until the real owners come to claim it.....

...I catch these suckers in my Tomato patch they best be pulling weeds and begging for a handout unless they want a butt full of buckshot!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 04:52 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus

This thread isn't about fighting the insurrection lol, it's about women and children and families getting as clear and safe as they can...

Having a gun, might not be a bad idea...

But I'm not aiming this at people who would want to use it unless cornered and not their top priority

I'm saying your material stuff is worthless in a real and genuine crisis, GTFO... and be able to

I want them to know Stealth more than fighting... How to get water from plants or how to plant seeds or even just.... be in the damn shape to run...

Sure in the service... you get Gun training

What i'm saying is you devote far more time to Running, Marching and obstacle courses...

Physical fitness is not number one priority. Its a number one requirement. Number one priority is what you do with it. Yes, agreed, Stealth is definitely an attribute for the adept survivalist, but, even stealth & fitness is no match for technology. You have to be smarter than the idiot hunting you. Problem is, he is a hi-tech redneck these days & its hard to outrun a radio or outsmart infrared... you have to beat these things with blind spots in the technology or better systems. (INSURRECTION)

First, lose the cell phone. Exactly right! The "material" things will get your @$$ nailed in a heartbeat. Travel light, move quick, stay out of sight & plan your actions carefully. Cell phones are traceable by GPS & pinpoint your location using satellite triangulation. They can mark your butt within inches of your actual position within seconds.
Second, your heat signature needs to be masked, especially at night & you do this using thermal blankets, surplus cammo impregnated with infrared fibers & natural ground cover where available. Low tech solutions to high tech problems.
Dropping off the grid completely means no paper trails, no electronic signals & total alienation from society as you know it. In the military we are taught escape & evasion tactics. How to beat a helicopter & outsmart a dog. How to hide in plain sight &, yes, how to use our weapons for things other than fighting, but, these things take months & would require volumes of log time & piss off everybody who got sick of reading my regurgitated training methods...
..Look, the best advice I can suggest to any novice survivalist is this: "Carefully" select your guide &, place your confidence in what he knows. You don't even have to like the man, but FIND ONE. We all have family that served in the military who knows something about survival. We all have friends and neighbors that we need to network with. I've got a 15 yr old pain in the ass neighbor kid that knows more about the woods than some soldiers I've met.. but, he knows... His daddy taught him well... as I teach mine... & mine taught me... these things take a lifetime and its one thing to walk into the woods determined to make it, its another thing knowing how.. deer hunting is a beautiful thing. Teaches young men how to be soldiers without actually killing humans. Deer aint stupid. Neither is your adversary. Underestimate his ability or overestimate your own & you are in for more complication than just turning yourself in for treason.
..but know this... when it gets bad, there will be men trying to rape you, thieves trying to rob or kill you, a Government condemning you as a criminal & guys like me who wont share my food with you. You will hump your own grub or do without. I would not want you in my party if you were in any way objecting to the idea that I expect you to pull the trigger and hit everything you point at ESPECIALLY if we are outgunned. I would hate constantly defending my actions to my own crew when a guy begs as I put two in his skull.
You dig movies? ...I highly recommend one called "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson.... it is exactly what you will face. You need to decide which walk you can stomach.

Toast Our forefathers (THEY LIVED IT)

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 06:20 AM
If the government applies scare tactics to persuade or move the public to act, then perhaps it is alarmist to say that they are preparing us for the next terrorist attack.

I agree that the flu seems like it may not be as big a deal as it is made out to be. Perhaps the H1N1 flu scare is intended to drive support for health care reform, but really in light of katrina, 9/11, the economy and other difficulties that America is facing maybe the answer is much more simple. I think we are being prepared for the worst case scenario of a flu pandemic to simply mitigate it's spread and effect. If there were to be a biological attack, I doubt it would be something that could be avoided--such as the flu--by washing your hands.

I do agree with the meme that it is better safe than sorry, and I happen to live in a highly populated city. However, if I have to invest money on rations and be constantly afraid of the next 9/11 in the form of biological attacks then the terrorists have succeeded in putting me into a state of fear just like the our government/media may want.

To those who believe that the government is fear-mongering: Is terrorism causing more of us to become paranoid and read into situations to come to an irrational conclusion that there is a larger threat?

It's hard to tell without seeing the full picture. Another thought is that the government means well, but media sensationalism magnifies these issues to sell stories. Perhaps a negitive aspect of capitalism, but if people are nervous enough to buy up supplies in preperation for the haulocaust maybe the machine is working just fine and these people will ultimately stimulate the economy.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 06:35 AM
I hear ya....its not about fighting the insurrection and we aint ever going to see the FEMA death camps right?

