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Roger Stephens: Stranger Accused Of Slapping Crying Child at Store

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 08:59 AM
The Link

Wow, this guy is REALLY lucky that was not my kid. REALLY lucky.

Authorities say the girl and her mother were shopping Monday when the toddler began crying. The police report says Stephens approached the mother and said, "If you don't shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you."

This 'threat' against my child would have been this man's first step towards a terrifying world of pain and suffering.

Police say a 61-year-old man annoyed with a crying 2-year-old girl at a suburban Atlanta Walmart slapped the child several times after warning the toddler's mother to keep her quiet.

A police report says after the stranger hit the girl at least four times, he said: "See, I told you I would shut her up."

At this point my brain would have completely shut down and my body would have been attempting to do any number of horrible things like removing the mans face and genitalia.

Seriously. I would freak.

This man is a worthless turd-blossom.

I am shaking a bit he has me so pissed.

He is so lucky this was not my child and I was not in the store when this happened.

Roger Stephens of Stone Mountain is charged with felony cruelty to children. It was unclear if he had an attorney and a telephone call to his home Wednesday was unanswered.

This is not enough in my opinion.

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 09:08 AM
Thanks for the repost.

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 09:12 AM
Although I do not agree with what he did . . .

You all have never been in a store where the mother has no handle on her kids and they are throwing a temper tantrum for the new Jonas Brothers dolls?

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 09:14 AM
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