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Circle K "Polar Pop" Cups Trashing the Earth for a nickel

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posted on Sep, 6 2009 @ 07:46 AM
Circle K here in North Akron, Ohio sells these Fountain Drinks called Polar Pop's. Its 63 cents total for a 32 oz 4mm thick foam cup, plastic lid, and straw. Circle K could only be making perhaps 10 cents per cup sold. These cups are littered everywhere by kids and adults. Many people in the community buys these like crazy, drink them in 5 min, throws them on the street the lawns and in the trash. Its insane really just this product.
Careless littering is typical Akron inner city display of intelligence, no problem. The alarming issue to me is the cups are really heavy duty Styrofoam.
Having flown over the ocean several times, I noticed the incredible amount of trash floating in the ocean.
I believe Circle K is seriously creating a massive trash issue with just this product alone. If the cups were 3 dollars made of real plastic, and refillable, or made of thin paper, I would not see an issue.
Especially here in inner city Akron where no one cares and litters at will.
There has to be thousands of these cups thrown away each day just in this neighborhood.
I seem to be the only one locally who notices this slap in the face to Earth our home.
This is only 1 little piece in a giant mound of waste going on, it is 24/7 here. I see Circle K making a big mistake with this product. There are more important things to worry about I know.

I am sure sending Circle K an email will not help.
Trash generating non stop money machines, this is what I see.
I also picture the Circle K executives out on the Golf course really concerned as well.

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