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Actually, the thing is...

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posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 05:17 AM
Howsit people.
I in the process of research and deriving my own experiences and want to compile that into a book, but im not really sure how reception (local and international) would be towards this.

The book is about Post Apartheid South Africa and how things have changed socially and polically in our country, giving a new perspective to the "outside world's" pre-defined image/outlook of what goes on here.

Seeing that District 9 had such a huge impact on global observers(although it was because of the Alien theme mostly), it also had a story to tell about apartheid.
This book however, will deal with how South Africa is really experienced by the "man in the street" 15 years after the fall of the "Iron curtain"; adjustments that had to be made and how that affected life in South Africa, from an individual's perspective, up to national level and the repercussions thereof. will be seen through the eyes of a white man, and it will be told as it is, straight up! No it is not racially fueled, just told how things are actually "going down" here now, and how its has affected millions within this country.

Just some thoughts from the ATS community on this?
Thanks guys and gals!


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