I just read 14 pages of stuff from several websites all showing the same thing from different sources, so, with what I see parked all through my town here (Railroad boxcars) and one of these FEMA death camps less than 40 miles from my house, its really hard to say it isn't going there.

Google on FEMA DEATH CAMPS and BOXCARS with SHACKLES and look at the mess Haliburton was paid to build and being managed by FEMA. FEMA is not disaster management people...its RIOT CONTROL. FEMA is a mechanism for putting down civil insurrection and handling domestic logistical internment.
Google on Black FEMA caskets and look at the thousands of stockpiled coffins waiting for you.

We've got foreign soldiers in our country at the moment, manning these facilities which are empty and designed specifically for detaining Americans.

You think we got nothing to worry about from the New World Order? A World Bank system. United Nations laws overriding US Constitutional laws, and global economic meltdown? People this is REAL. This is not a joke or a conspiracy or a hoax. We got 300 million people in this country and the government is terrified of what will happen when they are forced to pay up on the global markets.

Obama says he brought the economy back from the brink....the brink of WHAT? Breach of contract? They still aren't selling cars and the economy is still @ 10% unemployment. The deficit is still rolling like a freakin gas pump on meth and you got this @$$hat cancelling programs like the F22 Raptor (The most advanced fighter plane in the world) he can build unmanned drones to spy on ANYBODY from remotely stationed ground positions.

...and keep in mind that all these soldiers coming back to the states are trained in kickin doors and tossing grenades into buildings... they follow orders without questioning the constitutional validity of an unlawful order. The Foreign soldiers now in country have no qualms about busting a cap in your forehead and, wether you believe it or not, how you choose to die might be the only choice you get to make if you wait too long.

...hiding under the bed is NOT a survival strategy. 24 hrs after Katrina hit, people were getting carjacked, robbed, killed and raped. A few days after this, FEMA orders local government to start disarming people... WHY?

no declaration of Martial Law means they can legally get it off... Under a declaration of Martial Law it is illegal for any soldier to disarm civilians.

When Martial Law "DOES" get declared, they will come with lists of who gets hauled off first. By then its too late to run. You will choose to Fight or die. Without organizing yourselves into small networks of well equipped and precisely tasked units, you are leaving yourselves open to the mercy of the meat grinder.

8 men squads work best. Easily tasked and easily managed with a minimal rank structure to maintain discipline, supply, and coordination. Mutually understood authority and absolute dedication to your cause is a trust issue of which there can be no question. State sanctioned Militia is infiltrated with moles (informants) in every division in every state. All of these are on watchdog lists. Large mobilizations will be noticed and the tried and true still applies. Divide and conquer. Smaller elite squads DO work better. Rumsfeld was right!

I am not saying DONT trust local State sanctioned militias, but, know that they are compromised and your operational dealings with these should be of ranks above Colonel or Master Sargent. Moles will typically achieve ranks as high as Captain, Staff Sargent or even Major easily enough. If civilians are moving thru a Militia checkpoint , simply follow instructions and do NOT argue or force confrontation with these militia in any way. They WILL cap you and pull your dead carcass off the road.

Best bet: Stick to back roads

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by RocketScientist

Well... Brilliant and there is some great advice.

Simple stuff many do not know... Ditch the cell phone, absolutely you probably just hit nail on the head exactly the single hardest piece of the modern world we will have to be able to do without, with not knowing where some loved ones are maybe this is going to be a very difficult thing to do.

I would not expect that the first days will see the cell phone as a huge liability if your Joe Nobody and no one is specifically looking for you, but yes... once and if your in "occupied territory and the list of who's missing gets handed over yeah that cell phone had better be gone before then.

Being able to block infrared also brilliant and also something you better have after the first few days and great advice few probably think of...

And very true what your saying, outdoor survival does take a long long time... I'm fast to say use a bow as that is the only way I am willing to hunt but yeah, LOL... expect to starve at first and pray you nab some squirrel or something, small vials of pheromone or piss wont be handy

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with dealing with things as they would have to be if necessary.

