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A solid analysis of our current young culture and sex

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 01:56 AM
Browsing through the Globe and Mail today, I stumbled upon this article. Now, not normally does an article of this nature catch my attention, but in this case it was written by someone who taught the very same class I am going into in a few days at the same school, but my age group was also the very target of this data gathering. So, what's the fun without sharing? I thought I would post this retired professors results here for everyone to discuss!

First-year university students aren't diving into one-night stands, many are still virgins and when they do set to the task, many nominate the languid missionary position.

Here is a link to the full article: Globe and Mail article

After reading the article, I find that there are clearly some improvements happening (all from my own, superior perspective of course) including the rise in pre-martial sex in established relationships in comparison to levels of promiscuity within short-term hookups or "one night stands". I believe this is encouraging news. I do not condone pre-marital sex, however, if it must be done it should be done within the proper context of commitment if marriage cannot wait. Some say: what is the difference?

Also what striked me as interesting was the survey data collected on pornography:

Many of the men you surveyed were much more demanding about oral sex – and getting it “their way” – than their counterparts were a decade ago. Women comply, even though they don't always enjoy it. You also attribute the decline in necking and making out to an impatience bred out of watching porn. Do you think people's sex lives will increasingly mirror porn? I think guys' sexual desires are strongly affected by what they see in porn, and that's why they sometimes pressure their girlfriends to do things they don't want to do.

This is what I'm looking for. Solid evidence that pornography is tainting our culture. You may say I'm crazy for not thinking otherwise, everyday indications is enough, but with the "open-minded", "individualist" and "Libertarian" communities out there, you would think it would be okay to do and watch anything as long as it was "consenting" and obliged to your own "freedom" and "wellbeing". Give me a break.

Anyways, there are many other points that I could discuss but maybe I'd leave some discussion for you. I just thought this hit quite close to home since I'd be in that very class in the same place in a few days from now (although that specific professor is retired). Your thoughts?


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