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How can obama make the school year longer with so many budget cuts in school

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posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 04:17 PM

I was reading up on the speech Obama wants to have this Tuesday, and the Miami Herald was asking The Education Secretary Arne Duncan questions about schools and i got caught up in this question -

"Q: The one idea kids might not want to hear about is more time in school.

A: This is not my most popular line when I've talked to young folks. But I think the idea of schools being open five days a week, six hours a day, nine months of the year just doesn't work for families in our country anymore.

Families are working one and two and three jobs now to make ends meet. Schools are safe havens. We want to make sure those are open longer hours, after school, weekends, throughout the summer."

So Obama and this guy want to make the school year longer, a year ago i heard about this "year-round school" school the whole entire year, i dont know about other places, but here in Miami there has been ALOT of budget cuts for school, where some schools had to be close down. How can they make this happen when they barely have money for school?

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 04:25 PM
I highly doubt that they could accomplish longer school years.

I mean the school year in itself varies from year to year however, you have to think that teachers will react to this, parents will react tot his and so will the students.

You can't expect them to be in school all year long, that simply doesn't make any sense. If they do that, then in return they must reduce the number of years a child would go to school since they are putting in 3 extra months a year.

Let's do the math shall we?

9 Months a year for 13 years (kindergarden) equals about 117 months in school. That's the minimum of schooling required to get a highschool diploma without repeating or other problems.

If you were to do the same at 12 months, then you automatically receive 156 months of schooling. This is a little absurd don't you think?

If this were the case then in order to have the system balance you would need to elimate aprox 39 months from a child's school. Which means he would be in school for 3.25 years less that what is needed now.

So we have kids beginning university at 15/16 instead of 18/19.

This is another fundemental problem.


posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 04:45 PM
Obama and the federal Secretary of Education desire the schools to do something all they want, but that doesn't change that decisions for school districts are done locally, not from Washington.

In the end, the schools being opened longer won't happen. There are already programs in school districts across the country for after school stuff. The problem is getting the kids to join them instead of going on the streets, which isn't going to be solved by having schools stay open until eight.

I just though, haha, if they did have the schools hours extended, wouldn't that just create more problems because, then the teachers who have kids won't be there for there kids after school because they have to stay longer, or come in on Saturday to watch the kids whose parents have to work two and three jobs? It kinda, to me, defeats the purpose.

posted on Sep, 5 2009 @ 04:58 PM
Well sure

If they reduce the number of years in school then the kids have more time before college to go rot in tents enslaved in Obama's Ethnic interracial breeding camps... urmmm, I mean slave camps, urmmmm I mean work programs.

Obama is rapidly becoming the biggest vaginal cleanser of a President America has ever seen.

Year round school?

Every single policy this guy has is centered around the problems of the ghetto

Schools are safe havens?

what about the 70% percent of us that don't live in places like Compton,Inner City Chicago or Detroit or Bed Stuy?

Gun laws where there are no drive bys

Mandated Health care where people do have jobs

Mandated shots AS IF we all live in dense overcrowded slums where a stupid flu will spread in seconds due to poverty and bad hygiene and subways


school year round for kids who have parents or can afford to go to summer camp and on vacations...

That would be effectively stealing my children from me...

I really despise this ugly moronic half wit imbecile, even with an economic crisis even when broke I have a life, my kids have food and we do stuff together, who is this ANIMAL,this piece of Garbage that is turning our lives into the GHETTO running our country as if it's the GHETTO? Making policy as IF all of AMERICA is a GHETTO?

Year round school will help the 10% of little urchins with no dads at all

and KILL parental relationships for parents around the rest of the country

No way in Hell, will I loose my summers with my children...

You know... all I normally try and do is talk sense and intelligent peaceful solutions and along comes the thing.... that would push my buttons too.

If I loose my weekends and Summers with my children on top of all else... I will no longer recognize the Govt of the united States of America as Legitimate.

Never said those words before, but every Camel has it's straw

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