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Stan Romanek's lie detector test a setup!

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 01:53 AM
Stan Romanek was asked to take a lie detector test for Coast to Coast AM. He famously failed the test. But the story doesn’t end there. Someone came forward from the University of Colorado where the test took place.

This is his report

In an e-mail to Coast to Coast AM, the student said:

“Coast to Coast — My name is Brent, I go to school at CU Boulder Colorado. A few months back I listened to one of your shows about a guy named Stan Romanek, who you guys had take a lie detector test. Through a friend I was able to meet the person involved in administering the actual test to Stan at a coffee shop. Fascinated I started asking questions. After an hour or so of talking to this guy I realized it was a total setup. It was apparent that this guy is religious fanatic! The more we talked the more he revealed, Stan never had a chance from the beginning.

This guy told me that he would repeat the same question over and over until he found a questionable response to use. He told me that he wouldn’t let them film him just in case and that he had a ‘moral obligation to stop the blasphemer’, as he put it! He then told me it took him nine tries before he found one he could use against Stan. By the time I was finished talking to this nut I wanted to hit him, there is no justice in this world!

I truly hope Coast to Coast had nothing to do with this I am contacting the Lie Detector Board to report this guy I am also going to see about putting this in the college newspaper. Either Coast to Coast is the perpetrator of this set up or you guys didn’t know. Either way, someone needs to make this right! I am forwarding this email to others including Stan, if I can find his email address!”

Stan Romanek deserves another chance, it appears.

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posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 08:33 AM
This is the second sort of special pleading the Romanek apologists have used to explain his failing of the lie detector test. First it was Romanek's supposed health-issues. Then it is the test-administrator is a fundamentalist who wanted to fail Romanek. At no point have those reporting on Brent Lussick's letter attempted any follow-up with Glenn R. Knipscheer, the test administrator, to see if there is any veracity with Lussick's claim. This is very telling.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 05:09 PM
What could Stan possible know that is not all subjective.
He thinks an Alien puppet in a window is a sure thing to 'investigate'.
At least get the foot prints of the puppeteer.

Why not fail , he has to be unsure about something.

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