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official anti-christ?

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posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by president

who is this dolce guy can you give anymore info pls????? i was under the impression that supriem david rockefella was the latest anti christ??? correct me if im wrong

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 12:33 PM
charles darwin? maybe.

If you watch the CiR board you will see that we get a new anti-christ every couple days. just type "is the anti-christ" in the search box and go through the results to know what im saying.

posted on Sep, 8 2009 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by ghostryder21

Hi Ghost/


The signs are there to enlighten us,to warn us of the coming of the Antichrist...but one must be careful in what they assume are signs as to not get caught in a deceptive web.
It has been foretold that in order for the Antichrist to make his appearance,there needs to be enough people ready to accept him as his disciples and spread his message...
What message?
The idea that God does not exist...all people may have their own concept as to what God is etc...
Another message is to confuse God with many this would make all paths lead to the same thing.
A beleif of Peace to come in the future...
The belief that a 'New Age' is upon us eg/universal acceptance of a safer world through the use of technology...
A feeling of something of the paranormal is being manifested eg/more and more Unedentified flying objects are being seen, ghosts,wierd anamolies in the skies(human and not human looking)...
The Turning to psychics for fortune telling and the like...
A new awakening amongst groups of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment(not neccassarily(sp) through the use of meditation and group therapy involvements...

Since the Antichrist is foretold in the book of the Apocalypse, then one ought to keep in touch with what the teachers of the Scriptures have to say.
To try and decipher Revelation on ones own knowledge is not allowed because MANY will simply come up with different and many interpretatons,as it has already been shown to happen...this is dangerous as it will confuse many to believe a lie and fall in the trap that has been prophesied ''to deceive,even the elect'''s own knowledge is not greater then Gods!
It has been prophesied that Saint John of the Apocalypse(authour)will also return at the end of day's,as his body was not ever found.
Amongst others that will also return is The Mother of God(Theotokos-God-bearer).
What many already know is that the Two Prophets Enoch and Elijah(Elias,in Greek)shall Testify of the Antichrist, and after they have preached the Word of God and foretold the coming of the Antichrist,shall be put to their death at the same place where the Lord Jesus Christ was Crucified.
What does one do at these terrible times?
Prayer will do much good, as fighting the Antichrist and his followers shall be of no use!
It has been also prophesied that before the Antichrist appears, many people shall die of some illnesses/diseases, as they would be better off dead, then live in the terrible times of the Antichrsit, thus saving their this would probably save them from what is to come...
The Antichrist shall be very cunning and work together with the false prophet and his disciples....
He will be announced as a world peace leader and great man of intellect.
He will be involved in humanaterian work,always showing good works(in order to deceive)
Miracles and illusions of all sorts will amaze those that did not pay proper attention to Scripture.
In Early Christianity, many of the first Christians were put to death via torturous means...skinned alive, put in hot oil,cut into pieces,all were tortured cruel deaths over days,months or years etc....
As were those days, the same will also happen in the coming of the Antichrist....
All of the prophecies speak of a short period of the True Gospel being preached before the appearance of the Antichrist,this has yet not happened.
The Floods and the earthquakes and the behaviour of the worlds people are signs that the times are getting close...
Much more also has been said....and these too are being fullfilled in todays generation...

I know many will probably say that 'fear' is what makes people think this will happen,or fear is what all this is about, but no, as it is not based on fear, but on love.
''perfect love , casts out fear''...and this is why many early Christians confesssed in the belief of Jesus Christ at their death.
The more that died this way, the more people believed...
A fact?
The more seeds one plants, the more seem to grow....not all grow up alike and strong,all differ!

Take care,


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