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Terror Alerts used to push Radical Bush Agenda

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posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:36 AM
Focus-Group Testing Basis For False White House-Created Hysteria
Who's the Pollster on the Homeland Security Pad?

(** From the Horse**)
Amid growing public hysteria spawned by White House warnings about imminent terrorist attacks, and advice on how to endure such attacks -- buy duct tape! -- Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge has defended the warnings on the grounds that they have been pre-tested with focus groups.

Incredible. Ridge and the White House tried out the duct-tape stuff on a FOCUS GROUP!

And this is supposed to be a government? Making its judgments about the war on terrorism and national security on the basis of focus groups?!

This from the Administration of George W. Bush who, lying through his teeth, told the American people in 2000 that he doesn't rely on polling and focus groups?

This is beyond cynical. This is playing with the deepest fears of the American people -- literally plunging millions into war hysteria -- on the basis of the most cynical kinds of brand-testing and political calculation.

Bad enough that this round of fear-mongering turns out (or so the White House now claims) on a bum tip from a single informant. At best, that shows abysmal incompetence on the part of the Bush White House. At worst, it shows a calculated effort to whip up mass hysteria -- with focus-group tested results! -- at a time when the world is raising doubts about the Bush Administration's credibility.

And with the Bush Administration, time and time again, it's proven best to prepare to believe the worst.

That's bad enough. But what about the rest?

Which Republican pollster in getting paid to do focus-group testing for the Department of Homeland Security? How much is the pollster getting paid?

From the Chcago Tribune:

WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, responding to days of debate over duct tape and plastic sheeting, on Thursday defended his new department's recommendations on how Americans can best protect themselves during terrorist attacks and promised even greater guidance in the near future.

Responding to critics who belittled some of the suggestions, Ridge said his department had worked for the last eight months, even using focus groups, to find the best ways to prepare the public in the event of terrorist attacks.

In a discussion with the Tribune Editorial Board, Ridge said the department would be rolling out two major programs next week. One is intended to help limit the vulnerabilities of the nation's key industries, such as banking, chemical plants and electric utilities. The other will address civil preparedness, with more ideas about what Americans can do to safeguard themselves.

Ridge indirectly appeared to blame Democrats for some of the criticism over the recommendations.

"Obviously, I think there's been some political belittling of duct tape," he said, referring to the suggestion Americans buy plastic sheeting and tape to seal a safe "internal room" in their homes from a biological or chemical attack.

( out the dissent, imply that they are 'unpatriotic' for not buying into the Orwellian spin & misinformation)


posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:42 AM
It is true, this last terror alert was basically a trial run to see what public support/reaction would be. It was of course well taken in by the public due to the high tension after Blix went to the UN...

Consider however, just how useless the duct tape and plastic advise is.... IF there is a gas attack, it will be focused in an area of large public concentrations, preferably an enclosed area (sports arenas, subways, large shopping malls, ect), where this will do you NO good. (One reason I am staying away from such places)

posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:48 AM
Completly agree there!

If you've read the posts lately then you'll have noticed that i was down in Gatwick when the place was evacuated!

I tell you one thing; getting stuck in a hanger with two soldiers defending your six while you're trying to jump start someones heart was not in my contract!

Hello by the way!!!!!!!!

posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:53 AM
Hello to you!

Did you save him?? Did they ever say if there was more to the alert than the idiot with the grenade?

posted on Feb, 15 2003 @ 08:54 AM
"A key piece of the information leading to recent terror alerts was fabricated, according to two senior law enforcement officials in Washington and New York.The officials said that a claim made by a captured al Qaeda member that Washington, New York or Florida would be hit by a "dirty bomb" sometime this week had proven to be a product of his imagination....It was only after the threat level was elevated to orange meaning high last week, that the informant was subjected to a polygraph test by the FBI, officials told ABCNEWS. "This person did not pass," said Cannistraro. According to officials, the FBI and the CIA are pointing fingers at each other. An FBI spokesperson told ABCNEWS today he was "not familiar with the scenario," but did not think it was accurate."

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