I just believe avoidance is the best option particularly at first, it's hard to even imagine the chaos, I don't consider out and out urban warfare to be a good scenario no matter how well trained I could ever be, I put a fighters survival in that environment given Govt troops rioters, people attempting to mount a resistance at next to NIL against trained troops with proper equipment, maybe not next to nil, but anything can come at me, I don't like my odds in a non strategic environment i.e. Chaos

And the last thing i would want trying to escape such an environment is someone who wants to fight their way out or be associated with any group of numbers trying to do so, particularly numbers who are firing off shots... drawing attention to themselves.

To me any urban environment will fall into Two categories, the people WIN and push occupying forces out making the city a viable option for heavy equipment use ranging from tanks, choppers or even a mini nuke god forbid... and there is simply a chance you might die in virtually inescapable fire of some sort


The Troops win and your in occupied territory where you might as well be in a giant prison, once snipers are set up and resistance crushed it's going to be impossible to get out or next to impossible.

I think you misunderstood

When I said I don't see the need for the gun, it's because I don't want to be on a List where I am a priority for containment and I definitely don't want to end up in jail PRIOR in such events for possessing an illegal fire arm

My thought on the subject is like money a fool and their gun is soon parted.

I also have hundreds of miles of wilderness out my back door...

I feel quite certain that in the event of an event where I am, i'll have a gun given on request if need be and if not... I am quite sure I'll be seeing numerous noisy violent deserving imbeciles who will attempt to run through my yard so to speak, and frankly they wont even know I was there before I have what I need

So i'm of the opinion stocking up on arms is the best way to get noticed one way or another and have them at my door before anything happens... I have 100 feet to go before i'm gone... if people start freaking out, certainly my town isn't going to erupt in chaos or be any sort of front target or anything of that nature, food, water even power is local or off grid for most, whatever happens it will be signaled it will be happening elsewhere first, i'll have time, some time at least...

and even from there... i'm heading as far and as fast as I can... hopefully avoiding entirely certain situations

if those situations find me or are in my vicinity... that's an entirely different story

I think we are basically on the same page actually...

All i'm saying is, i don't want a large group, i'll have precious cargo making things tough as it is... I definitely don't want a large group with trigger happy members drawing attention to me... they better be ready to be quiet, move fast, move every single day and go distance

25% of this country not including Alaska has never been surveyed by foot... if there is no reason to look for me and i keep moving I might be able to avoid and evade entirely with a bit of luck...

I doubt especially in the thick of things if an infra red signature is picked up of a couple of people soloing through serious terrain, they will be dispatching a team of special forces...and you can hear most choppers and if you stick to the trees...even without the right equipment to hide, you'll again with a bit of luck hopefully be covered in time...

with urban fighting rampant at least for weeks choppers with infra going through mountains for stragglers, i don't see this as the best or most likely use, I see defections and problems within the system particularly among the police and forest service and locals with families...

in time if you stick around yeah, for sure...

But we are at war on two fronts, the national guard is highly over stretched already,it takes time to bring a Carrier Battle group home and major cities would be first priority, the guard... half went in to pay for college...weekend warriors with kids... they might loose 30% or more of the ranks the first week...

Take "Bucky" in Ny State... he evaded Police for 5 months, didn't attempt to leave the area, was actively seeking to do harm, shooting State Troopers, successful stole over 41 Guns and was focus of a 400 Trooper man hunt, on the Fbi Top 15 list had federal police involved looking for him and was on every most wanted list in every nearby state with his photo.

Given that kind of success, I just think if TSHTF I can in a time of utter chaos with every law enforcement and military personnel active fighting, controlling riots, suppressing crowds, maintaining the flow of food and gear, dealing with what will surely be massive insurrection within their ranks, having a list of KNOWN targets to pursue, major roads to blockade

I think... moving fast and looking to evade and get my hands on a gun or 10 if need be... i'll do just fine... my goal is to get myself and a couple of people only as faraway as I can as fast as possible... with No One looking for me or even knowing i'm alive for at least a few weeks god willing

Another thing to consider is... If there were a revolution or chaos in the USA you can count on war breaking out around the world to take advantage, our troops will be engaged for sure and bogged down around the world

I'm thinking working my way quietly through the woods, Deal with willy and he's 3 rapist pals when I notice them... hide from a rare passing chopper... Doable, particularly if I make a point of using the first few weeks and not getting up on my house with an AK lol

Bottom line there will be Millions of Moronic People to deal with, caravans of people trying to resettle...

Bio... I want NO contact...

Revolution, I want to get to a place I could actually fight or not fight at all and see who is winning before I make a decision...

Invasion, definitively don't want to defend the front line... come find me

Massive natural disaster... anywhere I can quietly find my own food and water

WW3... As far from any major WMD targets as possible...

