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Ever die in a dream before?

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 01:53 PM
I had a dream last night where i was back in Florida, currently in Indiana. The story goes like this, I was walking down royal palm blvd. and for some reason i decided to go in this random person house (or perhaps we met up and i forgot this part of the dream.) While i was there with 2 other black guys, and some latino dude i've never seen I must have pissed one of them off and he shot me in the stomach. While i dream i think all is real so this freaked me out. So here i am laying on the ground waiting to die.... nope im still there bleeding i guess, i didnt bother leaving because i thought they would chase me anyways. So i make this guy mad again and he shoots me in the neck!! I thought i'm dead for sure, i fall on the ground my body goes numb.... then i think in my . oh well im about to astral project upon death, this will be alright. for about 3 seconds i am nothing, and then i wake up so to say and my dream becomes more lucid and i have better control. Now why i didnt just teleport out of the room at this time is beyond me, because i know its possible. so i get up and am like hmmm how do i get out of here? i see the two black dudes on the couch with a knife between them, i go to sit down and grab the knife at lightning speeds and stab both of them in the stomach as i sit down. but it doesnt kill them, there like w.e lol but when i stab their throats, they died (one of few dreams ive ever been able to damage another person or being.) Then i ran out. Fear wasnt the reason why i had stabbed them though... i believe it was more of me wanting revenge, which isnt a good thing, but oh well my mistake. IDK though, now that i think of it, i may have started to lose my control sometime after i realized i was okay, i think i was going into a deep sleep at this time... IDK why but when i seem to be in a light sleep i can control anything in a dream. maybe im wrong. either way, has anyone else died in a dream? or killed some being in a dream?

sorry for any bad english or spelling errors.

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 02:04 PM
I kill tons of things and get killed in dreams often.

Dreamtime allows for healthy fantasies and working through pent-up anger and aggression where it is not feasible to do such in realtime. It sounds like your dream was one of those, where you felt a need to express feelings of revenge even though you wouldn't do such in real-life. Your subconscious put you in a scenario where you could act that out in a healthy way.

I fight hordes of Ninjas and Vampires nightly. I used to always win, but that got boring after a while so I told my subconscious I wouldn't mind foes who actually rivaled me, or exceeded my own Astral abilities. It was after that when I found myself unable to change or teleport out of situations and actually had to think my way out of them. Oh, how many times I was chased to ground, fleeing from too many powerful adversaries for me to fight at once!

The reason why these dreams may seem most shocking is that in today's society we have movies and video games as outlets to explore the darker aspects of our psyche, and vent our anger and aggression. These methods seem more acceptable to us because we are projecting and disassociating ourselves and our feelings of anger, aggression, revenge, et cetera through characters that are not us. Whereas in our dreams, it is us...and we cannot so easily dismiss those feelings as belonging to someone else, or just Role-Playing.

The only problem I have had with dying in dreamtime however, is when the pain lingers after awakening. I've had days where I woke up from taking a death-fell to my abdomen only to have severe abdominal pain for the rest of the day! Our physical body does have a difficult time differentiating what our mental mind experiences in dreamtime from realtime (you can blame your Kinesthetic Body). I don't believe that someone could physically die from dying in a dream, but phantom pain is indeed a side-effect on occasion.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 02:09 PM
I've been shot before in my dreams, but I never die. They shoot me, and it's like I expect to die, but I don't. I've had them go on much longer, to the point where I literally get up and walk to the hospital, but I've always waken up with my walking down the middle of the street to a hospital.

I don't lucid dream, astral project or any of that stuff. Seemed real to me at the time.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 02:13 PM
3 dreams I have had come to mind.

1. I was driving my car on I70 (st. louis) and an accident happens and causes me to crash as well. Everything goes black. When I come to, I am upside down and the car is on fire. I can hear people screaming and it seems that others are badly hurt as well. I can feel myself slowly fading away and I start to panic. When it goes black, I woke up. I remember laying in bed afterwards thinking how freaked out I was.

2. Cant remember the entire dream, but I was somewhere and a tidal wave came rushing across the area. when it hit us, all went black and I woke up.

3. Again, cant remember the lead up to this, but I was in a house with some friends and my dogs. Heard something that sounded like thunder, opened the door to see a nuclear explosion happening and when the blast hit me, I woke up.

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by badmedia

i had similiar dreams but there was one dream that i remember vividly from way back when i was very young i think i was 3 maybe 4 yrs old. I am now 38 and it has given me fear of falling. The dream was I was falling from a great height and as i saw the ground getting nearer i felt pressure building around me(i remember lying on my stomach) my chest stomach felt as if a great weight was pressing onto me. This phyiscal sensation of the dream was the most horrifying of the experience because as the ground came closer and closer the sensation will build up and up and i knew that if i didnt wake up from the dream and allow myself to hit the ground i wouldnt be waking up. The moment came just seconds from the ground when i woke up. That dream has haunted me throughout my life and I cannot explain it nor can i say how was I to know how falling would feel like just that i will NEVER EVER do a parachute jump even if u given me all the money in the world......

posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 02:45 PM
I have gotten to the point where death was the obvious outcome and then 'shocked' myself out of sleep, if that makes any sense. Furthermore, I have only actually died, and had the dream continue for any length of time past the instant of my dying, once...that I can remember.

When it happened I was walking along a mountain with a few 'dream people' --you know, that cast of characters whom you have never met before but provide character fodder on a relativley repeating basis.

The dream was uneventful up until we reached an 'edge' in the mountain; it looked just like \_| except the bases met and it was a mountain covered in snow.

Anyway, I assured everyone it isn't a problem, is perfectly normal and procede to make my way across. I get about ten feet in or so and the entire face of the slanted mountain (to my left) comes apart and burries me, killing me instantly. I know I was dead because my mind thought it clever to provide a small exit-looking sign that read: Dead.

I think it means my subconscious is lazy and couldn't be bothered to imagine any kind of interesting afterlife.

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 03:59 PM
I die a lot in my dreams from time to time not entirely pleasant. Not entirely painful always freaky has to do a lot with water but I'm really a pretty good swimmer. Most other deaths were from falling. Strangest part it was my dream ny mind but not always my body.

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