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Can UNITY in the 9/11 truth movement be achieved?.

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posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 09:26 AM
Hi guys.

The world as we know it is changing, So many people are interested in the SAME thing but all that ever happens is we move further away from it.
Chronologically and Realistically.

I Believe the same thing is a New Full investigation into the events of 9/11 unfettered by the malfeasance that can be assuaged by political influence.

The 9/11 truth movement is a government op designed to keep everyone looking and never finding the truth.

To keep the people that actually care enough to want Justice for all those MURDERED people in seperate factions fighting against each other thus Castrating the movement as a whole.

So many times on ATS i see replies on threads saying things like "i wish there was something we could do" or "How do we stop it".

Well here it is i think the way forward.

Divided nothing will ever change all factions need to put aside their differences for the "truth movement" misnomer to actually mean something.
Those people really interested in seeing something change would put aside any differences and combine into a group, those with vested interests in maintaining divisions will do their best to stop it happening or cause trouble if it did come together with the aim of breaking it up again.

Nowadays im more interested in trying to find ways to get everyone pulling in the same direction to make people realise that the arguments Planes, No planes, are both flawed and without both sides accepting the right to assert their beliefs without anyone being offended to the point that divisions appear and flaming ensues giving platforms to those who revel in the argumentative apparatus this supplies the government licensed truth movement will never get to the truth.

instead of weeding these people out for what they are and what they are doing maintaining the hostility and removing any respectability the voice of 50+% should have, they help maintain the LIE.

Why is it that when someone tries to achieve UNITY it always fails, Martin Luther king, John Lennon, ,JFK ,Ghandi ,Bob marley one person is not bigger than the government, The message these people have always pushed is:

One person is NOT a movement A movement as one person is powerful.

The Achilles heel of the whole Movement is seperation, (the M two people holding hands) The planers and non planers Movement.
Never has anything united the people, the PTB do not expect it EVER to happen this is why 9/11 has happened, So blatantly obvious that they think they know the people coming together not under one person, But as a UNIFIED people is something that will never happen is the reason they attack and kill us on satanic dates, it suits their needs.

What we need is next year on 9/11 is a civilian court held in america on the basis of american law outside the system to see if there is a case to answer.

This is the way forward, to not only look at the crimes of 9/11 but to also see if the coming pandemic is a further crime that suits their modus and needs.

The details need to be worked out i agree but we need to start somewhere.

Common UNITY for 9/11 2010 , what say ye?. see you in court?.

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