Out of Dodge until the smoke clears and things and lines are actually drawn... even if a fight, there is simply no way to predict what will happen where the lines will fall where is safe, bets thing is to book and assess the situation, not make life choices in utter chaos

Thing is... all wars end, no one detained for long Japanese soldiers that came out of hiding 10 years later Jews live in Germany today and Germany supplies Israel war good lol

Always hope for a good life if your alive

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Mopus, and Rocket, you guys are right on point as usual.

The thing to remember is, you won't be evading the high tech army that was out looking for Saddam or Osama. You just aren't that important! Your main concern will be avoiding looters, and rioters, and criminals. A secondary concern will be avoiding "accidental" contact with either foreign or domestic troops. The least likely scenario would be an active search for you, and even if that did come to fruition because of some dumb move on your part, they won't dedicate high tech weaponry or overwhelming force to look for one person or even a small group!!

The key to survival in SitX is winning against Nature, and winning against Yourself!! The most likely things to kill you are Dehydration, Infection, or Starvation! Then come Random attacks by People or Wildlife, and a distant last are attacks by Police or Military!

If you are prepared to Survive in the Wilderness, battle the Emotional Strain, and keep your Spirits and Willpower high, you will do just fine!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:38 AM
Nah. Don't stockpile anything. Let's see who REALLY is the toughest and the most likely to survive. I'm going to start with a ball point pen and a stick of chewing gum.

See ya at the finish line!!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:52 AM

Originally posted by THX-1138
Nah. Don't stockpile anything. Let's see who REALLY is the toughest and the most likely to survive. I'm going to start with a ball point pen and a stick of chewing gum.

See ya at the finish line!!

I have an idea for a "Reality" TV show, and I am making it public here, so don't steal it!! LOL!

A Country Boy Can Survive

Pit me (or some random Country Boy) against Bear Grylls or Les Stroud or just nature itself. I have no formal training, no military, no survival coach beforehand. Let's see how somebodies true survival mode handles the wilderness!!

I have heard of trained men not lasting 3 days, and I have heard of women or children lasting 2 weeks and more!! There was a story of a 2 yr old girl in Jacksonville that survived a week in a home alone eating ketchup and mayonaisse from the fridge while her mother was in jail!!

Forget Survivor, or Survivor Man, or Man vs. Wild. Let's do it for real! Take an average person, and put them in a plausible survival situation like Car Breaks down 15 miles from Mountain town during a winter night! Or, boat breaks down 10 miles out to sea! Or, power, water, and commerce are shut down on the edge of a town (ghost town scenario).

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Yeah Rocket and I actually are almost speaking the exact same language with the main difference being that I guess in the end, I don't see what's worth fighting back for, at least not until I can ascertain what the heck is actually going on...A genuine lasting occupation of America is to me at least... undo-able

Fema camps, rail cars... there's one line up here and a Million nuts to disrupt it... good luck on maintaining box cars of people, maybe back north east.

This is all almost unthinkable when you have this kind of infra structure... so many nuclear reactor' chemical plants, numbers of citizens, train capacity out west would be gone in days... there are dismantled warheads laying about in how many states I mean... what economy? what Govt would there be?

Thing about ww3 is I honestly think if America goes chaotic it starts that day and from there... it's not going to be long before there is no govt, it will be a fast war

foreign troops? If America is in infighting Europe and Russia and the Middle East and China will be at each other... what numbers of troops?

If the world sees America as a target and Russia doesn't just roll into europe or China to it's localities... (and they are fighting a billion Indians, they wont be sending much here) IF they all were to gang up and support suppressing us.... our Military would turn on itself to prevent that... some ones going to push a button

All crazy theoretical nonsense i'm spewing here...

Is just see this as unsustainable

America supplies 30% of the worlds food if there is infighting in the Midwest... Foreigners are dealing with a hell of starving Africans and Indians and others looking to migrate, America fights these guys will have major, major problems...

Europeans are as down for occupying anything as a whole as they are of cutting their peckers off, they don't even want people in Afghanistan let alone being picked off in the Rockies...

unsustainable... fast conflict before anarchy sets in, before a few nukes fly or reactors blow... short span before troops are just defecting in droves

No winning side... like fighting a tidal wave with a rock

I see what you do, get out fast, avoid everything possible hope you can deal with survival as well as you think you can and emerge into a world a few billion shy...

a world no one wants to fight in for a very, very long time....

