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How to enable desktop ATS RSS feeds in Vista, 7 and XP!

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posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 04:20 AM
I have roamed the site reading threads from people asking how to use the RSS feeds or how to get live ATS updates, so I thought I would create this thread detailing the steps to achieve that.

The side bar feature on both Windows 7 and Vista has a great feature that can enable live feeds from any of your favorite forum boards, without the need of refreshing to see the updates. These are called FeedReaders and act like the New Topic \ Active Topic \ Top Topic feeds down the side of each ATS threads right on your desktop.

Whats great is this feature is not limited to Vista and Windows 7. There are many 3rd party desktop Feed Readers availible for download. Or if your using XP, you can download and install a Vista or Windows 7 blind (Transformation Pack) which installs the same usable desktop features from 7 and Vista right to XP.

The first step is to choose and ATS Feed to subscribe to (No registration or dowload needed). You can choose from New Topics, Hot Topics, Top Topics and all your favorite forums. Click here to view complete ATS feeds list.

Once you have decided what feed you would like to subscribe to, simply click "Subscribe to this feed" on the selected ATS RSS Feed page.

Now comes configuring your RSS Feeder. I am using Windows 7, but it is my understanding that Vista has an identical feed reader. Navigate to your gadgets control panel (usually upon right click on desktop), and select Feed Headlines.

Then right click the Feed Reader gadget and choose options > Then choose which "headlines" you have subscibe to e.g. " New Topics".

If you are using a 3rd party feed reading software and need help, please don't hesitate to post questions and I will help answer them as fast as I can

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