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He even exalted himself as high as the Prince of the host;

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 11:33 AM
"He even exalted himself as high as the Prince of the host;"

is not about the antichrist.
misinterpretation and delusion.

The prince is michael,
and michael is the symbol of the sons of the One God.
Michael first as son, at the heavens gate,
it means in every choice there is only one option, the servant.

Son of Man are prophets that became glorified and at a further stage everyone else
that chose life. Sonship is full servant and evolves into the seal of the prophet,
Sonship is baptism by the spirit.
Water is repenting, fire is becoming.

From the position of glorification Jesus came back
from the promised land ( dwelling God is God = One = Everything)
as Father. After glorification the son 'dies' and becomes Father.
There were 2 spies coming back from the promised land
to bring the others.

Elijah is the first of this time to bring in the others,
and the world will see them as antichrists and false prophets.
because it was prepared like this.
The sons are the moon, is the eagle that landed. shadow of things to come, our history.
The sun is what is glorified.
The eagle is the egyptian vulture-eagle and eats dead carcass, it means
eating dead lies. To eat lies you have to see them, opposite of ignorance.
God named all prophets sons. David was called his son, read psalms.
He declared them righteousness, and when you reach this you are in
salvation and you become One. The biblical prophets left at that point.
The only begotten son is God himself, when he gives birth
to Himself by glorification. God knows he is the only One.
The only Prophet is he who is a slave of God, in other
words God himself, Mohammed acted as slave.
The torah has 2 sides, curse or blessing.
The blessing is One God has no witnesses, accusers
except Himself as One, it releases judgement.
The Quran did not throw away the Torah Law of One,
which The gospels brought us.
The Quran states God does not beget a son, because
He is only One, this does not contradict with the gospel.
Buddhism, Hinduism and Tao tell different sides from the same story.
Israel did not arrive fully in the as a shadow of what was to come,
symbol, promised land Canaan,
the function of teaching is spread all over the world,
in every religion and every nation.
The stars of heaven are those that belong to them.
They are the points of destiny, and that's why our mythology
explains as shadow/symbol that destiny is to be read in by the
progress of the heavens. Heavens are symbols of Humanities
course. Mazzaroth contains the story of humankind.
Revelation and Hadiths talk about eclipses,
by understanding the symbols of the heavens,
you become able to understand the eclipses.
They are symbolic for the individuals that will be hidden by truth
and will seem opposite to many. The full moon is visible to the sun
when the sun is eclipsed. The full moon seems red
when the night is high and the sun has gone.
Jonah symbolised, will be prisoned in this created world.
The arc of the covenant is logic that prisons
the testimony, truth contains the testimony of one.
Carried by rods on our shoulders, explained in the psalms as
the teaching rod.
We carry our cross, our cross hurts and educates us.

Judea is the southern kingdom, spiritual meaning,
the ones staying faithfull to A God that is ONE.
They will flee to the mountains of wisdom.

The temple of God is God that became man that became God.
The temple of the antichrist is God that avoids becoming man,
and by ignorance thinks it can be God without the cross God
carries for his own glory. It is is ignoring others,
because you put yourself higher then lower. To be with God,
you have to come down before you go up. And then you'll become One.
God does not judge Himself, if you step outside your own choice
to carry cross, then you choose, in old words called 'sin'.
Free God and you free yourself and you become the son.
It means care and it means avoiding ignorance.
It is flow. Honesty makes you a coward, life takes over and makes you act
as a hero.
Repenting and regret are old words for seeing, as opposite to ignorance.
Forgiveness another word for understanding.

The Northern kingdom symbolised the other believers.

Faith gives cross. It doesn't avoid it.

Enoch predicted people would see visions,
and those visions would confirm their wrong beliefs.
God is One, Truth is One, Truth can be found by logic.
Search Truth and you are a believer,
even as atheist.

I am come in my fathers name, and my father is one.

Religion will understand revelation and Quran and Hadiths
as literal instead of symbols acting out both spiritual as
literal meanings.

Dajall has one eye working because he ignores.
it is a general term, just as antichrist is in the bible.
Turn the other cheeck, means see from 2 sides.
The beast has 2 horns, 2 powers.

The king of the greek is not the antichrist.
Read Macabees.