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Completely agree,

not just from a knowledge point of view but psychological... if your longing for the city, if your a person who joined the military in order to pay for school... dreamed of being a doctor one day lol and having a loft downtown, your not going to do well...

If your life involves... being isolated allot anyway and your used to it... well, your better off

Need... being a needy person for material things is one of your biggest risk factors for not getting through, people refer to country folks as bumpkins often but.... i your priority is a simple life, well.... there you go, your prepared... mentally

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 08:13 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

You are correct, if the world economy or war front goes haywire, NOBODY will be trying to march into the US! My buddy from Armenia, grew up in USSR, and learned in elementary school that the USSR had the most powerful army in the world!! They felt they could win an all out war against the US rather quickly, but they would never be able to rule the people!! They never wanted a war, because it was impossible to occupy the US (much like Afghanistan or Russia)!

India, China, Middle East, Africa? They have plenty of their own problems to deal with! We don't need to worry about anybody but ourselves!! In a real SitX, we will be fighing ourselves!

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 08:14 AM
Foreign troops? What foreign troops?!? Where? What are you guys talking about?

Rocket Scientist - can I ask you something? Who is going to mbe fighting who? And more importantly, why?!?

Personally, I just don't get it. And all of this advice is over my head. I'm just an average city-boy who has never done a proper day's work in my life. Sitting at a computer kind of jobs. So if I, or the millions like me, try to take any of this survival advice, we would just get ourselves killed - we wouldn't really stand a realistic chance.

posted on Sep, 11 2009 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by RocketScientist

Well said in many posts. You sound as if you have done this in another life!

You sound like a Ranger and they say Rangers lead the way. It has been proven too many times that small teams of well trained individuals accomplished much. From the days they were called Mountain Men to Rangers. Small groups little attention drawn. But the real question is where is high ground these days. If I was Statesides I would not mind sharing escape route with you to safeground....

These sealed tubes can be stashed anywhere on route to the high "safe" ground if you have a site already and have mapped out your route. It can be done now and one is only limited to the amount of money to purchased these buried BOB's. I understand because of events unfolding that one may not be able to meet up right away with buried BOB's but it will give you good moral knowing that you have extra supplies if you can get to them.

If this sounds extreme then you must remember that before starting off on your trek out of the city to know already the safe ground you are heading and that there will be no air drops of supplies when you run out of food. Also if you decide to take what is left behind like one poster stated he did not need guns as he will pick them up on the way, remember 1) you expose yourself by heading to where people are/were. 2) you could be heading for a trap either by "town survivers" or Government teams - after all what are the FEMA Camps and Caskets all about if not for the Trapped.

I hope this day never comes but I have been expecting this since 1980.

I was a member of the Viet Nam Vets Against the War. For my protest I am now on a high profile list when I fly. My boarding passes bear the dreaded SSSS. For those who do not understand may I suggest a book or the video "The End of America" by Naomi Wolf.

"It" what we are talking about has already started and was planned by those that control Washington DC before 911. Where were you on that day. I was on a BA flight No 285 seat 52B leaving 11 Sept at 1040GMT to SFO from London and was force landed in Edmunton Canada. 3 hours in line to be searched hand luggage only we did not remove our hold baggage from plane. When we final arrived back at London I could not find my bag. Going to BA lost and found I found what was left of my bag in a box. Everything was well searched. That was the last time I travelled with a lock bag. I have travelled to the States (my birth home) 4 times each time I have a notice in my hold bag that it was searched. I am also pulled from normal security and everything is well searched leaving me feel bad when boarding the plane as those people who saw how "they" pulled me to the side look sideways at me. I now travel with a service medal which sports a "V" device as it shows those who suspect me of possible evil that once I was counted on and those actions were witnessed. I travel with Hard Drives in my carry on and so far have lost 3 drives (no longer working) due to "their" inspections. You must remember the reason for all of this unwanted attention was to protest at University chanting, "To Hell With National Honour - We Won't be Used Again." What saddens me is the fact that there is now an Iraq Vets Against the War. We had no history to learn from and we also had the draft. I do not understand this new group as they are volunteers and should have learnt by our mistakes. So now I am like my other brothers who stood up and was counted and now cannot travel because of the "No fly list" feel almost like we did this for nothing as nobody listened. BTW I do support the troops.

Sorry I have gone off thread in my desire to explain that the SHTF has already begun IMHO and yes I have a BOB with family members in the States if I get caught between flights. Family get married, sick and other things that brings one back Home.

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