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One in three Canadians fear WW3

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 06:24 AM

A Leger Marketing poll commissioned by the Association for Canadian Studies and obtained by Sun Media reveals young adults aged 18-24 and elderly Canadians are most fearful about global conflict erupting within two decades.

“There is still a significant degree of volatility out there, but there is also a good degree of dialogue between world leaders,” Jedwab said. “I think we’re living in a relatively healthy period compared to what we’ve seen in previous decades, even though you’ve got some serious issues like Afghanistan and Iran.”

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 06:26 AM
I think its a little funny that they are saying within 2 decades and I think it is also funny when they say we are living in a relatively healthy period.

Are these people blind?

I see ww3 coming alot quicker then in 2 decades.

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 06:53 AM
Within 2 decades is less than 2 decades man...
I would definitely comprise that 1/third. Its hard for me to see it NOT happening anymore!

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 11:32 AM
I think there is a very realistic possiblility of a nuclear outbreak of some kind. The knuckleheads at the top haven't got the nuclear bug out of their systems yet. They are still looking for ways to skirt around the "mutually assured destruction", or, MAD consequence of the use of nuclear weapons.

I think that what we may see is an attempt by someone in the nuclear club to sucker nuclear punch someone else.

Another worrisome development is the assumption of a role in the world, by the United States, that one would formerly have associated with Hitler's Germany, i.e., that of pre-emptive global aggressor.

This is something that also invites a sucker nuclear punch. This is a very dangerous situation. The Russians and Chinese are surely aware of the intentions of an Obama advisor like Berzhezinski, who has made no secret of his hostility to those countries.

Do we need another Hiroshima or Nagasaki only this time with a bomb ten or twenty times more powerful or worse a handful of Hiroshimas and Nagasakis to send us the message that we must be rid forever of the nuclear arsenal? It would seem so.

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 12:02 PM
The way i see it is with the U.S losing its superpower status due to economic troubles,it will be inviting that nuclear sucker punch you just described.
China or Russia could very well hit them when they are down for all the past aggresions towards other nations.
It could also come from the Iran\Isreal conflict as well.
A nuclear ww3 is very possible and I doubt it will take 2 decades to get there.
Theres also Pakistan and India who have nukes as well and with the war with the taliban happening,whos to say they couldn't get a nuke?

posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 12:11 PM
If there has to be a wwIII, does it have to be nuclear? I mean really. A radioactive atmosphere doesn't do any victors of war any good, for future endeavors.

So much for an "advanced" species. haha. We still have to kill each other over materialistic things.
Human nature? Yep. Sadly.
Maybe people can see WHY intelligent beings aren't really interested in us. We are still blowin sh*& up, to prove a point.

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