Daniel does not always talk about the antichrist,
the one to rise unto the prince of hosts,
will not know the god of his forefathers,
he will know the real god, who is one,
he will understand him and become him.

Ignorance is evil. Lost sheeps will make faults,
mistakes and regret to come home.

Growth is clockwise, that's why people do not understand it,
they search absolutes.

Clockwise means change of direction, but needs all directions
to finish the circle.

God is One. Truth is One. One means Everything. Everything
has the name as One, Searching is care. Honesty the way.

Searching is for lost sheep, children,
God does not ask us to see before we see, but to grow.
A believer searches truth and cares.
Truth searching is only possible by honesty.

Not inhereting the kingdom doesn't means there is no salvation,
there is an in between phase, paradise.
Drunkards can go to heaven, in paradise the place
where the 'saints' teach the others, release can grow further.
Heaven is God, Kingdom, it's where God is forever a playing child.

Our truth is One, and because the highest truth is free,
it is alive as God.
And God does not judge himself.
The accuser is the lie.

Pick the right God, he is One, as Truth,
and once you'll forget about the devil.


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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 10:58 AM
prophesies are misunderstood

the christian church misunderstands :
the temple, which is spiritual now
israel, which is not the state
the prince of daniel, which is not the antichrist
the sun and the moon eclipse, which has an abstract meaning
delusion, which means what they excpect can't be right,
and is need of an elijah figure to explain, elijah means
the person will be glorified, just as jesus was
the prince will be all prophets who will preach
the gospel of love to the world, a gospel the world
doesn't really know yet as the real version of the holy books,
but most people do feel and understand most of it allready (in their hearts),
love doesn't need namecalling, and is not ignorance.
Islam excpects an antichrist with one good eye, which means
in spiritual sense, ignorance. Jesus told us to give our both cheecks,
which means looking to things from 2 sides, making the black white.

The churches are in delusion in their expectations, all of them,
including atheism, which didn't make logic full yet.

They are the northern kingdom worshipping at BETHEL,
which is the place where the stair to heaven started,
repeat 'started', with jacob his vision there... Amos
predicted bethel to become nothing, because the northern
kingdom forget to worship at jerusalem... golden calf at bethel,
which is all spiritual meaning, acted out in history as literal to teach us
the abstract meaning. Religion goes back to the start, it looks back
at sodom.

But that's not a bad thing, it is prepared like that to let people
take up their crosses of choice instead of ignorance which is the beast.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 02:55 PM
The Messiah is also referred to as a prince for example the Prince of life and the Prince of peace. Actually it is about the antichrist and the antichrist is and will be revealed as jesus

2 Thessalonians 2:4 he who opposes and exalts himself against all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he sits as God in the temple of God, setting himself up as God.

But jesus will be fatally wounded, then the antichrist will come which is non other than jesus

Revelation 13:12 He exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence. He makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed.

posted on Oct, 27 2009 @ 05:39 PM
a beast is not a person.

there will come a prophet, to be seen as false by the churches, religions

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 11:26 AM
The prophet that the churches will see as false will be the one who comes in the spirit of Elijah. That is why he will send the two witnesses. If the churches believed the one who comes in the spirit of Elijah there would be no need for the two witnesses. Since they don't except his testimony He is sent out with another witness to testify and then if they don't believe they, the churches and others, will bring judgement upon themselves.

They will testify that jesus is the antichrist amongs many other things like the hope of the coming of the Lord.

Whether a beast is a person or not may be indifferent especially in this case since the image of the beast is the crucifix and the crucifix is an idol and has no breath in it. It can't see or hear and has to be paraded around. It is an abomination of desolation and the crucifix is the image that will be placed in the holy place where it doesn't belong, as if it belongs anywhere.

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 12:17 PM
there are not coming two prophets together...

there is elijah witness
and there is the remnant witness
and there is those that share into the remnant witness

father and (son/father) and son
glorified means one with the father
remant means son, moon becoming sun
joining in, means becoming son

you still talk from a symbol world...
ignorance is the beast,
not a cruxific, a symbol has nothing to do
with gods love, only a way towards him or away from him;
Ignorance is away from him,
and is the beast.

the image of the beast is what you choose to do,
ignorance or growth (which is love = repenting/understanding=forgiveness)
image of god = one

the beast 10/7 churches (whore)
false prophet beast 2 horns (bethel-dan)

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