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Submission to technology

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 08:16 PM
When I was a boy, I had an imaginary friend. He wasn't my age, nor was he even like-minded. We got into arguments. I lost most of them. This isn't some kind of mental illness, it's just a boy with a good imagination who liked to challenge his mind. I didn't know it then, but my imaginary friend was the man I would eventually grow up to be. I still have my imaginary friend, but as I have aged, he has gotten younger. Now my imaginary friend is that boy I used to be. The self-challenge that I've had throughout life has led me to a lot of unusual places in the realm of knowledge. One of my biggest fears growing up was an argument I lost to myself at around nine years old. Until now, the technology was never in place to make those fears come true.

This piece of tech crossed with this piece:

During boyhood, I wondered about power and authority. What was the most extreme form and what was the least? The answer to the former was an absoulte dictatorship. One man ruling everything. The answer to the latter was absolute anarchy. Even as a kid, I understood the concepts there.

How would ONE person seize absolute power of the world? Using the above references, it wouldn't be so difficult, but I'm going to combine that technology with some popular conspiracy theories.

The H1N1 is creating a worldwide scare. People are talking about mandatory flu shots that would possibly require multiple injections for full effectiveness. This gives a way to administer nanobots into the bloodstream. The heat element of the blood (and possibly pressure, and the motion of the bloodstream) would energize them.

SO far, uses for the nanobots have been discovered in cardiovascular areas, helping to re-oxygenate the blood, rebuild vessels, and finding defects, weaknesses and breakdowns of the system. The uses here are limitless. Research is already indicating the use of nanobots to reinforce or replace synapses in the nervous system. This would help reduce the degradation of Alzheimer's, rebuild deterioration associated with severe injury and age, etc.. The medical possibilities are astounding.

So why the fear? Anything that can heal can destroy. A scalpel, at the functional level, is just a specialized knife. Now that we've discovered the healing aspects, what destructive capabilities could these nanobots have? They could attack the immune system, producing the technological version of HIV/AIDS. They could deprive the hemoglobin (hemoglobai? What's the plural here?) of oxygen, strip nutrients from the very cells of the body, wipe out membranes, mutate a body on a cellular level. Or, in case of the nervous system, the synapses could be manipulated to send incorrect signals, interrupt the processes of the brain, inflict pain, or, with ALOT of research, directly manipulate a person's attitude, behavior and actions.

I will give that we are still a long way from the refinement necessary to enact either end of these outcomes from the use of nanobots. But not that far.

In the end, if one person, a single person, were to control the world and everyone in it, I can think of no way more secure than this. The ability to either heal or kill and anything in between in a second. Pretty scary for a 9 year old. Now I'm 30 and it's still pretty scary. The worst of it is knowing that not only COULD it be done, but that there are people in the world WILLING to do it.

I would greatly appreciate people that could either enhance the probability of this or annihilate it all together. I've only been here two weeks and I think I can link this idea to NWO, aliens, the Crystal Skulls, and a few other hot conspiracies. As this idea is centered around the combination of two technologies, I assumed this was the correct forum. If I was in error, do not hesitate to inform me.

[edit on 3-9-2009 by Arrowmancer]

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